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Dyked Down Review

Summary: Offering you a mix of alt, inked, trans and bi girls, Dyked Down also lets you into some steamy lesbian and strap-on movies with two of porn's top lesbian porn producers. It's a small site, growing when it can, and it offers HD viewing, mobile files, excellent quality content including images, and a feast of fornication that is well filmed. When you want something different, and yet as rewarding as any other lesbian, alt-sex site, then you can do a lot worse than check out Dyked Down.

Score 79 /100
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Luke, 2021-02-07

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Intro promises

- Exclusive queer movies
- HD and mobile
- Lesbian and trans porn
- Updates

First impression

In 2017, Nikki Hearts and her partner, Leigh Raven were described as porn's new power couple. Nikki started in porn when she was 19 and applied to work for CrashPadSeries, and since then, she's become a performer and director. Here at Dyked Down, she offers her own brand of lesbian and trans hardcore, with Leigh on the team too, and with other porn industry giants working alongside. From time to time, people like Lance Hart and Viktor Belmont get involved.

What we have at Dyked Down is a relatively new and small site offering high-class HD lesbian and, some might say, kink porn that's expertly shot and well presented. Updates are promised weekly, and recently that has been the case. You will find a mix of girl-on-girl and strap-on, trans M to F, some guys, plenty of high-quality scenes and scenarios, and a gathering of images and models you're not going to find on any other site.


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Our opinion

I took a look at Dyked Down late in 2020 and found it top-quality, very different and very refreshing. However, it wasn't very large, and now in early 2021, it still isn't. However, updates have come in, and the site has grown to 27 videos and 15 galleries featuring 20 models. Recent updates are marked as having come in once per week, and they've managed to continue to make some porn with titles that suggest a sign of the time. For example, last December we had 'Quarantine Cutie.' We had three other updates in January 2021, but we're not exactly sure when more scenes will be made and added.

Meanwhile, you've got some rare exclusives, great couplings, high-quality scenes to check out and take, and good viewing options. The members' area is pretty small, but everything works, and it's easy to find your content.

The 27 movies tend to run for around 20 minutes each and are a mix of girl-on-girl, trans on lesbian, 'alternative' looking girls together, some solos and interviews. There's a series, 'St Judas' set around the world of the church and how 'Father Hart' tries to convert lesbian girls to straight. It features Lance Hart with some cock-sucking and straight sex, and these movies, like others, have believable scenarios and acting. Others are more about the sex and are more natural. They are all great to look at.

Movies are presented with there options to stream and download in Mp4. You've got 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD, 720p and 480p for mobiles. Playback is smooth, and the visuals are great, there are screencaps to give you an idea of what happens, and some videos also link to galleries. There are 15 photo sets in their own area, some with two or three pics, others with many more, and each set can be viewed online or taken in a zip file. Downloaded images come out at a massive 6,000 x 4,000 px, but start off at screen-fitting sizes where you can also run a slideshow. Again, quality is not an issue.

You have a few handy navigation tools at Dyked Down. There is a category page, for example, where a range of headings lets you filter the content, and videos have linked tag words on their viewing pages. You can also use the model index where each model is shown with their star sign but no other stats or info, and with links to their videos. Movies and galleries have their own areas and index pages which can be rearranged, and there is an advanced search page. I had no trouble navigating, and there were no technical issues.

There are no extras either, though there is a page of Deals offering you a selection of other sites of interest that you can sign up to while benefiting from a discount. Dyked Down itself is reasonably priced and there is a trial offer which returns at the standard price, though I am not sure if you only get limited viewing for those three days.


Dyked Down, like most porn sites, might be having trouble filming new updates, which is understandable at the moment. What it has already is high-quality, alternative, inked, lesbian, trans and some kink, plus straight porn, that you're only going to find on this little gem of a site. Hot models, unusual scenarios, HD filming and totally exclusive, you get a decent return for your money and easy HD downloading. If you're after something fresh and different but still want some classic lesbian, strap-on and kink action, then you need to get down to Dyked Down.


Simply put, there isn't really anything else like Dyked Down out there, it's that original. But, if you were looking for classic (standard) lesbian porn, then you might want to take a look at:

Girlsway. This has to be the best network for original, sensitive and hardcore, exclusive and HD lesbian porn that's currently available. It starts off at $14.95 per month, and for that, you have four sites in one network, over 1,877 movies, some of which are in 4K HD, and bonus site access to everything offered by Adult Time. (Over 55,000 movies from hundreds of other porn sites.) It's not alternative lesbian and trans porn like Dyked Down, but it's another bargain of a site that's packed with all kinds of lush lesbians and variety.

Burning Angel isn't exactly the same as Nikki Hearts' Dyked Down, but it does offer you punk and alt babes, goths, lesbians and hardcore. There are 179 + full-length DVDs that give you over 1,532 scenes, and 350 + stars to check out. Movies are HD and up to 4K HD many cases, and you also have access to Adult Time with this membership, that also starts at $14.95 for a month.


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