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Cams review

Summary: Cams is a hard-core live cams/chat site. With approximately 200 girls, besides the chat, there are streaming only videos and photo galleries.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J C, 2005-04-23

Live-cams / chat, Amateur, Mature / MILF, Hardcore


Intro promises

Well, nothing really. The opening page basically just shows off all the cam girls waiting to chat with YOU!.

First impression

I'm completely new to the webcam game. It'll be interesting to take on this new form of pornography hands on. I like that it gets right to business. Let's just hope the business is worth getting to.


Sign up is free.
Premium service (not reviewed) is either $4.95 monthly or $29.95 annually.

Special rates apply for private shows, they start at $2.99 per minute.

Our opinion

The first thing worth mentioning right away is what you see is what you get. The members sections doesn't look any different (besides added tabs to buy more credits and to manage your account) than the standard page. Also, the site doesn't hide girls from you. Nor does it send you all over the internet to various partners and other webcam sites. Everything is right in front of you at your disposal.

You have a couple options available to find the right cam girl for you. Either you can search the nearly 200 girls online by scrolling down the one page long "Who's on Now" section. Or you can narrow it down by searching. The search is surprisingly comprehensive and covers what a lot of people would be looking for. It also helps dislay the true variety the site posesses. Here you'll find girls of all types, sizes and breeds. There should be something here to fit anyone's mood. In fact, there should be several somethings here to fit anyone's mood.

Once you find a thumbnail image that appeals to you, you can either click on their bio or their link to the live chat. Most of the girls offer a free chat (assuming they're not performing a private show -- which the site informs you of). You won't find any nudity here. Just guys begging for it, hoping the girls will listen to them as opposed to all the others that have tried before. The bio gives a selection of thumbnail captures and the girl's vital stats and measurements. Also, there'll be links to the chat function, photo galleries and recorded shows.

Those last two can only be viewed if you have money in your account. However, The photo gallery costs nothing. There's not a lot of variety in images and you'll actually find a lot of repeated frames. But if you want to get a good idea of the performer's body, this is a good place to start. You should be able to find nude screenshots here from past performances. This could also give you a hint as to what she'll be willing to do, should you pay for her time. This section also allows you to rate the girl. I'm a big fan of this, and here there's enough traffic to really make the ratings worthwhile. It's easy to see who're the favorites and why they charge more.

Speaking of charging, the videos are streaming only and cost 99 cents/minute. If you want to see how the girl works on camera for a discounted rate, here's where you should go. Of course the video is going to be the same quality as a private show, including dropped frames, and if the performer's cam doesn't have sound, the video won't either. Don't expect magic. I personally prefer the gallery to the shows, because it works just as well and it costs nothing. However, if the girl is in a private show and you really want to see her moving, this is a cheaper way to do it.

While chatting, the girls are pretty alert and attentive. Granted, they want your money and repeat business, but my point is they're definitely working on it, instead of just assuming you'll be back or that you want a show. In private, things go pretty quickly...especially your money. Expect to pay between 3 to 6 bucks/minute for a private show. The girls set their own price and I doubt haggling would work.

But once you're in there, the girls are willing to do what you ask them to, within reason. There's a bit of a lag, of course, but you hold all the cards. If you want to see her do something, just type it and a few seconds later you'll be watching it. Typing on their end is pretty scarce, but that's because they're working hard to please you.

Keep in mind, you have to have Flash in order to view any type of chat for the site. But they load up quickly and I had several free chats open at once without running into any problems, surprisingly. The cam streams are pretty good, but I've seen better on other pre-recorded material. The interface of the whole site is very straightforward and they don't try to trick you into anything at all. If you don't want to pay the rate for the show, you don't have to. Just hit cancel and you'll go right back to free chat. I really like that honesty.


Cams is very plain, but extremely effective. I like the interface and navigation couldn't be simpler. It takes a special person to deal with cams, a rich one. For the amount you'd spend on a monthly membership at most porn sites, you get about six minutes worth of chat time. However, if you really like the personal interaction and being in control of your performer, you can't go wrong with a cam. And this site has some great looking girls willing and waiting.

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