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Lez Cuties review

Summary: Lez Cuties is focusing on delivering high quality content with teens (18+) fooling around with one or more of their cute girlfriends. The action is hot and on-topic with great looking photos and good videos. Lots of bonus sites for the loyal members.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-02-05

Lesbian, 18-23, Amateur, Butts, Photography / studio, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

What could be cuter than girls that share a teddy bear and being bare?! This tour area to Lez Cuties shows off the long hair, the slim waist lines, the perky breasts and the exploration of a girl coming into her own… or in most cases, cumming with other young girls. It’s all about finding what feels good without the addition of testosterone to the mix. But of course you will see some rubber appendages, in the name of dildos and vibrators that will help them rock the world of sexual delight. Of course you do get promises here, and those include new exclusive updates being added daily, in the form of, new high resolution pictures and 20 minutes of DVD quality videos. 100% original movies and galleries in .AVI and WMV formats and also bonus sites too.

First impression

So far, I’m liking everything I see throughout the tour area to Lez Cuties. The advertising images are hard-core in a sweet way, I mean, how else could sex between the female gender be but sweet? They have toys, no boys, so I’m prepared for a lot of boobs and beauty here.


1 day $1.95
30 day $29.95 (recurring @ $24.95 each month)
90 day $59.95 (recurring @ $54.95 every 90 days)
180 day $94.95 (non recurring)

Credit card, Phone

CCBill, PayCom, Verotel, EuroBill

Our opinion

And the doors to desire open wide, with a pretty pink background and supportive bright colors that keep this looking like the teen site that it is. A small news report and a long list of updates is the thing to greet you through the main membership page. A click on the top of the page under, “Exclusive Gallery” will take you to their treasure box of all material this site holds. They’ve encompassed everything with ease, keeping photos and videos for each set together so you don’t have to search for the sweetness. Just in case you might be wondering, they say in the FAQ section of this site that the girls here are actually girls that appreciate the finer qualities of same sex... sex, so there won’t be any “do it for the camera and pay” play here, they do have a taste for those pink petals so the action will be real.

The latest update to Lez Cuties at the time this review is being written, finds three wholesome looking young ladies ready for some filmed excitement. All it takes is a high sex drive and a double headed dildo to make this an interesting looking place to begin. As I mentioned, you can access the images or the video from this existing block of adventure. A slideshow feature is available for the pictures, which you might want to take advantage of, keeping that one hand free for... well, whatever. You can almost tell by the shots themselves the way these young ladies are definitely fans of same sex encounters, it just radiates, realness, a sincere look of expression during kisses, etc. They do give as promised high quality enlargements, coming in at, 1280x853 in size with a crisp look to every single edge. The folders seem to hold approximately, 100+ shots each, and they are all delicious and graced with almost innocence to them, but at the same time, it’s laced with naughtiness.

Ok, here is the way your videos are presented on this website. Their updates are done through the episodes given, and they let you know how long it will be, before the next installment is online for you to view. This particular piece of pussy pleasure has caught up to episode 4, leaving 6 more to be added, and then there is a full length play as the final cunning closure to the set. Personally, I wish this one had been completed before doing the review, because it looks like it is taking off at part 5, they get wild and wicked with the two-headed dildo, aiming it into the back nether regions of relief, so do expect a lot of anal adventure from this site, they brag about it and they deliver it. You have choices for viewing here, including streaming low, medium or high and then downloading medium or high. The low choice is set for dial-up users, anything above that caters to DSL applicants and then broadband. I have to say, in my opinion, the low is really low, I wanted to gather information about it, so when it began playing, there was so much distortion, you really can’t tell what’s going on, and it only holds 32Kbps. But there is no DRM in effect.

You’ll find the full screen viewing is pretty good for the high choices in streaming or download, but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend it, but they do give a nicer video size of 512x384, so a nice touch there. If you have to watch the low choice, you’re going to get about 32Kbps, whereas the medium comes in at 576Kbps, and the high, 844Kbps. Most of the episodes are in the proximity of 32MB in size, and it doesn’t take long for buffering or download, which even if it did, the content is definitely worth waiting for. The highlight in my opinion to the material here is, as I’ve mentioned before, the realness. You can tell there is no prompting or directing going on, these young ladies have handled a dildo and a set of tits numerous times, so they are just doing what feels the best to them. The downloadable files are MPEG and the streaming are WMV. In downloading the MPEG’s, to me, the quality might have been a smidge better than the streaming, for some reason there just seemed to be a bit more crispness to the play. The archives go back to the year 2005, meaning you have about 92 installments of arousal here.

There is a “Fan Club” link to this site which will take you into a diary of sorts, with short write-ups from some of the tantalizing teens you’ll find here. There is also a guest book, which is the place you can let your admiration show. Just fill in the fields, along with your pick of the 57 models that you want to send a message to and then type away. As promised they do supply you with a major chat area, with girls to fill your heart’s content, but this is a third party feed, so you aren’t going to talk with any of the Lez Cuties, unfortunately... I’m sure you’d have a lot to say. *wink* You do receive the bonus sites that were promised as well, these will come to you in particles of two, new sites each month as you keep your membership going. Right now there are nearly 20, so that gives you something to look forward to. Just to name a few of the offerings, there are; Asshole Fever, Dirty 101, DP Fanatics, Sweet Sophie Moone, Lezbo Honeys, Fassinating, Footsie Babes, Grandpas Fuck Teens, Pee Pee Babes, Speculum Plays, and more.


I could actually rave about Lez Cuties, but I’ll let you make your own decisions. If you have a taste for sweet meat, especially when it cums in the form of teen girl/girl action, you’ll appreciate this site. Don’t expect to find any men here, but the bonuses they add, two at a time each month will keep your niches alive. The intro promises all held true, nothing was lost or forgotten in the shuffle, just a clean, teen lesbian site.


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2010-11-19 07:56:49

The girls are young, sexy and great performers, the video quality is super HD, but the camera work sucks, big time. Moving camera ruins the videos, MTV style don't work for porn, the camera guy just won't stop moving, zoom in, zoom out moving to the left, moving to the right, please leave the f... camera alone. This site needs a diferent video crew, trust me.