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Abby Winters review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: Abby Winters is one of the leading amateur sites on the net. You will find close to 1,000 Australian amateur girls looking like they do every day. No fancy make up or glamour dresses here. Awesome site - highly recommended!

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Score 95.0 /100
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Tracy, 2005-06-25

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Mega-Sites, Lesbian


Intro promises

"Original amateur Australian girls. Our models are generally aged between 18 and 23, and most have never done this before so you'll not see many of them on other sites. We find our models in all sorts of places, but we don't go to stripper agencies - in fact, we don't use agencies at all. We shoot normal girls you see every day. No skanks allowed.

Our Models are Young and Natural, Healthy and Happy. We don't photograph drug addicts, prostitutes or "exotic dancers". Our girls are real, healthy, happy, and having fun. We don't encourage body modifications, and there's no silicone on the site. Many of our models even still have their pubic hair!

We shoot some of the most passionate girl-girl scenes you'll see anywhere. These gals are not posing each shot for the camera, they are having sex that will blow you away - including real orgasms. Pictures and video in abbywinters:gold.

Updates? Yup, seven days a week. Set your watch by them. That's new stuff that we shoot, not the same content you can see on dozens of other sites."

First impression

With the name Abby Winters, I had first expected to come across an individual model site, and was more than just a little impressed to find 607 different models. Immediately you can tell that the photos are going to be high quality and that there is a ton of content to explore. The question for me is whether or not the site contains a lot of lame soft-core lesbian material or some really hot girl-girl sex.


Credit Card Memberships:

1-month regular (recurring): $17.60
1-month regular (non-recurring): $25.20
1 month gold (recurring): $30.00
3 months gold (recurring): $45.50
6 months gold (non-recurring): $85.00
12 months gold (non-recurring: $150.00

Cash Memberships:
3 months gold: $55.00
6 months gold: $95.00
12 months gold: $160.00

All memberships are processed via credit card (VISA or MasterCard) in US funds through GMBill. Cash transactions are in US funds ONLY and through snail mail.

Regular membership includes seven updates per week, 3-4 new models per week and access to message boards and wallpaper etc.

Gold membership includes regular benefits plus 2 gold updates per week, and access to 5 different sections.

Our opinion

Welcome to Oz! Whether blonde, brunette, or redhead, thin, average, slightly plump, black, Asian or white, most of these girls are good looking. Of course, there will always be a couple that don't hold any interest, but you definitely won't have trouble finding babes. All of them are amateurs with natural bodies and diverse shapes and they all get nude! Better yet, some of them lick pussy, and a few even spread their thighs for a bit of cock!

Abby Winters contains a hell of a lot of content, but the site design makes it easy to navigate. At the top of the page you can click on the main gallery, which lists individual models, or the gold gallery that takes you directly into a new menu of 6 choices including 'girl-girl, redux, deviations, mezzanine, backstage and dressing room'. Below this are 4 tabs with drop down menus and clearly defined options linking you to Abby Winters exclusive photo and video content and extra bonus material like the discussion board, links, and a site map. There are no bonus sites offered with your membership, but hell, there is so much here that it would be impossible, especially since they update daily, to get through everything!

The initial member page is filled with new content. The left column focuses on this week and next week's updates, which is cool if you are the kind of guy who likes to know what's up in advance. The center page lists all the girls added over the last 14 days. Along with a thumbnail photo of each girl, there is a lot of text. At first it seems like too much reading for a porn site, but it's well balanced on the page, gives a bit of info about the featured girl, and news about what was added on that particular day. Lastly, the right column presents teaser photos of the upcoming Abby Winters models.

Each girl has at least 12 picture sets containing approximately 60300+ photos. You can download images individually as 980x1470 JPEGs, or as 970MB zip files. The photos are quite huge, so you may want to download your choice pictures in order to see the full image, but I definitely don't have any complaints. The images are crisp and creative, and whether using the natural or indoor lighting, they are definitely good shots.

All the girls appear to have photos, but not all have videos. As I mentioned, there are a number of galleries, and the videos seem to be located in the 'main, girl-girl, redux and deviations' sections. 'Mezzanine, backstage and dressing room' all appear to be photo areas. The girls have at least one or more 2040 minute videos that are separated into 48, five minute, 352x288 sized clips that stream through Windows Media Player or download as MPEGs. The movies have crisp images, and there is a good variety between long shots and close-ups. The downside is that unless you have DSL or cable, you will not be able to stream the movies, and download times will be painful for dial-up users.

Nonetheless, the action is sizzling and passionate. Since this is an amateur site you definitely won't be watching overdramatic fake orgasms, and if you are into totally erotic movies with all natural sounds and movements, then you will definitely love up most of these clips.

I watched Susie and Melissa as they went down on each other. The images were so clear that you could practically see shivers up Susie's arms as Melissa twirled her tongue around Susie's nipples, and the sound is so crisp that you can taste every lap of pussy. A major turn on! Yet, there is more than girl on girl and masturbation on Abby Winters. If you lean toward fetish, then you will definitely get off on peeing videos, and if you like the great outdoors then you're in luck since a lot of sets are shot in the wild.

You certainly won't ever run out of content, but just in case you want something a bit different, there is a discussion board where you can talk to models, air your views about the site, or just post whatever happens to be on your mind at the time.


Abby Winters has two memberships, the regular and the gold, so if you get the regular membership, expect limited accessibility to the site. The gold membership is well worth the buck, though. While I personally prefer sexy, slutty girls, these chicks are good-looking babes that you might see out and about in the everyday world. What's great about the site is the naturalness. It focuses on the beauty of girls, their form and their passion, and many of the couples on the site are real life couples, which definitely enhances the overall eroticism. With over 100,000 photos, 1,054 video clips, as well as exceptional photo and video quality, you will be hard pressed to find another exclusive amateur site as amazing as Abby Winters.


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