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Sammy4U review

Summary: Sammy 4U is a personal/amateur site with fetish material. You'll receives exclusive hard-core images, downloadable hard-core videos, 24/7 cam and daily updates.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Uli, 2003-11-08

Personal-Amateur, Amateur, Boobs, Lesbian, Fetish, Blowjob, Hardcore, Butts, Sologirls


Intro promises

- Sticky facials
- Big titty fucking
- Girl/girl action
- Double penetration
- Swinging couples
- Hot group sex
- Anal sex galore

In Sammy's own words:
"Welcome to my sex filled site. I am a very bi-sexual, petite, blonde. I have big perky tits and I'd love for you to come over and play with them." "I am very bi-sexual true exhibitionist swinger". "I enjoy group sex, fucking girls and guys, anal sex, sucking cock, facials, eating pussy and showing you!" "I have over 50,000 pictures and over 300 movies in my members area and I am always adding more." "You will not have any reason to ever go anywhere else to get your rocks off. I have everything right here waiting for you to come and enjoy it. Live cams, chats, hardcore video feeds, voyeur cams, e-zines, games, the news, pictures, movies." Well, Sammy, that sounds like bloody lot and is crying for a review!

First impression

Ouch, it's a little bit difficult to get an overview here! The small inconspicuous bar just on the top of the site is the main orientation bar and will lead you to Sammy's main content. Yes, there are nearly 200 picture series of Sammy, big lots of Videos, several cam systems. And there just down the main site, there are some links leading to even more stuff. Seeing this the very first time, you will not be able to estimate what and how much this site offers in detail, but one thing you will recognize very fast: That it's a real hardcore site.


30 days $19,99
90 days $45,00
Billing agent is IBill

Our opinion

Well, reading the intro promises there was one fact about the site not being outlined: Sammy is an amateur and this is a true amateur site - not one of these fake sites collecting badly photographed pictures of second-class looking ladies and pretending that's "amateur". The description of Sammy given above is true, she's indeed a great looking hottie! She does literally all variations of sex (and you'll be able to see it on her site!) from softcore nudies to most common variations of hardcore: lesbian, straight, gang-bangs, cum-shots, anal, fetishes like peeing and much more. She has a big lot of amateur friends (seems to me she is well known in the swinging community) appearing together with her in many shoots. Picture quality especially in the newer shoots ranges from good to very good, normal size of the pics is 800x600, some even being bigger. The older pics are a little less quality - which is typical for sites with a long uptime and regular updates though. Most pics are typical amateur pics - no classy shoots like Suze Randall's or those of Leroy (Leroy the cyberpimp) - except the ones Sammy has done with Leroy - but straight nice pics anyway. I'm going to certify that this stuff indeed shows it all!

The videos are state-of-the-art digital cam-type. They are really big sized (20 MB is nothing special). There are a damn lot of them and their quality is acceptable. Expect playing times of 10 minutes and more. You'll need a lot of disk space and a fast line to download them! Like many of the pics there's lots of hardcore action.

When you check her intro promises, she talked about a lot more of content. Well, that's indeed true and it takes some time to review all the bonus stuff. At first there are the cams. Sammy is a member of homegrown-cams, Sex Cam Central and Amateur Cams, means you can see her shows and all other shows of girls in the community. Furthermore she offers admission to the cam systems "Georgia Vision" and "Kristina's World". Finally she's a member of House Camz, meaning: her house is wired with some cams you can watch all the time. These systems also give you admission to more girls.

When I looked around on her site, I discovered this site is more like a portal than one of that typical sites presenting just one girl: The site offers you admission to three more remarkable amateur sites:, and They are medium to big-sized sites with a lot of content and could be reviewed just on their own. The Cindy-site seems to contacin more than the typical picture collection many amateur sites have.

After all, I can confirm the intro promises not only in quality but also in quantity: This site gives you a very big load of sex stuff, thousands of pics (Sammy's pics alone are more than 13,000!), lots of movies, cams and so one. Be prepared to subscribe for a longer membership than just one month for downloading that stuff - btw, downloading works well and without hazzle.

As you might have noticed I found the design and the navigation of the site not that good - I had some trouble getting an overview. Imho it should be redesigned more towards the "portal"-type, perhaps getting a more chic design. Anyway, moving on the site never was a problem. What I liked was that little detail on Sammy's picture sites: If she has sex with some of her (female) friends, the site always gives you the friend's URL if available. That's nice!


A big amateur site with good content either in quality and quantity! If you are into hardcore amateur sites with good amateur stuff, I don't hesitate to recommend this site. Sammy4u is also the ideal place to start if you want to surf amateur sites: It is good on its own, and there are also a lot of links to other amateur sites. Regarding both Sammy's own and all the other content the site offers, it even gives you an excellent price/content ratio!

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