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Private Feeds review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Private Feeds offers the opportunity to chat with your favorite model while she satisfies your fantasies in front of a live webcam. It mostly features Eastern European girls and they almost all seem friendly and eager to please. Video quality is not the best on the market and there's not always a huge number of girls online.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Caliente, 2008-10-24

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Intro promises

"Privatefeeds features the best in live sex entertainment offered today. The vast selection of beautiful girls and the cutting edge sex show technology will give you the experience of a lifetime. Select your web cam and make use of our free sex chat feature."

- Over 500 girls
- TV quality video streams

First impression

The intro page was a bit bung - part of the main banner had parts of photos and text missing - not a good look for the first page a potential customer sees. In fact the photos that are there aren't entirely alluring, there are two smarmy looking blonde girls and some small thumbs of some of the girls inside, but they're tiny. I have seen much better and far more enticing intro pages elsewhere. Disappointing.


Private 1 on 1 shows $3.99 - $5.99
Private duo shows $5.99 - $8.99
Semi private 1 on 1 shows $0.99
Semi private duo shows $1.49
Featured shows $1.49
Featured duo shows $2.24

Basically any payment type you can think of.

Our opinion

You are greeted with the featured webcam girl at that time (it refereshes every few minutes) and you can immediately pick a nick name and log in to her chat room. Now I've never actually been on a webcam site before so this was all quite new to me, but my first impressions were of a site that seemed fairly simple to use and the girls looked hot. The live aspect of Private Feeds is exciting!

The featured model - at the time of review was Fifi, a brunette from Eastern Europe - has a window where she is performing very tame but teasing moves, touching herself, playing with her tits that kind of thing, as well as replying to online guests. These girls take multitasking to a whole new level! You can start chatting with Fifi or check out her biography and photos or email her ( - they don't give away anything too private). You can carry on publicly chatting or choose to go private and be treated to a visual feast.

Going private - is well worth it. If English isn't your first language you won't have any problems as I think most of these girls (a lot being from Eastern Europe) do not have a tight grasp on it, but who really needs to be able to type when you're stripping? They usually start off slow, maybe with a bit of chat - if I could offer some advice - don't launch straight in with smutty talk, you'll get to see flesh soon, these are live human girls and manners can go a long way, if you know what I mean. Even without prompting, the girls would remove articles of clothing revealing some stunning bodies. My wishes were met almost immediately and they will do their best to please! You can even ask for things you don't see, I enquired about toys which I could see none of, then the model left the screen for a few seconds to come back with a large dildo! Impressive.

It has to be said, it would have to be quite challenging to sit in a room for probably hours on end, receiving smutty messages from horny guys all over the world and keep a smile on your face right? Well I have to admit, most of the girls on Private Feeds did just that! Of course there were are few who looked like they just ate a lemon but on the most part the models were friendly, damn sexy and chatty even in the public chat rooms.

Connection... mine was rather slow and jerky. That could have something to do with the fact the country I'm in is not known for super fast broadband. While it was still a very sexy show, I'm sure a better stream would have added to the experience immeasurably. You can choose to view the window at full screen or smaller (maybe quarter screen) - one thing I didn't like was when viewing at full screen, the message bar is squashed way down the bottom of your screen and what you're typing is almost obscured from view. There is a feature where you can change the theme of the site but you can only choose from 'day' or 'night', it's novel but I didn't care too much for it.

You can search for models by name and check their schedules, if you have a favourite. But the best thing to do is view who's online. Each model has photos in the form of screen shots, which aren't great quality as you can imagine but they give you a good idea of what the girl looks like, some even have a small video on their bio page which is fairly tame as well as the calendar with their schedules displayed. There are also couples randomly showing, but you have to be lucky to time that right, or make sure you note what days/times they're on. One thing that did piss me off was not being able to see how much my money was depleting while I was private with the model. Once it ran out when she was about to do something dirty and missed it then couldn't get her back. Not cool.


The level of talent on Private Feeds was remarkably high, most of the girls were gorgeous and performed basically everything your heart could desire.

The site is easy to navigate and while simple, it does a nice job of displaying the models, their schedules and giving all the information on a the performers you're just dying to know.

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