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Lesbian Recruiters review

Summary: On Lesbian Recruiters sweet girls are talked into lesbian sex. Unfortnately there is too little original content, the quality is too poor and the price is too high.

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Melissa, 2006-02-10

Lesbian, 18-23, Videos, Movies, Mega-Sites


Intro promises

Great lead in to a sexy subject. Young, pretty girls that are being introduced to lesbian sex for the very first time. There are some quick learners here as you'll find as you scroll down through the intro page advertised images. There are dildo riding damsels and jaws drawing in to suck as much of these appendages past their tonsils as they can. Pretty faces and even prettier bodies come together to make some of your lesbian dreams come true.

First impression

My first thought while going through the tour is this will be an exciting site to work on. The lighting used enhanced all the cute dimples of these models and the close-up shots showed up exactly where it mattered. I'm hoping the membership area holds true to what the advertisements of the intro pages show. They claim that you'll find pussy munching babes, strap on anal, close-ups, fingering and nothing but the hottest lesbian action here. Promises are made that you can watch their recruiters slam and spank these naughty girls into 100% exclusive girl/girl action.


3 days $4.87 (recurring)
30 days $39.73 (recurring)

Credit Card, Check, Phone, Per Minute, Mail

Processors: CCBill, PayCom, iBill, WTS

Our opinion

The membership page opens up to some links, some images and some offers for "bonus" material, which includes various ads. You'll find a member's choice area that will get you in to some other steamy sites offered, such as; "Lick Her License," "Lesbo 101," "Lesbian Beauties," "Lesbomatic," and "Facial Feasts" to label just a few of them. Seems to be a lot of girl/girl playing going on from here.

While learning that tid-bit of information I also found that as a slight disappointment this site depends on other sites to make a large amount of content, which doesn't always mean that's a bad thing, but why not build this one up a bit more and then add things as you go? There are only the girls advertised on the first membership page that actually belong to this site, which carry 10 different girl/girl action sessions, if you try clicking on the left handed links of photo albums, etc. you'll find that you're re-directed to areas that are out of the realm of, Lesbian Recruiters.

Megan seems to be a busy girl because she is a part of 6 total galleries, so why not see what makes her so special to the new girls on the block. Megan and Maya look like a cute tag team, so that is my choice for first glimpse as to how this is all laid out. You have everything they have to offer brought up when you click on the picture ad link, which is as I mentioned before, 10 galleries. There is no gradual lead in to something wild and wet between these two girls when I click on their pictures link. They go from about 8 poses of snapshots that could be taken of two sisters or cousins at a family reunion to suddenly the same pose, but less clothes! There were 218 images in this specific gallery, which makes it nice in content count. Once the clothes began being removed, there was not much these two girls didn't do together, including a lot of digit probing action. Let's hope neither of them were wearing a promise ring because if they were, there is no promise they'd get it back since they were sliding their fingers so deeply into that moist cavern of quivering sex.

The thumbnails were nicely sized at 125x188, giving you a good view of what these girls are doing before you blow it up for even more detail. Speaking of which, once you click on the image you're given 676x1014 pixels of a bit disappointing pleasure. Each image that I enlarged I noticed a bit of fuzziness to it, it could have definitely been much more clear and defined for my taste. And since I'm being honest, I was also let down by the fact that these pictures are very posed, there's not much of a natural shred to them that tells me they are really enjoying the experience, because the pictures shown say it's all about the camera itself. In the galleries that I explored each held large amounts of images, 160+ images each, but again, they just looked like they were hamming it up for the camera.

The same 10 galleries offer videos for your enjoyment. Opening up the links, I found that each one had 20 clips to them and they each ran just shy of 2 minutes each in length. So for the streaming format you are looking at about 40 minutes of material for each of the 10 movies. Unfortunately these are not available for download, but fixed to a window where they are streamed. The technical information on these movies were pretty much the same, 1:57 in length, 520Kbps, video size was, 320x240 and they are all in WMV format. The videos were clear and there was a certain little softness to them that just gave an overall nice look. The content all pretty much started out the same, but when things heated up there was some good action to keep your mind…and other parts of your body interested, it's just a shame there wasn't more of it.

The links down the left side of membership page where they advertise gallery, XXX video, live shows, photo album, etc. take you into premium areas, and away from Lesbian Recruiters. But I won't lie to you, there is a ton of material found behind those click on leads and you will definitely want to check them out. As far as the material for this site, there's not an abundance of it, but it's as if it's a stepping stone site for other material to play into. You've seen the porn sites that don't offer a lot on the specific pages, but there is so much content that they've incorporated in from other areas you don't really notice, well, it's like that.


Sites like this sort of irritate me. They do beautiful intro pages with large images and hot pictures that make your mouth water and your heart race, and then once you're into membership they rely on incorporated material to give you that bang for your buck. Something just doesn't sit well with me on that issue. This is a good looking site, they could have clarified some of the images a bit more but they aren't really bad, there's just not enough of it. Membership fee I suppose would be worth it considering all the extra's that accompany Lesbian Recruiters, I would just like to have seen it hold it's own.

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