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Rebekah Dee review

Summary: A reasonable site featuring British busty amateur Rebekah Dee. Decent quality pictures and videos featuring lots of lesbian sex acts.

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Score 50.0 /100
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CB, 2005-01-07

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Intro promises

- Over 5000 high quality X-rated pictures
- weekly X-rated Webcam show
- Access to &, two large webcam sites
- X-rated video clip library
- Discount in the online members shop
- Free entry in a draw to win a pair of rebekah's used panties or a 1-2-1 cam show
- weekly site updates

First impression

Very simply designed, this Personal site features British babe Rebekah Dee doing all kinds of kinky things by herself or with a friend (or two). At first glance, the site seems a bit lean. The preview doesn't really give you any idea of what the content in the member's area is like; you only get a few small pictures to look at, and no videos. The design is simple, but not particularly eye-catching, so I hope the stuff inside makes up for it!


$18.95 for 30 days, payable by credit card or PayPal.

All Credit Card payments are processed by CCBill
Private Webcam shows: $35 for 15 minutes.

Our opinion

The layout of the rest of the site offers no surprises. Rather bland, but pretty easy to navigate.

The premier attraction of Rebekah Dee & Friends is the Gallery. At the time of this review, there were 89 picture sets to choose from. Each set has a theme, and you can search for pics by category. There is an emphasis on girl/girl and solo content here, with a few fetish categories. The quality of the photos varies a fair bit, and tends to stay a little short of the mark. I would've liked to see more consistency in quality, and larger photos.

The picture sets could have also been more thorough. There are often jumps in the action, and, in general, not enough pictures to create a cohesive series. A good series should take you through the scene without making you feel like you've missed out on anything. The photo sets seem incomplete, and left me wanting more. There's nothing worse than getting a glimpse of something promising, and then not having the follow-through. This is the kind of quality I would expect to see on a free site, not on a pay site.

Unfortunately, the picture gallery is as good as it gets.

The video section features 18 clips in both PC and MAC versions. The PC clips are .asx files, and require you to enter your user ID and password twice before you can view the movie. The MAC clips are just plain ol' .avi files, and will download without you having to enter any info. Both file types downloaded with reasonable speed.

The quality of video is atrocious. Don't even think of full-screening these suckers. These would've been OK as previews, but I can't believe that they made it to the member's page.


The Webcam section offers you access to two bonus sites, and, in addition to Rebekah's shows. You can also order private “1-2-1 shows” where you can make performance requests for an additional fee of $35. It was unclear to me as to where I could access Rebekah's regular shows, and in the end I was not able to find them at all. I guess you have to email her to find out where she hides 'em. [Time and date of webcam shows have now been added to the frontpage. /Editor 2005-02-11] The other two bonus sites are your standard webcam fare, with small streaming videos of a variety of models. I didn't check them out too thoroughly, but the impression I got was that they were pretty average.

I found it very strange that there was no clear link to Rebekah's material. Wha' happen? Supposedly you have to browse the cam network on your own to find it.

In keeping with the rest of the site, the store doesn't offer much either. You can purchase Rebekah's undergarments or a 45 min video of her and Nikki Noo. I was annoyed that the prices listed were only in Pounds, with no US or other foreign equivalent.

The Personal File (Rebekah's bio) and message board are not even worth mentioning. However to keep the record straight, it contains the expected FAQ as well as some personal info.


The quality control of needs an overhaul. There needs to be more consistency, better presentation, higher quality media, more choice of media formats, and higher standards in general. Thank goodness membership is so cheap! Unless you are a die-hard fan of Personal sites or Rebekah specifically, don't bother looking into this one.

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Total average: 64.7/100 Our score: 50.0/100

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