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Abby Winters review

- 4th revisit

Summary: Abby Winters is one of the leading amateur sites on the net. You will find close to 1,000 Australian amateur girls looking like they do every day. No fancy make up or glamour dresses here. Awesome site - highly recommended!

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Score 95.0 /100
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J., 2006-09-25

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Mega-Sites, Lesbian


Intro promises

- All natural girls
- 1700 images, 2 hours of video added each week
- Wide variety of content
- No ads or popups

First impression

I've been hearing about Abby Winters for years (it started in 2000) and I've always wondered what Abby has to offer the internet porn world. From the looks of this Australia-based intro page and tour, they've got some good looking content of some legitimate girl next door types. I can dig on that, so let's head on in (or, rather, down under) and check out what Oz is up to.


Credit card

One month (non-recurring): $17.60
One month (recurring): $25.20

One month Gold (recurring): $30.00
Three months Gold (recurring): $45.50
Six months Gold (non-recurring): $85.00
Twelve months Gold (non-recurring): $150.00

Our opinion

The main member's area is a virtual cornucopia of information. All on one page, you get the following: The past couple weeks of blog entries discussing the updates on a day-by-day basis, a small calender showing this and next week's update schedule, links to the latest forum topics, the 10 most popular links, the 10 newest links, 10 random links, a video montage of upcoming video updates, and several more little things (including an ad for SimonScans which, according to the tour, shouldn't be there). It's a little overwhelming at first, but after a shot while, the important bits become more obvious.

What isn't quite as obvious to me, though, is how exactly to navigate the site. There are quick links to three galleries (main, gold, and video). Simple enough- after you figure out that the gold gallery is only accessible if you have the gold membership which, while self-evident, is still quite annoying. The fact that this link exists to those without a gold level membership is evidence of somewhat sub-par coding. There are some drop down menus up top that have lots and lots of links in them as well- including a link to join... even if you're already signed in. So, the bottom line is that the information on this page could certainly be managed more efficiently. But if you're looking for naked chicks, chances are you'll find a way to do so.

[Added 01/2007: There is now an excellent "newbie guide" that explains how to navigate the site and what the different sections contain.]

One way to do this is to hop right into the main gallery. This is a page listing the 24 latest updates to this gallery complete with a thumbnail of each set, set information, and model information. Very efficient imformation divulgence here! Clicking on a thumb brings up a listing of all that model's sets (which is both helpful and a little confusing... I'd prefer going straight to the set) complete with links to download each image set in .zip format without even having to go into the set's page! Each model's page also has a listing of all the site lists on which one or more of her images or videos appears. Lists are a nice little feature on the site that I'll get into a bit later. Clicking on the set's name opens the set's page which shows 25 thumbnails, each with a checkbox so you can add only the images you like from a set to a customized .zip file. This is easily the coolest feature I've seen on a site in ages... maybe the most innovative thing I've EVER seen on a site. Big thumbs up for that.

Anyway, the images are, in a word, fantastic. Very professional quality and content-wise without feeling stuffy, staged or pretentious. The bulk of the models fit the white girl next door standards- all natural, pretty but not so hot that you don't believe they exist in real life. The standard resolution of the images is an impressive 980x1470, but many newer sets have an optional "extra large" image option in whicih the images balloon up to 2340x3500 (that's 8 megapixels, for those amateur photographers out there). The images themselves load quickly, but I found the thumbnail pages to load quite slowly on my system. Obviously, the speed of the site is usbject to many variables, so I don't intend on weighing that too heavily against them. The image sets are seperated into sub-categories as well, though I'd have to read through one of the several lengthly FAQs to figure out what the hell "Mezzanine" means in terms of what kind of naked chicks I expect to find there. Apparently, there's only one section you can view without a Gold membership... kinda makes me wonder why they even offer anything else. The bottom line here, though, is that the pictures look great. The bulk of them (at least 75%) are solo girls, with the remainder being girl/girl.

Checking out the video sections, I'm expecting to see the same thumbnail format as with the photos. And, essentially, that's what I get- each video set gets its own block with a thumbnail for each clip of the video though, for some reason, girls who don't have any video sets are represented here with a whole block meant for the video thumbnails and, instead... it's just a big blank block. Navigational aberrations aside, this is pretty intuitively set up- from here you can browse through every video set and clip available on the site... and there are lots of them. Again, most fall in the solo girl realm (lots of plain nudity, lots of dildoes) with the rest going to girl/girl stuff and a small handful of girl/boy stuff.

One major technical complaint I have about the production quality of the videos is that, while it's nice that there are usually two cameras, only one of those cameras seems to have quality audio. It appears that they connect one camera to a boom and have just the on-camera mic on the other one. That's all fine and good, but instead of just cutting out all the shitty mic audio, they keep it in sync with that camera. That means every time it cuts to that camera you hear the audio shift. My advice to these guys (and, believe it or not, I do have a film production degree) is to use the quality audio throughout the video- never use that shitty sound from the dynamic on-camera mic. Not only is the audio subpar, but the switching from one quality to the other draws some serious attention to your cuts which is both poor technique and very distracting even for the casual viewer. There are also some of your basic, run-of-the-mill amateur-looking jumpcuts that achieve the same distracting effect as the aforementioned audio gaffes. These don't look like professional porn and that's part of the charm of this site in general. A few little tweaks in the methods could produce some truly stunning-looking amateur porn... as it stands, however, these are above average.

The WMVs look very nice at 640x480 resolution with over a 1MB bitrate. Even blown up to full screen or on a television, they hold up nicely. My one main problem with the WMVs is that some of them are the annoying type that don't let you fast forward or skip around at all. The MPGs look nice, but are smaller at 352x288 so there's definitely more pixelization when you try to blow them up a bit. Overall, the videos are of a very good quality. The file sizes on these clips are huge, by the way... not for the light of bandwidth. A more compressed option would be nice or, even better, a way to download the entire scene as one clip instead of the several 5-10 minute ones.

Apart from the main content here, there are lots of other areas to explore.
There's a DVD store, a forum, and a whole bunch of lists made by staff and other users just like you. With the lists, you can add your favorite pictures and videos and share them with the rest of the site. Pretty interesting feature! How else would you have the opportunity to easily browse a certain kind of pictures - for example "Topless in jeans", "Cute feet with bare girls", "I Love Girls With Pubic Hair ", "Booty beauties" or even "Women Who'd Never Date Me". Almost every possible scenario is covered with these lists, so if you love a particular pose or setting, chances are you will find a list of just that. Otherwise you can go hunting and make the list yourself.


If you're looking for some quality amateur girls, Abby Winters is easily one of the most real, down to earth sites I've seen. Sure, the variety is a little lacking, but the quality and the quantity is there so I forgive them their few shortcomings. The site is updated often and you're bound to get your money's worth from this one. Keep up the good work!


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