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ATK Galleria review

- 1st revisit

Summary: ATK Galleria is an amateur mega-site with a photography/studio feel. With over 800,000 image files, full selection of MPEG's, RAM's, and AVI's in soft-core and hard-core niches.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Goodgravy, 2003-06-27

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Mega-Sites, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

* All models between the ages of 18 and 23 years
* Over 500,000 files on-line in both softcore and hardcore categories
* ORIGINAL and HIGH QUALITY material not found elsewhere on the net
* Over 4,000 pics per week to the collection.
* A full selection of MPEGs, RAM, and AVIs in our movie and sound galleries.

First impression

Shit, it's big. A few years back, "amateur mega-site" may have seemed a contradiction in terms, but ATK clearly heralds the age of big budget amateur web porn. The site isn't cutting edge in design, per se, but it doesn't take long to get a sense of the depth of the photgraphic and video archives awaiting the potential member. If the quality of the free sample pics is any indication, this is a veritable smorgasbord of 18-23 year old soft- and hardcore models.


One month: $29.99
2 months: $49.99
3 months: $64.99

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Our opinion

Navigating around ATK's galleria pages is serious business. The vast sea of photos is nicely split into hardcore and softcore pages, each with around 16 galleries, each subdivided further into content topic subcategories. In the softcore department, it ranges from lingerie, uniforms and "upskirts and panties" to the less clearly defined, "coeds," "babes," and "amateurs." Having peeked around a fair bit, I'm pretty sure these last three terms are interchangeable but, whatever the case, with 10-20 photo sets (of 40-80 high resolution pics each) within each of 18 subcategories multiplied by 16 ( the number of main galleries in softcore), you're looking at a major haul!

If anything, the Hardcore galleries are even larger. There, represented niches include: foot fetish, toys, pregnant, action (guy-girl sex), watersports, experimental coeds (read: amateur lesbianism), masturbation, and blow jobs. If I've overwhelmed you with the scope and size of this site, you're beginning to get a sense for the real strengths of ATK. For an alternative way to browse the site and get a sense of how vast it is, go to the alphabetical model directory. I decided to start randomly with the letter "M," and was fairly impressed to find that I had 179 of them (in thumbnail headshot form) to chose from. Given the diversity of ethnic and regional backgrounds suggested by the diversity of names here, you've got to wonder where all the content's coming from, its really hard to imagine where it's all coming from. To my eyes, they're nearly all fresh faces. Granted, some models appear in only a gallery or two, but others appear in up to 30 different photo shoots.

It'd be foolish to imagine that any given member is going to find everyone--or even the vast majority--of the featured models to his his or her liking. As the self-proclaimed home of the "girl next door," the ATK network of sites features plenty of models that look like, well, just that. There are plenty of young women here that look like glamour models here, surely, but on the whole ATK stays true to the amateur label by featuring a huge range femininity. In any case, finding strong attractions by browsing the model directory is good fun, though higher resolution thumbnails would make finding a model you fancy without abusing your browser's 'back' button a bit easier.

Before moving on to the vids, a final word on the photo galleries: To ATK's great credit, they've offered zipped archives of highly compressed .jpg images for each page of each individual photo shoot. They're squashed down to about a tenth of the size of the very high res. individual pics that, downloaded one at a time, average over 1.5 meg each. For those that have questioned their commitment while queuing long lists of individual photos as well as for those with dial-up connections, this is an invaluable feature.

Right, on to the films. . . Again, it's a case of gross excess. My preliminary cruise through revealed somewhere around 75 movie galleries, each with around 50 short features (~2 mins each @ ~12 meg per). Much of the early content is in Real Audio Media (.ram) format, while the most recent 25 galleries or so employ the divx codec for .mpeg and .avi movie files. There seemed to be some variation in the quality of the more recent content, but generally speaking, even the older .ram files looked quite crisp. Nearly all the films are 2 minute shorts and cover nude modeling and masturbation as well as some pretty straightforward girl-girl and girl-guy scenes. If you care about such trifles as men, you may notice that little time or money is wasted on the Dicks, and that one lucky old(er) devil seems to enjoy most of the pleasures owing to "working" with ATK's young video models. In a nutshell, the sex isn't really terribly well worked out at ATK, keeping the vid. collection safely within the "amateur" category, I suppose.

Again, it's hard to make big generalizations about ATK's content, and, having looked at 10 or more short flics this morning, I'm hard pressed to make sweeping statements about camera angles, the chemistry between models and cameraman, or even the performance quality. At times the banter between the film maker and the model really does remind you of how far from a Hollywood set you are. At other moments, however, the snapping cameras and stage direction in the background insist that you acknowledge "the industry" behind the sex. My biggest complaint with with this otherwise impeccable site, however, is simply the limitation of the 2 minute short film. Unless you're really crafty with your download manager and making video playlists in your media player, you're likely to find the stop/start nature of looking at numerous short films a bit of a tease. Then again, for slower web connections, the short file size is ideal.

As a final note on ATK's offerings: In addition to the big movie galleries, ATK members receive access to a forum and some streaming video content. The free video feeds (licensed from of streaming .wmv I hooked into didn't seem to have resolution/connection speed control, and looked like 56K quality, but what I saw was well better than most streaming and web-cam oriented "bonus links" offered on adult sites. Finally, in the ATK lounge, users can register their opinions on a wide range of topics, check out the latest in sports and comdedy, and read the latest on ATK's featured models.


"The Kingdom," however grand a term for a porn site, is an apt title for such an exhaustive collection. If you've got the time to spend browsing and collecting, the effort and money spent on ATK will surely come back to you in enjoyment and a storehouse of new, high quality content for your collection. The size of the site comes with a bit of a downside in terms of ease of navigation, and you'll likely find yourself going a bit heavy on the back button, but for those with a taste for young and enormously diverse amateur models and outstanding photo quality, ATK is an outstanding resource and value. Highly recommended.


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