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Cinema Erotique review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Cinema Erotique is trying to create something different than most other porn sites - movies with an actual plot and a professional production process. It doesn't completely succeed and the whole concept will only appeal to a certain crowd.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-02-21

Movies, Videos, 18-23, Amateur, Hardcore


Intro promises

“Cinema Erotique is an original website of exclusive professionally made erotic story films. Adult movies with plot from soft porn to hot lesbian erotica. Tales of hot sex, spanking, fantasy and humor. Especially composed music, erotic stripteases, skilled filmers make this the centre for original film erotica.”

First impression

Cinema Erotique, a slightly goofy porn site that produces all of its own movies and does so with a flare for the pretentious (as the French name would imply), attempts to merge art house film and American B-movies with French erotica and mainstream porn. Cinema Erotique doesn’t do any of this particularly well, but, hey, at least they’re trying to do something different. Cinema Erotique is the antithesis of all the gonzo and reality porn that’s so popular these days — the makers of this site actually brag about having stories and music to go along with their presentations of hardcore fucking. I guess you could say Cinema Erotique is Vivid on a shoestring budget, only this company employs natural European girls instead of plastic blonde bimbos.


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Our opinion

Wondering why the membership fee is so low for Cinema Erotique, with three months costing roughly the same as the cost of a single month’s membership to your typical porn site? It’s because there isn’t a ton of content currently available and updates aren’t very regular — the makers of Cinema Erotique only add a new movie whenever they finish one, which isn’t very often. Currently, there are eighteen full-length movies and nineteen striptease scenes on Cinema Erotique.

Honestly, the navigation for Cinema Erotique is a little on the shitty side — the basic setup of the site is crummy and a touch confusing. Granted, Cinema Erotique really only contains a handful of movies and precious little other content, so I guess it’s not that confusing, but the webmasters could’ve done a better job of presenting the site’s content to its members. I mean, shouldn’t a highfalutin’ site like Cinema Erotique have an elegant site design? Can I get an amen here, people?

The movies on Cinema Erotique are in the widescreen format (hey, I said these cats were pretentious, didn’t I? I mean, why the hell would we need to see these films in the widescreen format when they weren’t even made to be seen on a movie screen in the first place?! It’s like letterboxing a TV show!) and average around twenty minutes each in length (striptease scenes average about three minutes in length) with a resolution of 640 by 360 pixels. All of the downloadable movies on Cinema Erotique are in the MPEG4 format and can be played with the Windows Media Player in two resolutions (low and high). Each film page lists its director, its star(s) and its music composer, in case you give a shit.

The movies on Cinema Erotique run the gamut of softcore smut and tame girl-girl stuff to hardcore fuckin’ ‘n’ suckin.’ Though the movies on Cinema Erotique are supposed to be wildly different from those found on conventional porn sites, I didn’t see much originality in any of ‘em. For example, Internet Bride is about a guy who gets an Internet bride. How thought-provoking! I’m reminded less of art house films and more of run-of-the-mill blue movies... And I don’t mean to quibble, but First Time, the touching story of two lovers losing their virginity to each other, was a little unrealistic — I mean, the first two scenes show a girl who is clearly terrified of having sex with her man yet the clip ends with the man play-raping the girl, an unlikely fantasy for the couple to be acting out the second they time they fuck, especially when the girl had major issues with conventional intercourse. Anyway, other titles on Cinema Erotique include Hot Cold War, the story of a KGB training school for sex spies, Homework, which features a student who’s really into her sex education homework, Cream, a parody of the movie Scream which includes stripping, hanging, drowning, girl-girl action and peeing, The Maid, a black and white homage to the silent era of film, and Bound to Please, the adventures of an escort who visits a client’s house.

There isn’t much additional content on Cinema Erotique — there are eight galleries with film stills and there is also an “editing room” section where members can read scripts for films already on the site and others that are in production or pre-production. And... not much else. Like I said, not a lot of additional content on Cinema Erotique.


If you’re looking for adult films with a story, music and some acting, then you’re out of your fucking mind... and will probably enjoy Cinema Erotique, unless you’re looking for adult films with good stories, decent music and convincing acting. Ironically, the movies on Cinema Erotique are just as insipid and poorly made as the movies produced by the average porn sites that Cinema Erotique is trying so hard to differentiate themselves from. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

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