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Miss Luana review

Summary: Miss Luana is a personal/amateur site with soft-core content. With 7,000+ images, (not screen shots) and 48 videos there is a photography/studio feel.

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Uli, 2005-10-31

Personal-Amateur, Photography / studio, Softcore, Amateur, Movies, Videos, Sologirls


Intro promises

"Miss Luana - the naughty little girl next door"
"Weekly Updates" - "Video Clips" - "High Quality Pics" - "Webcam Chat" - "Original Content" "Become a member of MissLuana right now and get unlimited access to all my member areas, including my photos, videos, and webcam!"

Compared to other sites this sounds like astonishingly modest promises - have a look at the site and you'll understand why they are not as flamboyant as on other sites! Or read on and check my description of the site design - it will get clear for you why this site doesn't need to make such a hullabaloo. Nevertheless I think some pics and perhaps one or two freely available demonstration-vids wouldn't be bad.

First impression

Well, I'm still wondering about the site design. You visit the site, move around - you don't feel like looking at a preview - In fact, you ain't! You then log in as a member - and you are exactly on the same site you saw before - nothing has changed, well, nearly. Click on the links to the pics and vids and you'll see the difference between member and guest at once. As a guest you won't see anything other than password-dialogs! Nevertheless I think this is a nice idea to allow guests to check the original member site - although I still miss some demo pictures of that lady!


$24.95 first 30 days, than recurring to $19.95 for the next 30 days

Payment processor is CCBill.

Our opinion

I think it's a good tradition to discuss the main "theme" of sex-sites first that the girls and ladies sites present and of course the action they show. Luana is a very beautiful (get it guys, this is indeed no exaggeration) young filipina lady with a nice face and a great body - I think you do not need to be a fan of Asian ladies to fall in love with Luana, but if you are, then beware! Read her description in her (of course) freely available "About"-site if you want to know more.

The site contains pictures and videos. There are 132 nude and five non-nude galleries with a grand total of more than 7000 pictures available at the moment. The pictures either have 700x500 or 900x600 pixel resolution. They have a very good picture quality - I consider them to have been taken by a professional. You will look in vain for any spoiled or even blooper pictures. The action shown is easy to describe: It's softcore with less than half of the pics showing full nudity. You won't find any pornographic pics, no spreads, no dildos and so on. Nevertheless I consider the pictures to be erotic. They do not have an artsy style.

There's a specialty with the picture series I already thought it had died off on paysites: Luana's site presents 12 picture series she calls "too hot to be shown on the member's site". You only can download them as zip-files. And - of course - you have to pay an extra fee for the password of each of these series. There's no real close descripton and - of course - no explanation picture so I have no idea HOW hot they really are. But I think they are expensive! Since there are lots of paysites around showing full (and real _hard_) hardcore without having to pay any supplements I do not believe this feature to be competitive - regarding the rating of this review I will consider these series as "not present". Ah yes, thanks to the concept of the site you can buy these sets even if you are not a member of the site.

There are two categories of videos: The normal ones and the "Webcam videos". I counted 48 just videos. Their file sizes is between 5 and 13 MB. The quality is good, crisp, clear and not wiggly - no badly done content on this site - of course done by a digital camera, having 400x300 pixel resolution and 4-500 KBit/s data rate. Playtime is several minutes and format is wmv. I have seen movies with higher data rates that looked much worse! So this means although these files are not really big, they nevertheless contain real value. Their action - of course - is softcore like the picture series. I did not see any movies originating from the same shoots that the photos were taken from.

The webcam videos are what you for sure will already have guessed: They are takes from webcam sessions. Don't expect full sessions of an hour - these 27 webcam movies also have only up to five minutes playtime. As you also might expect their quality is a little bit weaker and looking more amateurish than that of the perfectly made normal vids, but on the other hand it's still better than the "quality" of many other sites' videos. File sizes, resolution and data rate is also comparable to the other videos. I have no idea why they come as zipped-wmw, but that's how it is. They are also softcore, so this means do not expect any hardcore on cam shows - there's not always even full nudity.

Cam shows, yes, the site has its own cam, but does not belong to a cam system like Camz or Sex Cam Central. Other goodies the site offers are a bio (called "about" - sorry, Luana, you don't look like a piece of software ;-) ), a diary with quite a lot of personal pics, a message board with several hundreds postings (!), a store, a wishlist (heck this is a GIRL'S site ;-) ), ah forgot you can see this yourself - you do not need to be a member to have a look at this! Only the actual content needs a membership.

Well, I often mentioned the special concept Miss Luana's site uses with no separation between preview and members site except for the pictures and videos themselves. The way the site looks and the way it feels makes me think it was done by a professional - it's indeed state of the art, looking nicely and not overcrowded, a little bit like a portal site, well, just look yourself - it's free to check out. Yes, and all content except the mentioned zips is downloadable for members, no DRM on movies. Sadly these only come in zip-format - the normal series are not available in zip-format which perhaps would be a nice improvement.


Well, Miss Luana has some quite substantial ups and only a few smaller downs. First up is Luana herself. She's a beautiful hottie and nice to look at for anybody, but if you are into Asians her site is nothing but a must. The quality of all the stuff is good to very good (both pictures and movies) - but it's all softcore - well, this is of course Luana's decision. Movies could be done bigger (imagine what quality they could have if they had 100 MB size like those on other sites sometimes have). Inclusion of one of the mentioned cam systems wouldn't be bad either and zips for all the series too. I'm not a fan of Luana's concept of offering her hotter series as extra payable zips - an addition of these sets to the site would be a big improvement, since the price is not a bargain but still acceptable.

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