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Sexy Texts review

Summary: Sexy Texts is an erotic story site, offering thousands of extreme stories, uncensored and illustrated, audio stories and monthly updated E-zines.

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Score 40.0 /100
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Storm, 2002-10-20



Intro promises

The very best erotic stories on the Internet for both men and women
- Thousands of extreme stories
- Uncensored illustrated stories
- Extreme Real Audio stories
- Monthly updated XXX Ezines
- Special member bonuses

First impression

Things aren't too complicated at Sexy Texts. The welcome screen loads quickly and easily, and allows you to access the four main categories of the site: the Main Library, Photo Galleries, Videos and Webcams. Considering the site's intro promises mention stories only, it's a bit surprising to see the picture, video and webcam stuff taking up 3 out of 4 menu items, but if the textual content is good, it can only be a bonus. We'll see.

Navigation is very easy, and the design of the site is pretty no-nonsense. In this respect, there's nothing to complain about.


7 days - $7.95
1 month - $24.95
3 months - $59.95

Our opinion

The Main Library is divided into 14 categories, e.g. Straight, Lesbian, Interracial, Group and Gay. More exotic categories, such as BDSM, Older Women and Kinkier, are also available. The stories of each of the groups are then split further into Text Only, Illustrated and Audio, which is a nice feature although you won't find that many Illustrated or Audio stories - in fact, sometimes there aren't any at all.

When you've selected category and type, you're presented for a bunch of stories, and this is where Sexy Texts disappoints. I would expect a synopsis of each of the stories, including keywords indicating what content I can expect, but on Sexy Texts all you get is a simple directory listing with file names only. "01_30_01_dancer.htm" or "ANGEL.TXT" isn't a very informative or user friendly way to present stories, especially in a section like Straight/Text Only where you have almost 900 files in one big uninformative list.

The actual stories differ tremendously in quality. Some are extremely short (I found one that was just 14 lines long), some are extremely long, and some suffer from terribly bad spelling. The vast majority of stories are quite good, though, and there really are thousands of stories, as promised on the front page of the site. The illustrated stories work fine, although sometimes pictures seem to miss the context - like within a paragraph of anal content, there's a shot of a woman giving a guy a blow job!
If you like audio stories, all works fine as well. Get Real Player, log on to the site, and sit back and enjoy.

If you decide to buy access to a site like this, one would assume you aren't that interested in all the images featured in the Photo Galleries.
Nevertheless, if you do take a look there, you'll find images and videos in basically every category you can think of. Picture quality is fine, and there are so many to choose from. Evertyhing seems to be third party non-exclusive content though, so it won't count for very much when handing out the stars.


Reviewed as a text site only, Sexy Texts isn't my cup of tea. Yes, there are thousands of stories and everything works just fine, but I can't accept the lack of an editor when paying almost $25 a month. Before I start reading a story, I want to know what kind of action I can expect, but this essential piece of information is missing completely here, apart from the rough categorization of Straight, Group, Lesbian and so on. Not good enough.

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