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Cinema Erotique review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Cinema Erotique is trying to create something different than most other porn sites - movies with an actual plot and a professional production process. It doesn't completely succeed and the whole concept will only appeal to a certain crowd.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-07-09

Movies, Videos, 18-23, Amateur, Hardcore


Intro promises

Cinema Erotique is an original website of exclusive professionally made erotic story films.
Adult movies with plot from soft porn to hot lesbian erotica. Tales of hot sex, spanking, fantasy and humour. Especially composed music, erotic stripteases, skilled filmers make this the centre for original film erotica.

- Exclusive Content
- Well Shot
- Beautiful GIrls
- Dramatic Erotic Scripts

First impression

The tour page boasts of wonderful scripts, cinematography, and well composed scores. From what I can see, this stuff looks like it leans more towards the softcore side of things. At first glance calling these cats pretentious would probably feel like an understatement. However, after closer examination you realise it's all a bit tongue in cheek. Some of the synopsisses I read here were actually quite humorous.

They produce all their own content and say they cater more towards women and couples. All of these films are exclusive to the site which is always a plus. I'm going to have a look inside and see if this these movies are up to par with the competition.


14 Day Trial - $15 for 14 days then $10 recurring every 90
31 Days - $20 (non-recurring)
90 Days - $30 (non-recurring)
180 Days - $40 (non-recurring)
365 Days - $50 (non-recurring)

Pay by Credit Card(Visa, Master Card, JCB, Discover) Or Pay by Online Check

Our opinion

The member's area is set up in a very simple fashion. The focus here is their films, and that's just about all you have to greet you once logging in. There are no ads, announcements, or useless games. The only thing you'll find on this page, aside from links to videos is a VERY basic menu containing: A welcome greeting, Editing Room (access to music, still shots, and scripts), E-mail Us (contact admin), and a links page.

There's currently 23 films here (and 31 stripteases) and to be perfectly honest, I get the impression that they don't update very often. So if you're disappointed by a lack of content now, don't expect any dramatic changes soon. They produce their own content, and a new movie doesn't arrive until they've finished it, which may explain the long wait.

As I mentioned earlier, they have quite the sense of humor. Self deprecating jokes can be found throughout the site. Each film has its own faux reviews. Print News establishments like 'The Observer' and 'The Socialist Worker' have been cited as sources. It's quite clear they don't take their 'classy' facade too seriously. Frankly I find this refreshing.

The videos come with a 'Low' and "High' quality option. Both of which are in WMV. Honestly, the High quality option is acceptable, but hardly the best I've seen. I would recommend you steer clear of the Low quailty altogether (unless you have dialup). It's quite 'fuzzy' looking when in full screen mode. Unfortunately, there is no option for streaming here. Direct downloads only. I got some pretty good download speeds here clocking in around 900 KB/sec (give or take).

The movies themselves remind me a lot of those softcore porns you see at 3:00 AM on Cinemax. The only real difference would be actually seeing pink, and the lower production values here. Although, don't get me wrong, I would watch these over what Cinemax and Vivid videos have to offer any day. They are definitely going for a cinematic feel. The camera work and editing is pretty decent for a porno. You'll notice a variety of angles and shots. They don't, however, break the golden rule of moving too close in on the action. The camera is always far enough away most of the time to see all the action.

One I found especially amusing was entitled 'Happy End'. A girl rejects an older man's advances, only to find out that in the end she needs him. She becomes paralyzed by a speeding car and her young boyfriend eventually dumps her. She comes to depend on the older man to change her clothing, bath her and feed her. The acting in this (as well as the other movies) is questionable at best. Although, I didn't expect much better. It's rare to find a porn with acting that is more than sub par.

Anyway, one evening one of her female friends comes over to visit her and bring her some stuff to keep her busy. When she finds out her friend is bored of lying in the bead motionless, she decides to entertain her by doing a strip tease, eating her out and fucking her pussy with a dildo. The older man character ends up catching them in the act but chooses to just watch through a crack in the door. The next day (or later that afternoon - it isn't made clear) he comes into her room and has wild sex with her. What I noticed about this movie (and many of the others) is an overall lack of dialogue. There just isn't much to explain the characters' actions sometimes. I suppose it isn't nessasary, but you'd think they'd try a little harder to deliver their storyline.

You also get six different 'strip tease' scenes from various models. These generally don't last more than 4 minutes and consist of a girl dancing in front of a blue screen to electronically composed music. Nothing too crazy goes on here. Not much different than your local strip club (other than the blue screen).

There's also an 'editing room' where you get a little access to some behind the scenes action. You get access to scripts of every film on the site, music used in the films and links to each model's own webpage. There's also a 'Production Stills' section, which is the only photo gallery on the site. It contains 120 images spread out over 8 pages. They're all in the JPEG format and clock in at 22KB with dimeniosns of 661x440 pixels. Theses imags are mostly just the actors/actresses standing posing and smiling for the camera. While there are a few 'racier' images, the overwhelming majority of them contain people who are fully clothed.


If you like your hardcore action mild, with a score, plot, and cinematic feel - Cinema Erotique might be the place for you. There isn't much content here, but the price is low when compared to most sites out there. If this is truly the type of films you're looking for - with a price tag like this it really couldn't hurt.

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