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Adorable Audrey review

Summary: Adorable Audrey is a selfproclaimed housewife next door who runs her own naughty site. She is intelligent and her site is run on her own terms. Content quality is good and updates are frequent. Audrey delivers quality amateur content with personality.

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Joseph, 2007-08-30

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Intro promises

"Hi there! I'm Audrey and welcome to my homemade porn site! I'm a curvy amateur, and I want to give you a great big hello for coming to visit! This is my virtual "home", so I'd give you a hug when you walked in if I could, but I guess I will have to settle for a little introduction.

I'm a former business executive but I always had a naughtier side and did part time amateur homemade porn as a hobby for several years before I finally dropped out of the rat race to work on my site full time. I run this site myself - no big companies, no "cyber-pimps", just me - an average 'housewife next door' with a desire to explore and share my sexuality online. I love to laugh and I love to get off and I hope this site puts a smile on your face and stiffie in your pants. Come on in & let's play!"

First impression

Adorable Audrey is the homemade porn site of a former marketing executive who “dropped out of the rat race to share [her] sexuality on [her] own adult site.” The bespectacled Audrey is not “a professional model or porn actress, just an average housewife with a high sex drive, an active imagination and an exhibitionist streak.” Have I mentioned that Audrey is a natural tease? She is “extremely sensual” and loves “both playful and passionate teasing.” Audrey runs and manages every aspect of Adorable Audrey herself; oh, sure, she has some technical and design help here and there, but she assures us that Adorable Audrey is “no corporate site” — it’s hers and she will run it any way she pleases, consarnit! That means she will upload photosets that make her feel sexy, she will explore fetishes that she is curious about, she will engage in teasing that makes her wet and she will only have sex with partners that make her hot (hmm, I’ll guess that means you’ll never see me on Adorable Audrey…). Audrey likes to get to know her members and enjoys giving them a special peek into her life. She has a private members diary that she updates several times a week, she performs at least one live cam show every seven days and she even lets you peek in on her office cam while she’s working! Scandalous! Let’s peek in on Audrey and see what she’s up to…


Our opinion

Since Adorable Audrey is all about Audrey, you get to see what really gets her going. Audrey loves trying new things, from sexy to kinky! (Again, scandalous!) Some of what you will see in the members area of Adorable Audrey (or “Audrey’s Inner Circle,” as Audrey calls it) includes sexy lingerie, sensual teasing, fantasy, costume and role-play themes, toys ‘n’ novelties, fetish explorations (especially heels/hosiery/legs and foot fetishism) and erotic encounters with other lovers. All of this action is documented in photos, videos, a members-only private diary with written, photo, video and audio updates, private cell phone pictures, cam chats with streaming audio and video, a peek-a-boo cam, personal vacation pictures, handpicked guest galleries featuring Audrey’s hot girlfriends, archived captures of Audrey goofing on her webcam, puzzles, games, desktops and so much more! Heck, you can even call and email Audrey! (Tell her I said hi!)

I was too lazy to count up all the photo galleries on Adorable Audrey; suffice to say, there are a lot of ‘em, maybe a couple hundred, maybe more. Most of Audrey’s photos were taken by her husband or a few close friends, either at home or while doing a bit of traveling. Audrey’s photo galleries are all planned by Audrey herself and they were inspired by her own personal fantasies, member requests, things she has always wanted to try and real life encounters from her sex life. Though the photos don’t appear to be professionally shot, they look great and can be downloaded one at a time or in a single ZIP file. If you’re really bored, you can even rate the photosets, which contain an average of seventy average-resolution pictures. Photo galleries can be browsed via categories like solo, hardcore, costumes, foot fetish and glasses. How convenient!

I was also too lazy to count up all the videos on Adorable Audrey (hey, I’m a busy guy…), but I assure you that there are hundreds of ‘em here, all available for download in high and low resolutions. The videos are all WMV files that document Audrey’s exploits (or sexploits, tee-hee); you got some stripping here, some masturbation, some hardcore fucking, the whole nine yards (even interracial action! Tré taboo, Audrey!). It should be noted that Audrey takes the time to whip up a little write-up describing the action in each video (she also writes introductions to most of the photosets). Anyway, the videos look pretty sweet, much like those plastic containers of honey that are shaped like little bears (I love those little guys!)!

One of Audrey’s favorite things about running Adorable Audrey is the live cam shows. She does two live streaming shows per week and, as I said earlier, she has a peek-a-boo cam installed in her house as well, so you can watch her there while she works on her site, hangs out at home, does private cam shows and takes hot phone sex calls. As an added bonus, members also get access to the Amateur CamZ network, where you can see Audrey and hundreds of the hottest amateur girls and wives performing seven days a week! Audrey offers fully downloadable archives of her cam shows and captured webcam photos in case you miss any of her live shows.


Adorable Audrey lives up to its name — Audrey is one adorable housewife and ex-businesswoman. And, better yet, she’s a swinger who likes to get naked and fuck random folks on her website! Not bad. Adorable Audrey is an impressive amateur site — join it today to get a peek into the sexual fantasy life of a natural, curvy and intelligent housewife.


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