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Saffys Secrets review

Summary: Saffy's Secrets are worth finding out. She likes to dress up in nylon stockings, body stockings and other exotic lingerie and she is even into bondage. All her secrets are revealed on her site, however the video quality could stand an improvement.

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Melissa, 2006-09-21

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Intro promises

Saffy’s Secrets are going to make you want to pass the word! If you enjoy fetish sites that focus on nylons, bondage, leather, latex and all the things that go with, then you won’t be leaving here anytime soon. Saffy is a lovely woman that’s brought her weaknesses to the web to strengthen the grip on your shaft. She presents herself clad and coy through the images on tour, but within the membership area you’re promised hard-core images and videos. Her legs were made for the sexiness of nylons and much more. They show links on tour that invites you into her biography, diary, guestbook and boutique.

First impression

Ok, I must admit, I enjoy sites like this. Plain hard-core is nice, and it’s fun to write about, but I like a site such as this with a specific theme that can take my mind in different directions. The presentation of pictures and sample movies holds a professional look and I am eager to get into the membership area of Saffy’s Secrets.


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Our opinion

I’m ready for an easily navigated site and this seems to be just what I was hoping for. Opening up the membership area, I find an alluring picture of Saffy, a short message and then the links down one side, what could be more simple. I enjoy webmasters that realize your thoughts are elsewhere when logging onto a site, and if I were to put myself into the shoes of a horny man, this area really is where I’d want to be, especially when a bit of fetish is exactly what it’s going to take. You have two choices when the image section opens, you can either venture into the nylon galleries or the fetish galleries, we’ll check out both.

This gorgeous girl really does enjoy the extreme, and you will reap the rewards of what she goes through. The nylon gallery could easily have been placed under the heading of fetish in my opinion, because what she’s giving you here is extremely hot. In scrolling through the 49 galleries to this section my eyes immediately fell upon a folder where nylon encasement and bondage is the topic. Opening up you’ll find Saffy sliding herself into a body type of stocking, just sheer enough to still expose her lust filled eyes, full lips and soft, brown nipples. A nude color shade of stretch covers her entire body with the only contrast being the coal black ties that keep her bound tightly to herself. My enlargement brought this bound babe in at 909x680 pixels. The fetish area had a few less choices, just 16 galleries, but they show how lovely this lady looks all tied up and ready for whatever is bestowed upon her. My choice in this section shows Saffy not only bound for glory, but also suspended. Apparently she’s been a very bad girl and this treatment is showing her the errors of her ways.

The video section opens up with the message letting you know that all the clips shown here are of real life punishments and experiences, giving you a close-up look into her private scenes and games that Saffy likes to play. After scouring through the clip choices the one that looked the best to me was a bright red body stocking scene that was as hot as I imagined it would be. The MPEG’s on this site automatically open in Windows Media Player, which played nicely, although the picture was a bit small. I was able to retrieve a bit of technical information for you. These clips all seem to come it at the same run time of a bit over 4 minutes, with a video size of 352x288. The clarity was nice, but enlarging to a full screen display didn’t make it any easier on the eyes. I would strongly recommend that Saffy does something to improve the video quality. All the right areas are left open however in this red body stocking that Saffy is wearing, and she shows you how much she enjoys masturbating in it, while standing on the staircase. You must check out the kick-ass heels she’s wearing through this play, they’re awesome. Not everything in the movie section is solo action, there are a few plays of Saffy and friends, all female friends, and they come with the right equipment for making a lot of good watching. Saffy is submissive, there’s no doubt about it and these ladies that join in keep her in line.

In Saffy’s Diary section, there were only a handful of entries, and none of those were more recent than last year, so she must not be doing much these days that she wants to share with her adoring fans. The guestbook area would be enough to give her a big head... the entries you’ll find here are laid out similar to a forum page, and it’s a massive amount of bragging and boasting about Saffy and her wonderful site, she definitely has some fans. Her “Links” area will take you into banners that can be exchanged for the sake of promotion. Before leaving this site, check out the “Boutique” link, here you’ll find some fun vibrators that will keep you humming while they’re buzzing.


I really enjoyed to learn Saffy's Secrets, it’s not exactly what I would call strictly hard-core, but then again it could be. Saffy obviously enjoys feeling sexy in her various types of body stockings and nylons. The ladies that accompany her on some of the clips have very nicely sized strap-ons that give that girl/boy action without the boy. It’s fetish all the way here and I had a good time admiring her in nylons, body-stockings and heels that would make any submissive male drop to his knees and start licking.


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