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All Erotica review

Summary: All Erotica is an allround site offering solo and boy/girl teen content in relatively low quality. None of the content is exclusive or unique, neither is it organized very well. There is a lot of it however. Although DVD archive site Video Sexperts is included with the membership, there is better allround sites out there.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-10-06

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Intro promises

400,000+ full sized photos
Lots of DVDs & VideoClips
Exclusive Content
Updated every single day
More than 600 gigs of content!
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Customizable Members Area
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First impression

The tour at All Erotica displays an impressive array of hardcore porno from every corner of the industry, portraying itself as a sort of internet adult playground. In many respects, it seems similar to the other 'mega-sites' out there but seems, at least on the tour, to have been done up to a higher standard. And with numbers reported like "1,000,000" photos, it looks like there shouldn't be any problems with quantity. I'm going to have a look inside and see how the quality stacks up.


$19.95 1-Month Membership. Recurring.

Pay via Paycom, Epoch or CCBill.

Our opinion

Topping the page is a banner that contains a mix of colour and black and white photographs, depicting beautiful, nude women in all sorts of compromising positions. I'm digging the black and grey colour scheme, and the foot play image in the middle of the page. When you throw in the compact and sleek design, that all adds up to one good looking members' area.

The page basically consists of two menus and links to featured pics and vids. It doesn't get much more simple than that. The horizontal menu topping the page is the more simple of the two, containing links to pictures, videos, live feeds, and customer support.

In contrast, the vertical menu on the left-hand side of the page contains a plethora of options: What's New & Hot, Featured Content, Pictorials, DVDs, Videos, Other Sites, Live Video, Erotic Stories, E-Zines, Sexy Wallpapers, Phone Sex, Audio Erotica, Adult Calendar, Porncentro Network, Members Chat, Mailing Lists, PornCentro Sex Store, Escort Services, Night Club Directory, Flash games, and a search engine! Whew! That's a whole lot for my brain to process, and some of it is, admittedly, totally worthless.

Like many mega sites, All Erotica doesn't offer much in the way of original content. For example, clicking the "DVDs" link will take you to a site called "Video Sexperts." It's a decent DVD archive, which I happened to review in the past, and contains over 2500 Adult titles in five separate formats: AVI, WMV, IPOD, and PSP.

The video section is currently made up of 317 movies, separated into six different categories: Centerfolds, Amateurs, Teens, Hardcore Sex, Virgin Girls, and Ebony. All of the sections are laid out virtually the same, all the vids in avi format with three separate bitrate options.

To be honest, most of these look quite a bit below par. I'd describe he content is a bit 'middle of the road.' The "Virgin Girls," section, however, was the real standout. There were a few genuinely hot scenes there although video quality never exceeded average. All in all, I'd say there's a definite trade of quality for quantity going on here.

On the bright side of things, they have a surprisingly versatile stable of models. I've seen everything to totally green amateurs, to seasoned and well known porn starlets.

The photo section, in my opinion, is the highlight of the site. There are nine pictorial sections in total to choose from: Hottest Porn Stars, Centerfolds, Amateur, Teen, Hardcore, Virgin, Solo, Fetish, and Variety.

The teen galleries, for instance, holds some particularly boner inducing photography that, in my humble opinion, borders on art. There was an absolutely stunning candle lit shot of an astonishingly beautiful brunette. Oiled and shiny, her nipples standing stiff at attention, her pubic mound hairless and glistening, her legs spread so wide I could see her tonsils. I was tempted to print it out and hang it on my fridge. I hesitated only because the wife may get jealous.

All jokes aside, the level of photography here ain't too shabby, and although there are quite a few soft galleries thrown in, make no mistake about it - pictures here is down and dirty, hardcore raunchiness at its finest


All Erotica is packed with a wide variety of content to play with, and is maybe worth the price of admission if you're not too concerned about video quality and not already subscribed to any other sites and looking for an allround site.

However, if you're a connoisseur looking for something a bit more specific or already familiar with these kind of sites, I doubt you'll find anything here that really catches your eye. While the amount of content is probably worth the price of admission alone, I think you could probably do better with some careful shopping.

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