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Sapphic Erotica review

Summary: Sapphic Erotica a photography/studio site with babes and teens sharing lesbian content.There are 60,000+ images and 200+ videos, most of which is exclusive material.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mads, 2003-07-24

Lesbian, Photography / studio, 18-23, Videos, Babes


Intro promises

- Thumbnail galleries along with zip files so you can download 20 images at a time.
- 29,000+ images from high quality lesbian photo series. Over 7,000 of these photos are exclusive to this site
- 15+ hours of lesbian videos (not plugins or feeds). Over 10 hours of the videos are exclusive to this site.
- The site is updated with new picture series every other day, with at least one new video a week.

First impression

What immediately strikes me is that this site seems a bit 'homemade'. It’s a basic HTML site, which in itself is fine. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to freshen the look of the intropages up a bit… especially considering what would suit the picture quality of this site best. Perhaps a design strategy would come in handy here?!
There’s absolutely no doubt that this site is a typical amateur- teen- lesbian site that pays tribute to the ‘Barely legal’ look and to judge from the preview pics it seems relatively softcore… to be more specific; it SEEMS to be hardcore in a relatively non-vulgar sense.


One month - $24.95 (non-recurring - $29.95)
2 months - $39.95 (non-recurring - $44.95)
3 months - $54.95 (non-recurring - $59.95)

Payment by credit card or online check. Processing by CCBill.

Our opinion

‘Sapphic Erotica’ is in spite of the somewhat deceiving graphical design a top-professional site when it comes to pictures, especially the photographs. The technical quality is really excellent and the size of the pics (1200x800 & 681x1024) even makes it impossible to fit them onto a 17” screen. One actually has to scroll unless one is blessed with 19” or above…

Now this is actually also the Achilles- heel of this site; the scrolling thing. It’s a bit annoying that some sections of the site are so lengthy that one literally has to scroll for hours to get to the bottom.

This is partly because ‘Sapphic Erotica’ has a hell of a lot of content, especially pictures, but also videos. Most of the content fortunately has some neat options that goes beyond that which most erotic sites offer these days; e.g. one can download a complete picture series (which usually is a good 150 pics) in zipped packages, which is excellent costumer service!

Nevertheless, this site does suffer a bit from some missing web-logics. E.g. I missed something like a simple dropdown menu that would categorize the content into sections accordingly and thus provide the visitor with a better overview of the entire site.

As for the content in itself; it’s clearly a pleasure to visit ‘Sapphic Erotica’ given that one easily gets turned on by the innocent teen ‘look’. The action in itself is, at least in my humble opinion, a bit ordinary in spite of the fact that the girls DO get hardcore on each other. That is; the focus is mainly set on a very ‘decent’ level with a great deal of girl-girl intimacy and less ‘raw’ action. Furthermore, the girls exhibit bisexual action only, which I think gets a bit dull in the long run. The exclusive models are however not worn-out porn starlets, but rather young looking girls one hasn’t seen before… and this is definitely a plus!


‘Sapphic Erotica’ is an excellent site in many ways. First and foremost the technical quality of the pictures is very high. Secondly, there’re loads and loads of original stuff to have fun with here. Thirdly, ‘Sapphic Erotica’ obviously treats their female models well, and they seem to enjoy themselves during the shoots.

I did end up missing a little less ‘political correctness’ in the general attitude of ‘Sapphic Erotica’. But on the other hand it must be a relief for some people that some porn sites isn’t all about extremities.

My overall conclusion is that ‘Sapphic Erotica’ absolutely is worth a try given that you enjoy barely legal-looking girls having a good time with each other without getting blatantly ‘freaky’. If this is your deal, they pay ‘Sapphic Erotica’ a visit… if you need hardcore that exceeds lesbian action; go somewhere else!

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