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ATK Exotics review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: ATK Exotics delivers an awesome site with focus on black, latina, Asian and Indian girls. Lots of models and new updates in great looking pics and vids. A definite must-see if you are into exotic girls.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2005-02-23

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Latina, Ebony, Asian, Movies, Videos


Intro promises


Within each [of 20 different sections] we have included a variety of models and categories so that most tastes are well represented. So whether you like Black, Latina, Indian, Asian or other exotic women, big booties, hairy pussies, waif-types with small breasts and puffy nipples, or naturally large-breasted young ladies, solo action, group action, cum-shots etc. you will find plenty to keep your attention.

We use only the best equipment - 4 servers - two Sun Ultra 170's each with 512MB RAM and two Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000's, each with twin CPU's and 512 MB RAM. For bandwidth we have a dedicated T3 line.

~ ~ PLUS ~ ~
Our most popular girls
1 to 3 minutes in length
All clips have sound
Big 320x240 screen size Fully downloadable NEW clips added monthly
PC and Mac compatible


First impression

It's been a little while since I've looked at an ATK site, but I remember being mildly impressed. Most likely this will be more of the same, except pure exotic (read non-white). There should be tons of content within this minimalist design.


Via credit card
$29.99 for 30 days, recurring every 30 days
$49.99 for 60 days, recurring every 60 days
$64.99 for 90 days, recurring every 90 days

Sign ups also available by online check, on your phone bill, or by mail.

Our opinion

Talk about one-stop shopping. As soon as you start browsing the site, the sheer amount of content can be overwhelming. When these people say exotic, you won't just find black, asian and hispanic. You'll also find Mediterranean, Indian and more. Basically if the tone of their skin isn't obtained from a spray-can, UV bed, or other artificial means, and it ain't blindingly pale, you can find them here.

The latest updates section gives you a hint of what you can find in here. It catalogs the past two weeks worth. They provide seven new sets per day. Not per week, but per day. The sets are arranged by model and by the category they fit into (e.g. Latinas Vol. 109, Alexis). New models are also highlighted for added convenience. It's all very straightforward and simple. This page also features a bar at the top and bottom where you can jump to a gallery or browse the model directory by letter. The other pages don't feature this handy little tool, for some reason.

Speaking of browsing, the good people at ATK have made it easier to find what you may be looking for. For example, the model directory. It's arranged by letter, as I said. Click on it and you'll get a listing of everyone on the site under that letter in alphabetical order. Sometimes there are so many models whose name start with that letter, that it'll cover a few pages. Once you're at this point, there's no longer a navigation bar that allows you to jump from letter to letter, if you wish. Each model gets a headshot thumbnail to make your life less stressful. Each girl's stats are available, and those models with "biographies" are noted as having such, as well. The bios are lacking and don't really offer any real insight into their personality. It's stats and basic faves type of thing. Click on the model, and you'll find her bio, if available, and a listing of every shoot done for the site. Click on a model's picture and you'll find a listing of every photo and video shoot on the site of her. They provide a representative thumbnail picture, which helps a lot. This page also tells you what category (and number) it comes from and how many images you can expect to see. It makes it a lot easier to quickly find just the right material for your mood. You can also now rate your favorite models on a scale from 1-5. Right now, there aren't enough votes to make the system helpful, but give it time and it'll be a great addition to the site.

The model directory is a much needed device in a massive site such as this. However, if you really want to get things going even faster, there's the model search engine. Here you select what gets you off. If you prefer the old search engine, there's an option for you, but this one is better. You can search either models or photosets. You can select the subject matter that you're looking for, plus all the models and photographers are listed, so if you have a favorite, it makes it easier. But, most likely you'll want to use it to hit your selling points. Among the on/off and pulldown fields are Age, Hair Color, Build, Breast size, braces, socks, and a couple others. Don't forget to choose a subject (latinas, island girls, blowjobs, toys). Your results will pull up a table of girls in alphabetical order with accompanying headshot thumbnails. Try to stay kind of broad, because if you go inputting stuff into every field, most likely you'll yield no results. It's still a very handy tool for helping to speed up the hand to tool process.

On to the content. The picture and video galleries are divided up into softcore and hardcore categories. There should be a little more subdividing here, because the categories for one don't correlate with the other. Say you like black girls. Well, if you only want to check out black girls, you have to go to the softcore section, because Hardcore isn't divided like that. Hardcore is divided by activity whereas softcore is separated more by race and physical appearance. It probably could be both.

The sets open up in your basic thumbnail table. The images here are just big enough for you to discern what's shown, but not big enough to get a full representation. On the left, you can easily switch over to other categories, go to the model directory or go back to the category main page. Navigation between pages is comprehensive, and you have all the links you'd expect to have such as next, prev, start and end. What brings this to another level is that they also provide links to the model's main page and a link that brings a search result for similar models. How cool is that? Each page worth of pictures can be downloaded in a zip file, or you can download all zips. It would be nice to see the whole set in one file, but at least this eases the transfer to your hard drive.

There are links leading to virtually everything you'd want to link to. Just like individual models, you can rate these sets, too. You can even switch between opening the pictures with plain image links (meaning no in-set navigation) or with image viewer links (so you can quickly move around amongst the images. This latter one is better, because you can also have the option of various sizes. The original size is best and presents the image in crisp quality. The jpegs are surprisingly sharp. The photography varies a lot. Since there are so many photographers working here there's a lot of styles. The date of the picture will also affect the quality. Some of the older sets show their age pretty noticably. They are mostly decent photographs of professional quality presented with clarity.

The video categories are even looser. After you log in again (I hate that), you have the choice between hardcore and softcore. There are tons of volumes with plenty of models taking part. But if you want to find something specific, you'll have to look around a little bit (or use the search engine). If you want to find a complete video series, you'll have to look harder, because the volumes don't mean anything specific. Because they're non-specific groupings of videos, it would be nice to see them put some navigation links here so you can easily go from one volume to the next.

The quality of the videos is like that of the pictures -- rather bland and middle of the road. The earliest content comes in RAM format, so you'll need real player. The later stuff is in mpg. The videos aren't too incredibly long, about two minutes or so on average. The girls give some intro information and interview with the cameraman. The angles and the camerawork is surprisingly good. It shows what you want to see without seeming too obtrusive or too amatuerish. Of course, this does vary from video to video, but for the most part, it's consistently solid. I wish the picture quality better complimented the above average camera.

Lastly, there are links to other ATK sites, customer support, a place to purchase videos, and there's access to the ATK Lounge (after you input your password again) which contains games and articles and contests and such. It's their version of an online magazine.


The content is deeper than you can imagine and of pretty decent quality considering the format, but it'd still be possible to find better quality material on other sites. However, the breadth and depth of the site make up for that overall. The navigation is great and you can smoothly transition yourself to any part of the site from any part of the site with relative ease. The search engine is fast and efficient, if you keep your parameters broad enough. So, if you're into the exotic look, you can't beat this site's variety. If you can't find anything worthwhile with ATK, you won't find it on the internet.


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