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Sapphic Erotica review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Sapphic Erotica is an award winning lesbian site and the best of its kind on the market. Original and exclusive pictures and videos in good quality is available. Updates are very frequent and the girls look very hot. Most models are teens (18+).

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Score 95.0 /100
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J., 2005-02-01

Lesbian, Photography / studio, 18-23, Videos, Babes


Intro promises

- Over 60,000 images, more than half of which are exclusive
- Over 200 videos (over 70 hours), almost all of which are exclusive
- 5 updates a week (at least two videos)
- Photos downloadable in .zip format

First impression

For years I've been saying that what most modern porn sites lack is a certain amount of straightforwardness in their approach. Bailey, the webmaster at this particular lesbian-themed site, is exactly the kind of straight-shooting no bullshit kind of guy of which this industry needs to see more. On the front page, you get lots of sample images and a simple description of exactly what you can expect to find on the site... and I mean EXACTLY what to expect. He seems to really enjoy and take pride in his work, so I'm interested to see what he's done with this genre.


Credit Card, Online Check, Phone

30 days: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
60 days: $44.95 (recurs at $39.95)
60 days: $49.95 (Non-Recurring)
90 days: $59.95 (recurs at $49.95)
120 days: $79.95 (Non-Recurring)
180 days: $99.95 (Non-Recurring)

Our opinion

The members' area is well-organized and simple to navigate. The opening page gives you links to everything on the site (plus a few ads, unfortunately). The latest updates are right there for easy access. No complaints so far. Right away, from the updates, I can tell that the format here is that each set of girls (they come in groups of 1-5 or so) has a video series and a picture series that usually go hand in hand with one another. I'm intrigued by the site's assertion that they're "getting it right," so I'll hop right in and find out for myself.

The photo sets are viewable by date or model (each model has a page accessible from every page in the site with a handy drop-down menu). You can even view just the exclusive or original content via yet another handy pull-down menu. Clicking on a model lists every video and photo set she has on the site- everything you need for each model is right there in front of you. Each set gets a thumbnail on the model's page and clicking on a set opens up that set's page where you will find a glorious and beautiful setup for viewing and downloading the images. First off, you can choose how many thumbnails you want to view per page, which is so helpful I can't believe more sites don't do it. But that's just the beginning. Each thumbnail has a check box next to it. Check all the pictures you want and then scroll to the bottom to find that you can add each of those checked images to a customized .zip file. No more sorting through the pictures you want after the fact- you choose right up front what you want. It's like being at a restaraunt. They could even take it one step further and have the check boxes create a slide show... the possibilites are endless! Actually that may be the only other opportunity here, but it's a good one. To top it off, you even get to choose whether or not the images open up in the same window as the set page or in a different one. Fanstastic. Simply fantastic.

Content-wise the photos are mostly just retreads of the video series that they represent and, sure, there's only so much you can do with a couple (or a few) girls. But the photography is professional and of a decent quality. My only suggestion would be to mix it up a little more in the set design area- they always seem to end up in a bedroom. Technically the photos are nice as well- a solid 1024x768 resolution on the newer stuff. They appear to have been taken with a professional digital camera and the photographer is at least prfessional enough to keep the lights out of the background and the faces not washed out by a flash. It may not be high art but that's not what you're here for anyway.

The real treat of the site, though, is the videos. They're listed by date and each video set gets a few thumbnails on the main page. Each set has its own page with more thumbnails and a couple of options for viewing and downloading. You can view or download the entire video as a .WMV or pick from one of the smaller clips in .MPG format. Technically, the videos aren't perfectly suited for streaming- it's more of a download-based system. But if you're patient, the .MPGs load up as fast as they download- you just can't jump around the way you might like to. The .WMV files are generally pretty huge (most are nearly 200MB), but since there's no way to tell exactly what you're getting in each smaller segment, there's some sense to getting it all in one go. The smaller segmented MPGs are usually around 4 minutes in length and are a decent 320x240 resolution that, while getting fuzzy at larger sizes, looks pretty good as is. The WMVs are appropriately massive at 640x480. I've never seen a natural size that big before. Blowing it up to full screen makes little difference since, on most standard screen resolutions, you're already there or close to it. These videos look flippin' great. Better than any "DVD Quality!" or "High Res!" videos I've seen claimed anywhere else. However, the videos are a long download so you pay the price for this quality. It's a pretty small price to pay, in my opinion, as the videos are a good 20+ minutes long for the most part.

The content of the video is, as expected, lesbian stuff. The girls do everything possible, more or less, and I had very few problems with any of the models- pretty high class models for the most part here, with few (if any) fake breasts and whatnot. The one problem I had with the site after being on it for a while was that, since Bailey outlines right away the things he likes and does not like about lesbian pornography in general, there's not a whole lot on the site that steps outside those bounds. He doesn't like toys but he knows most people do, so he throws some in sometimes. He doesn't like when the girls are loud, so they're always quiet. The result here is a kind of sanitary, scripted feeling to a lot of the videos. Don't get me wrong- there's all kind of hot action here. But sometimes the girls seem a little bit over-prepared, as if they were not at all encouraged to diverge from the plan given before the shoot.

Other than that, this site is top notch. There are updates every weekday, new models all the time, and they're even going back and upgrading the quality of some of the older videos which is something I rarely see. There's no bonus content here, but I'm okay with that, as the bulk of what's on the site is exclusive- another rarity these days.


Boasting some extremely high quality lesbian content, extremely streamlined navigation and personal attention to detail, Sapphic Erotica stands apart from the pack in a very positive way. This is very good looking stuff here and, apart from my complaint that the video comes off as a bit static, there is absolutely no reason a lesbian fan should look anywhere else that I know of. The price is in the high end of the spectrum, but the constant updating to the already massive archives should assure a good value for some time. It appears that Bailey the Webmaster did, indeed, get it right.


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