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Lesbo 101 review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Lesbo 101 is an amateur reality site featuring lesbian action. Images and videos of 100% exclusive lesbian content that also offers access to three other sites.

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J., 2005-10-04

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Intro promises

- 100% exclusive lesbian content
- Access to three other sites

First impression

I've been introduced to Lesbo101 before, but only as third party content on other sites. I do know the premise: a girl with a camera "teaches" two (or more) other girls the ins and outs of lesbian sex. The layout here is pretty flashy but easily understandable and laid out in a reasonable manner.
I'm anxious to see what is in store for me.


Our opinion

The inside of Lesbo101 has a similar design scheme- flashy backgrounds and lots of hot pink. The layout is certainly acceptable as well- you get a header up top with a navigation bar below. Also up there is a little intro from the site's hosts, Gabriella and Sarah. Below that is a comment box on the left and a nice big thumbnail and links for the latest update next to that. I see the latest update is quite recent- a very good start! Below all this are reasonably-sized thumbnails of about a few month's worth of video sets, listed chronologically with the date of update and name of the girls listed with them. This setup is nice unless you're on a slower connection- those thumbnails can take a long time to load up. To the right of all of these thumbnails are (disappointingly) a bunch of links to so-called "bonus" content which, in this case, are mostly just live feeds of the "pay for play" variety. There are links to the other legit "sister" sites which I will cover later. In my opinion, though, the live feed stuff should be relegated to a seperate page to kill a little of that aforementioned loading time.

Clicking into the Movies section from the navbar up top I wait for thumbnails to load on every video update since August of last year. That's over a year of updates on one page. Now, there's no listing for a second page, but I know this site has been around longer than late 2004 so I wonder what happened with all that old material. Again, though, I had to wait for the images to load even on my cable connection- it would certainly be acceptable to have multiple pages in the video section, so I'm disappointed to have to sit here and wait. With updates every three days or so on average that makes for a helluvalotta thumbnails to load! Each of the clips in the video set includes its own little section of 4 thumbnails so you know what action is in the clip you're downloading- a big time saver if you're looking for something specific. Each video set also gets a little description, presumably from one of your hostesses, though there's not much detail (it usually boils down to "These girls are hot and horny for licking each others' wet pussies!").

Each video clip is available for download or streaming though I should mention it's a left click download, not a right click- so some of you running download managers may have some trouble queing these up. I also had some "page not found" errors when trying to stream some of the older videos - might be time to do a link check. There are some minor issues I have with the layout for the videos, including a blank space where the length (which is misspelled) should be. It'd be nice to have an idea of what the length of each video is, though the filesize is listed so that should give an idea of what you're getting into so, overall I'd say the video clip selection pages are pretty well designed. It would certainly be convenient to have multiple video format options or, even more convenient, one large file download for the entire scene. These are pretty standard features and, in fact, I recall seeing multiple sizes and formats in the third party version of Lesbo101 on other sites... what gives?!

The video content is all (you guessed it) girl on girl action. Basically one girl (Gabriella or Sarah) is directing two girls going at it alone in a bedroom. While the site's premise is that these girls are to be taught, there's usually just a lot of "Ooooohh, that's sexy!" from the supposed teacher of the group. Pretty standard format to the way the action goes, too - stripping each other, petting, sucking tits, oral, dildoes and then maybe some strap-on until one of the girls loses interest. That's how most lesbian porn goes, it seems- since it's difficult to tell on camera if a girl is actually having an orgasm or not I guess the scene just ends whenever it wants to. Usually on this site there's an introduction and an outro as bookends though. The production value is average I'd say- their simple premise allows pretty minimalist sets (i.e. a bed with pink sheets) and lighting (i.e. a couple of lights behind camera position at 45 degree angles to one another) and, since there aren't any serious mistakes I suppose I can't fault it for being a little on the bland side mise-en-scene-wise. The camera usually starts out on a tripod and goes back and forth from there to handheld on our hostess' shoulder when she wants to get in close. The hostess usually joins in for a bit of the action while the camera is tripodded and they've both got at least some personality. It should be noted that Gabriella is Canadian and so are many of the girls in the videos- some speak only French (and I even saw some who speak only German) so we uncultured Americans have to do some of our own translating.

The videos look pretty nice at 480x360 with around a 730kbps bitrate. There's a little bit of fuzziness from compression here but, overall, these look pretty nice at their original size. Blowing them up brings out the pixelization along edges and color changes but these are very viewable .WMVs here. Older downloaded vids are 352x240 at about a 760kbps bitrate though, for some reason I found them to look a little bit more pixelated (even at their natural size) than the newer videos- could be a newer codec at work here. Early videos also have a pretty large and gaudy logo (we call that a "bug" in the TV biz) clouding up a good portion of the image but that was fixed some time ago to a much more managably-sized logo in the corner. Again, I would very much have liked to see some more option for videos- at least a high and low speed version. The layout is simple enough to easily make room for another link to a smaller file.

Each set has photos available as well, though they're just 720x480 freeze frames from the video so they hardly constitute more than a bonus feature. They work well as thumbnails for the entire video of you one of those "try before you buy" kind of people. There's a whole seperate section for some third party pictures of varying quality and content matter. In the actual "Bonus Content" section you get links to dozens of third party video sites (including those three mentioned in the intro: BrunoB, Yvon's Hardcore Training and CumOnBoys). There's some standard stuff in here (like Hustler, and Holio) but there are some less common feeds here as well. On top of that you get the links to the live paysites and whatnot also linked on the main page.


The content on Lesbo101, while predictable, is consistently of an above average quality. If you're really into lesbians and don't really need all sorts of fancy stuff or fetishes touched upon, this site is great and will only get better with their regular updates. My only complaints with the site are the ocassional lag I'd get while pulling from their server and the minor issues I had involving the file formats and layout of the video pages. Other than that, there's not much more to say about this site. Chances are you'll know if it's for you just by checking the preview pictures and vids.


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2010-11-19 11:58:53

Rip off alert. This site have not produced a single new scene since 2004, and they just keep re-releasing the same old scenes with a false new date. Poor quality video as well. Do not waste your money.