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Rebekah Dee review

- 1st revisit

Summary: A reasonable site featuring British busty amateur Rebekah Dee. Decent quality pictures and videos featuring lots of lesbian sex acts.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-04-14

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Intro promises

The tour page to Rebekah Dee opens up the British red, white and blue, with a mixture of flesh tones showing how pretty the naked body looks on this clean and clear looking page. This dark haired beauty is posing and showing off her love of wild colored thigh high stockings and also other women. You'll receive the latest news of what's offered, and from the looks of things, this site updates once a week. There is a quick navigation feature where a drop down box will take you where you want to go. They remind you of when Rebekah's next webcam viewing takes place, so you'll get to see this British bombshell in real time action.

First impression

There were a lot of things promised during the intro preview so I have my work cut out for me. Rebekah looks like a real wild child that has no inhibitions about anything, so you have to admire a girl with balls to her ankles. Or at least I do. I think the travel throughout my membership is going to be an experience for sure.


30 days $14.95 (recurring)
30 days $19.95 (non recurring)
90 days trial $29.95 (recurring @ $14.95 every 30 days)
180 days $49.95 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check, Bank Check

Processor: CCBill, No Chex

Our opinion

The member's area opens up to a page full of information, letting you know tid-bits of detail about everything you'll find on this website, and there does seem to be quite a bit offered. A lot of good things have come out of Britain, art, poetry, music, The Beatles and now Rebekah! Her beautiful eyes seem to hold an unbridled mischief and something tells me she is going to show it all off on her personal website. Links across the top of the page will take you to her gallery, webcam, videos, shop, personal, forum and then a contact area. Navigation seems to be a highlight to this site with an ease that's going to be a favorite point to this reviewer.

Venturing into the gallery section you have a drop down box available where you can select a category, such as peeing and wetting desperation, toys and dildos, legs and feet and stocking, just to name a small amount of options. Expect 8312+ high quality X-rated exclusive images in 137+ photosets. I had chosen toys and dildos, but alas, when going into that section there was nothing there to view, apparently no content has been added to this heading yet. [This was due to an error, that has now been corrected. /Editor] Since school girl is a big topic for most guys I decided to do my write up from this area of entertainment and see just how bad this girl can be. I haven't noticed any photo-sets with Rebekah sharing time with men, but she sure does no how to play well with other females. There were 8 photosets available under this heading and one of her playmates by the name of Vicki Holloway looked like they shared some intimate and erotic times as being naughty school girls, so that was my first choice of exploration.

In this set you get Rebekah and Vicki dressed, well, not for long, but starting out dressed in their plaid skirts and pretty panties. Bending each other over that ol' wooden desk I hope didn't cause any splinters in a hard to reach place, but if it did, they didn't stop for long to extract it. Instead of taking things out, they were pushing fingers in, finding those moist and delicate areas of erotica. The thumbs were nicely sized but they didn't seem to use much zoom on the camera, a lot of the images were from a distance, and the thumbs didn't show them up as nicely as I would have hoped. Clicking the thumbnails enlarged them to 570x758 pixels. Not all of the thumbs had this issue to deal with, some were close enough that you could almost touch her and with Rebekah, she makes it all look good.

The videos are offered in two different bit rates and files sizes to suit your connection. 720x576 full screen playback and download for high speed connections and 640x480 for regular connections. Videos are compatible with both PC and Mac. My count brought up 35 clips and the one that really caught my eye was Rebekah and Elizabeth, it's called, "Swollen Pink Holes" (Part 3). There are small write-ups to give a brief blow of what to expect in the clip, but I guess I'm one of those people that would rather see it than read it, at least at first, then I'll browse. I viewed this clip in WMV and it was a nice play for sure. Quality is enhanced with these clips, making the choice of the 720x576 option with its clarity really nice and the full screen didn't miss a beat either. The action began immediately with a bright red dildo and lots of fingers. The run time to this clip was 3:45 while the bit rate was 1.50 Mbps. As expected the 640x480 didn't have the quality that the higher did, but it was still pleasant to watch and great for your connection speed.

As for the extra perks that you'll find to this website Rebekah does offer some goodies. You'll get access to two cam sites for the price of your membership, which are,, they say this is the largest and best webcam site with 40+ girls performing 7 days a week and FD cams, which they say is smaller and private with more intimate daily webcam shows. You can contact Rebekah for a private session with her on the webcam, she shares her diary, a forum, guest galleries and there are even some games for when your hand needs a rest!


I must admit Rebekah Dee was every bit as wild as I expected. This girl even parades up and down busy streets stark naked without a care in the world, she has no shyness when it comes to her body, but with good reason. The images present on the site are not the best I have seen, but average for this kind of amateur site. The video quality was great and the content of the clips are enough to keep you up all night for sure. All intro promises held true and the navigation couldn't have been more pleasurable. Updates seem to be done close to once a week for this site.


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