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Private Feeds review

Summary: Private Feeds is a live cam and chat site, where you have the opportunity to talk with cute girls and form a kind of relationship with them. As always with a pay-per-minute site, the experience can quickly become quite expensive in private chats.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2005-09-01

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Intro promises

"The Last Live Shows Site You Will Ever Need, Guaranteed!"

"Free Chat and Video With The Sexiest Models On The Internet."

First impression

Cam sites really interest me. I'm fascinated by how they're run and what types of people work for them. This one has a simple, yet professional look to it and the girls look good too. The whole thing screams basic and it could just be that the design is holding it together. We'll see if it all pans out.


By credit card or online check
credits are $1.20 each available in batches of:
21 ($24.99)
42 ($49.99)
63 ($74.99)
83 ($99.99)

Private shows are 5 credits per minute for a total of $6.00/minute semi-private shows are 2 credits per minute for a total of $2.40/minute private duo shows are 7.5 credits per minute for a total of $9.00/minute semi-private duo shows are 3 credits per minute for a total of $3.60/minute

VIP members get 20 free credits and a 10% bonus on all credit purchases

Our opinion

Before I get into the good stuff, I'll talk a little about the general layout of the site. It's all presented in a very straightforward manner. The java applet loads up one of the webcams and chats for you right away. The list of girls currently working is shown in a scrolling menu on the left. There's an option to look at guys down at the bottom as well. Along the top, you have the help section, schedule, models and options to buy more time.

The schedule is really pretty handy. It gives you the option of picking your time zone from anywhere in the world. Then it tells you what times the girls are on throughout the week. The best part is you get their thumbnail image to help you along. Unfortunately, though, while you can see what they look like, you can't access their bios from this page. That should be a simple thing to work out.

The 'our models' section gives you a nice, compact table view of all the models. Most of them have thier bio pages linked (assuming one is available). It's here that you can more easily recognize the site's model options. There is a pretty good range of looks and styles with the women. Various hair colors, skin colors, ethnicities and attitudes come across. They are almost all very young women. There are a few couples, but that's rare. You won't find older women or more plump choices either. Even though it's not the most ecclectic choice I've seen, there is still a great, wide selection in the buffet.

The model bio pages aren't anything too spectacular. You mostly get one larger image of the girl and various pointless stats pointing out measurements and favorites. If they write these themselves, I'd be slightly surprised. It seems like their answers aren't really true to their character, but rather what they feel will make them the most money (i.e. the most sexually oriented answers they can give). And you can vote for them for model of the month or you can email them directly. Two nice features that may not pan out the way you might want.

Lastly, before the show I want to mention the help section. Within this section is a comprehensive FAQ. If that doesn't answer your questions, you can contact a tech through their online help chat. There are a couple other ways to deal with and contact this team, as well. This page is where you'd find the closest thing to redeeming that guarantee. There is a link to a refund request form. They ask for your info and a valid reason for wanting your money back. I don't know how well the guarantee claim works, but I would hope they accept that as a valid reason.

Now. The moment you've been waiting for. When you first join up in the one on one, you get the option of full screen and normal mode. What's great is that in the corner you get a countdown timer, so you know how much time you have left with your girl.

It's pretty obvious that the model isn't typing. She's busy playing with herself and all of a sudden words pop up on the screen. But nonetheless, the girls are responsive to your requests and try to make you as comfortable and riled up as possible. But you do have to direct them in every way, so if you like just sitting back and enjoying, then this might not be for you. They'll keep doing what they're doing until you tell them otherwise.

The quality of the webcam is pretty decent. There are low and high quality options. To get the broadband version, you need to download something from them. The lower quality one refreshes relatively frequently and the picture looks nice and clear. There is no audio to be had on any of these cams, from what I can tell, so that's one of the clear downsides.

I like that the cams are a set rate. I've reviewed another site where there was a range depending on the popularity of the models. Here, it isn't too hard to get access to the most popular and beautiful of girls on that particular night. In the chat rooms a lot of people talk the talk, but don't walk the walk, so you can sneak in there at any time and grab your chat (which you'll need in order to see any type of nudity on this site).


There are a lot of cute girls to be found on Private Feeds. They aren't extremely aggressive in trying to get you into a private show. But I have a hard time rationalizing paying so much for pornography. If you already know you like the cam thing, this site will be good for you based on the great selection of hot chicks. Even though there's only a handful on at any one time, there will always be someone on that you would be willing to talk with.

Chat sites are fun. I'm always tempted to just talk business with them and get in their minds instead of going for the gold. But luckily for you, I don't. I suppose this is a decent rate for a cam site, but you can get a lot more content (albeit non-interactive) for about the same price as a short private show. Great for beginners due to its upfront approach and great for experienced cammers due to its structure in pricing and design, this virtually ad free site does what it sets out to do.

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