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Lesbian Pink review

Summary: Lesbian Pink is a lesbian mega-site holding 20,000+ hi-quality photo galleries, 1,000+ hi-quality videos, 24 hour live sex shows and daily photo gallery updates.

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MS, 2003-05-10

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Intro promises

- 20,000 HQ photo gallery
- Daily photo gallery update
- 24/hr live sex shows
- 1000+ HQ videos

First impression

The first thing you'll probably notice when visiting this site, apart from the beautiful lesbians kissing, is a couple of pop-ups. But once you've delt with these, there won't be anymore bothering you.
After taking the free tour that promises a lot of interesting contents, I was very eager to start exploring the site. I entered the site only to get a little confused by all the linkage to the right and left of the site.
To my great surprise, I realised that all the links to the right apparently were 50+ sites, to which I as a paying member of this site, had free access.


Our opinion

Obviously all the sites available can seem a bit breathtaking, and looking through everything these sites have to offer will take weeks, even for an experienced porn-addict.
And at first the site can seem a little confusing with its own contents and 50 extra sites to choose from, but if you'll only take a minute to look at how the site is arranged, the navigating system suddenly won't feel that difficult.

The pictures on the other hand are organized rather simple by genre and sub-divided by albums. So whether Mr willie prefers teens, big girls or some other type of girls, it's rather simple to find what he's looking for. Also the great feature "My Album" is very useful when you'd like to mix your own album, or when you'd like to see a slideshow of one or more albums, so you have your hands free.

Unfortunately not all of the pictures are in fact HQ as promised, some look like they were taken in the 70's or 80's. The women are somewhat hairy and the picture quality isn't very high. These are many good pictures on the site, but not to an extent worth paying this much for. Some pictures are even very grainy and not at all high quality.

The live sex shows are all located at other sites. The girls are all good looking and for most of the shows there's a possibility of chatting with the girls, if your arm's just too tired for heavy activity that day.

As for the videos, all of them are also to be found at other sites. The girls look great and the quality is rather good. Unfortunately at many of the sites it's only possible to see the movies in one
format, which can be annoying when wanting to watch movies at four different sites with four different formats and having to install all the different movie-players. Also at many of the sites it's only possible to stream the movies, either in High or Low quality.


The site keeps its promises to some extent, but unfortunately most of the contents is located at sites not controlled by the webmaster, which occasionaly can result in the contents being of lower quality. Much of it's alright though and because of the 50+ sites included in your paid membership you won't run out of porn to watch.
The 50+ sites range from dirty cheerleaders to asian teens to gay-sites to women with breasts as huge as beach balls. So whatever your fetish is you'll definitely find it here and as mentioned earlier most is HQ. The price however might frighten some and I'll urge the potential member to consider whether he or she will be using the site enough to make up for the relatively high price, or if it would be better to find a single site that is specialized in the content you are looking for.

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