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Furry Girl Review

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Summary: Furry Girl is a personal/amateur fetish site. Original, home-made material in 2,000+ photos, a few short movies with sound and updates every other weekend.

Stuart, 2003-09-19

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Intro promises

- Original home made material by a real unshaved girl
- Over 2,000 exclusive "fuzzy" photos
- A few short movie files with sound
- Updates every other weekend
- Member requests
- Guest galleries

First impression

At first glance, this appears to be amateur porn at its rawest, and that's not meant in a bad way at all. The layout of the intro is pleasantly uncluttered and straight to the point. There's a preview section with 20 thumbnailed pictures, unfortunately, only some of them can be enlarged, so it's still a bit of a guessing game as to what quality can be expected. She lists all the updates including the theme of the shoot and how many images were uploaded, as well as a short bio of herself. It appears to be pretty clear what to expect here, so let's go inside and take a look...


$ 0.00for (NON recurring)

Our opinion

Furry Girl is a naturally hairy amateur who never trims or shaves anywhere, and has the hairy legs, arm pits and full bush to prove it! She is a 19 year old vegan with waist-length brown hair and is 5'6, 125 lbs.

I must say, the preview pictures don't really do the quality of the galleries any justice at all. Sure, a couple of the pics are out of focus, but I think this is easily forgiven when one considers that this is true amateur content. What amazed me even more is the fact that this girl doesn't use a camera man, she makes use of the autotimer function on her digital camera and you would never guess it. Don't get more amateur than that!

Considering that this is a personal site, I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the galleries, as well as their diversity. There are currently 23 galleries and each contains about 100 images. Amongst other things, you can see her undress while making sushi; model her underwear; get ready for bed; shower; and play with her favorite fruit and vegetables;. There is a gallery devoted to her shagging her boyfriend, which has a fair amount of blurred pictures, but it funnily enough fits in with the theme. This shoot was done in true voyeur style. She set up the camera and the two of them just went at it without posing or any of that bull. Having said that, she still seemed to get all the angles right and you don't miss a thing. The galleries have a nice simple navigation structure. You can either view the set as thumbnails, as start at the first full size image. When viewing the full size image there are links to the previous and next pics so that you don't have to keep jumping back and forth between the pages.

I must say, I was quite disappointed by the videos and if you don't read the small print, you would probably miss them. There isn't a separate section for the vids, they are intermingled with the pics in the galleries. The only way to tell which are videos, is by the thin blue border surrounding the picture. Another down side is that all of them are filmed using her digital camera. So the screen size is only 320x240, they are only about ten seconds long and the audio is not the best. The one plus, is that each of the photo sets has a few clips, and if you watch them all you basically get to see the whole photo shoot.

To my next disappointment, the guest galleries. This is supposedly a showcase of original content from hot amateurs but that's unfortunately not the case. All this is, is a bunch of samples from the guest galleries of a few other amateur sites. It's one of those, "If you like these pictures please be sure to visit the site" things. There are 2 or 3 decent pictures here, but barely enough to write about.

For those of you that would like to gain a little more insight into the life of Furry Girl, be sure to read her journal. She updates it almost daily and discusses things like here daily happenings, sexual exploits and life in general. Pretty nice touch, I think it makes the site just that little bit more intimate.


In all honesty, I think we are going to have to chalk this site up as one for the connoisseurs. Unless you are really into personal sites or hairy amateurs, then this site is probably not for you.

However, for those of you that are, I think it will be money well spent. Don't expect very much from the videos or the guest galleries, but the voyeuristic nature and cute naughtiness of the pictures are sure to keep you entertained. They are updated regularly and it's always a different theme. so there will always be something new here to see.

Screenshots from Furry Girl

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