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Lezboland review

Summary: Lezboland is a teen lesbian site delivering a weekly video update featuring lesbian sex. So far it is up to 41 episodes that can only be downloaded in one format and size. Quality is decent, but there is not enough content to keep you occupied for long.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-10-04

Lesbian, 18-23, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

Itís a Saturday afternoon, theyíre hanging out with their friends, and their clothing just happens to slip off while finger and tongues slip in. What a fun weekend! Itís always nice to see a site that appreciates customer satisfaction, and Lezboland is one. The sharp tones and crisp edges of the advertising material are done with good taste to convince you that membership is worth it. They promise their videos typically run between 15Ė30 minutes in time and they are downloadable. Updates are done on a weekly basis.

First impression

Thereís no doubt these teens will be as cute as a bug in a rug, I just hope they keep the same nice quality through the membership area as they have with the tour. My expectations are raised for a nice amount of material that projects naturally, and with a lot of sexy undertones.


2 day $2.95 (recurring monthly @ $14.95)
30 day $14.95 (recurring)
90 day $39.95 (non recurring)
1 year $99.95 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check


Our opinion

I can see why these women decided to play for the other team, for a chance to be on a site such as this! Lezboland opens its doors to a beautiful display of desire. Even the header shot is showing passion, not just raw sex. The colors are gorgeous, the plan for layout is perfect and, thereís a flair about this site, a feminine flair that works perfectly with what theyíre offering. Nothing is going to be confusing whatsoever, the videos are running vertically with page numbers across the top, so itís just a click and go situation for some stunning lesbian sex.

They start with the oldest installment first, and then things progress from there. So, this site has been in existence since the winter of 2006. I am finding not all of the women are teens Ė which is good, weíll get the bit older, more sure of their desires type. There are just 41 videos, which surprised me, I would have thought more content would be here since they are nearly a year old. But, when sitting down and adding things up, I guess they are pretty much right on the mark with the time and updates, after all, they did say the additions are added on a weekly basis.

While checking from beginning to end of the videos listed, Iím finding when this site first started out, they were fond of the MPEG format, where you can really tell the loss of quality in my opinion when these played/downloaded. The film didnít hold the crispness, and the technical numbers came out for a 1300Kbps bitrate and a 352x288 video size. Moving ahead in time when WMV came onto the scene, there was a great increase in the presentation look, they were sharp, the colors were bold and vivid and the girls looked much more natural. For the streaming/download through the latter format, weíre getting a 1746Kbps bitrate and an increase in video size to 720x540.

One thing Iím really appreciating from Lezboland is the naturalness of the girls putting the scenes together. Thereís not a lot of glancing towards the camera or stalling as if they are taking prompts from someone on the sidelines. Instead Iím finding a nice flow, a finesse of fingering and tongue probing that will make the segments ring with truth for this being a lesbian site. The average time for a video clip did come out to be 20 minutes, with quick buffering and relatively quick download times.

There are no pictures on this site, not even screen caps.

There is a page containing links of some of their favorite places, but these are not bonus sites. If you are a sexual fan that also enjoys some humor, you might like checking out their joke page, some of them arenít too bad!


My hopes for Lezboland ran extremely high and then drifted downwards a bit. The presentation is nice for this girls only site, and I will confess they do a great job at keeping it natural. But there were just 41 full clips, not broken into clips, just full scenes. The MPEG versions didnít have the clarity that the WMV's came with and there were no pictures, no extra anything but a few jokes. The price is low for a membership, which is a plus, but youíll go through the material here quickly.

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