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ATK Exotics review

- 1st revisit

Summary: ATK Exotics delivers an awesome site with focus on black, latina, Asian and Indian girls. Lots of models and new updates in great looking pics and vids. A definite must-see if you are into exotic girls.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J., 2003-08-10

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Latina, Ebony, Asian, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

More than 800 "exotic" models in over 250,000 pictures, 500 hard & soft videos (50+ added each month). I think exotic means "maybe doesn't look 100% white European," but I may be wrong about that, since I'm not seeing too much exoticism in some of the sample girls. Oh well. Hot is hot.

First impression

Simple, understated entrance page. That's way better than flashy, in my opinion. The main page of the site is layed out in as basic as possible of a pattern, with large button links to the main sections of the site, such as updates, photo gallery, soft and hardcore movies, a search engine and the model directory. Plus some pictured links at the bottom for features on the ATK family sites ATK Galleria, ATK Archives and ATK Natural & Hairy. Let's get to it!


Credit Card, Electronic Check(both provided by
CCBillor Paycom), or snail mail (Money Order):

1 month: $29.99
2 month: $49.99
3 month: $64.99

Pay By Phone (1-900 number)

1 month: $35.00

Our opinion

Okay, so I click on the photo galleries link and I'm asked to choose a category from either the softcore or hardcore section. Once you choose a category, the simplicity of the navigation kind of becomes a problem instead of an asset. The categories are subdivided only by update. So, if you click "Girl-Girl," you choose a volume number based only on the list of models included in the update. Now, I haven't scanned the model directory yet, so who knows who I'm interested in.
Some descriptions right off the bat would be extremely helpful in narrowing down which sets one wants to look at.

The images themselves receive no complaints from me. To be fair, they are all a bit staged and I personally prefer more documentary-style shots, where the photographer simply captures the action as it's happening instead of posing. "Less acting, more action," that's my motto! Well, it will be from now on, anyway. But the pictures are all lighted with at least some thought to aesthetics, except in some cases where a flashlight was used to produce an odd "we're on a camping trip in a hotel room" feel... very avant garde), the sets are beds (and you can't really go wrong there, as long as you use different sheets, which they do), and the girls are all gorgeous in their own "exotic" way. There's easily a girl for everyone here - Asians, Latinas, African-Americans (and African-nonAmericans, I'm sure...), Mediterraneans, Island Girls, and something they call "Dime Pieces" which is a total mystery to me. First person to tell me what "Dime Pieces" means gets an actual US dime piece from me. (Note: Dime piece offer not valid within the author's lifetime). Technically, the picture quality is relatively standard... nothing special here. Some pixelization and softness occur at large screen sizes, but it's pretty forgiveable. They're not magazine quality, but they are certainly not sub-standard pictures here. The only real complaint I have about the picture sets is that many of the "Hardcore" series either don't get very hardcore. In fact, in all the sets I viewed, I saw few money shots. I mean, I'm not a money shot fanatic, but they are pretty standard scene enders and I feel a little empty after not seeing one in the end. (Please believe me when I say that was not a pun).

The videos are, in many cases, just digital video tapings of photo shoots, which is undeniably frustrating. Especially since all we hear is the photographer telling the girls what to do. Not very sexy in my opinion, but you get to see the girls either enjoy themselves or hate every minute of it, so it's good in a documentary sense.
Quality is variable, since they have apparently changed formats several times over their lifespan. The older movies are .ram real videos, which are of appropriate quality and size for that format (which is a good thing) and the newer videos are Windows Media Player which absolutely refuse to open in my current Internet Explorer window, despite the fact that everything is completely up to date. Luckily, they're all downloadable (big thumbs up from me on that), so I can download and view at my leisure. Again, if you're looking for dirty hardcore porn, these probably aren't your type of videos. But more than half of the models have at least one video set, so you can most likely check out your favorite in action.

Whenever I see a "search engine" link on an adult site, I get both excited and nervous. Excited because a good search engine is absolutely invaluable on a large adult site. And nervous because they're just plain never any good. ATK's search engine here is passable... a strange list of variable fields (they include "socks? yes or no?") is a good start to a good idea, but needs a bit more fleshing out.
Also, there is the "ATK Lounge" which is a kind of neat little news and info page that is surprisingly not all about porn. That's a welcome idea, in my opinion, since most porn sites simply assume you're there because all you ever do is look at porn. I kind of dig this little lounge. On top of that is a little mail order video store where you can buy all sorts of movies on VHS and DVD. Pretty standard
store, but it's made impressive by the fact that it's just another feature on the site. The model directory is flawed only in that the models can only be found alphabetically- the first page is just a
list of the letters of the alphabet. Where to start?! I guess that's part of the fun though.

Most importantly in the "extra features" category is the fact that subscriptions to ATK Galleria (which received a 9.5 rating in its review), ATK Archives, and ATK Natural & Hairy are included in the ATK Exotics subscription. All of the sites are similarly navigable and the former two are actually larger than ATK Exotics. Pretty impressive amount of material here, all told.


ATK Exotics is a completely solid site. I have some slight problems with the navigation, but other than that, there's not much more to ask for. Sure, some more hardcore video would be nice, but if you're here for the exotic women, you'll find them. I was fully expecting complete access to all 4 of ATK's listed sites and was disappointed to find that each site is seperate. If all these sites came together for Exotics' current price, I would give a very solid 9.5 on amount of content for the price. As it stands, ATK Exotics is still growing, and the regular updates and overall quality of the upkeep makes me believe that what's on ATK Exotics right now is just a beginning. And, you're going to join a porn site at the pretty standard high-end price it's all offered at, you might as well join one that appears to be on the way up and not the way out.

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