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BrainPass review

Summary: BrainPass is one of the original site passes where you get several sites for the price of one. Updates are frequent, and quality is pretty good, but we miss more dedication to the individual sites. Over 40 original sites currently.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2004-06-25

Mega-Sites, Hardcore, Amateur, Pornstar, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- "All Exclusive Content. Get exclusive videos and pictures from unique models and producers. Everything is top quality!"
- "Exclusive Live Shows. Watch our stars live on their webcam each week. We schedule about 5 shows that last at least 2hrs"
- "Daily Updates. We update our network everyday. Our newscenter keeps you in touch with current updates."
- "1 price = all sites"
- "Over 400 bonus sites with your pass"

First impression

I've reviewed for this very website, so I know there's plenty of material in there to last you through the membership period. If the other sites are any indication, it'd be tough to be disappointed. Right now, the only thing that could really detract from overall enjoyment is the quality of the bonus sites.


Credit Card
$24.95 for 30 days membership recurring
$59.95 for 90 days membership recurring

Our opinion

The main page lists the seven main attractions (probably in order of popularity or profitability) down the line -- peternorth, christineyoung, sweetamylee, shelbybell, silverstonevideo, hardcorefiesta, boyscasting .coms. You can get into any of them by using the same username and password and entering the little access key/anti-robot thingy. It's a little annoying to keep plugging in access keys.

As you can tell, there isn't tons of variety amongst the sites. You have four personal sites. Then you also get a gay site, a general hardcore site and a site with compressed versions of videos released in retail.

Within the sites, there's more variety. You'll see fucking, sucking, licking, anal, lesbian action, cumshots, facials, access to webshows and the like. Everyone of the sites offers both hard and softcore material. It's just a matter of whether or not these people are your type or not. Those not into super skinny girls with smallish breasts will quickly ignore two sites. Those not into gay stuff can eliminate another one.

The most variety in performers and probably content are in peternorth, silverstonevideo and hardcorefiesta. Here you'll see men and women of various races, shapes and sizes (and attractiveness) doing all kinds of things to each other.

I could go through the ins and outs of every featured site, but that would start to get repetitive and boring for you all. Each of the sites gives its own unique touch to the design while still maintaining aspects of the parent site. Mostly this means each site has a different color scheme, but there are some subtle differences that are nice, too. The slight changes make the pages look nicer, but the lack of a consistent template hurts the cross-site functionality of it all.

I sampled some video and picture from the sites and they all offer high quality stuff. What I really like is the option of low and high speed friendly file sizes. The pictures are presented nicely in high resolution. Mostly you'll find video capture stills, but they look nice. It's all laid out and easy to navigate. What I don't like is that the enlarged pictures have no other navigation besides close. The pictures open up in new windows, but sometimes it's helpful to be able to go over one or two pictures. The videos are listed in the various sizes and formats, but there's no option for the one big file (for those separated in parts).

So, the main sites have tons of content to pick from with some smoking hot girls. Even if you don't really like the featured talent, in the more general sites you can find some nice looking women doing plenty of arousing things. But as for the "over 400 bonus sites"...

At the top of the main page, you'll see links to things like picture, video, magazine, lives, games/stories. These don't lead you to any part of the seven main sites. Don't let that confuse you (and it could). It would be nice to see a mega listing of all pictures and videos, but that really would be massive and probably not as helpful or cool as I think it would be.

These pages are filled with different sites containing various kinds of content. The games/stories page only has games, I saw no stories. Either way it doesn't matter, because if you find a site you want to look at, you'll be led to either the peternorth login page, which will eventually lead you to some of those extras, but too much extra navigation is required, or it'll prompt you to log in with another company's information. Most likely, you don't have this. So, you're faced with a bunch of pointless links, unless you want to join with a partner site, and even then, you may not get to whatever it was you were really searching for anyway. The least they could have done is thrown a bone out there and given a few links that worked. Or put the partner site stuff in a separate section. Something.


Well, despite the lack of legitimate extras, Brain Pass offers loads and loads of content. Like I said before, just one site would normally be worth your money and would give you enough to keep you busy for well over a month. Here you get seven equally high quality sites to choose from in one quick spot. This stuff will last you for a good long time.


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