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ATK Galleria review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: ATK Galleria is one of the leading sites when it comes to great looking 18-23 year old amateur girls. Thanks to their long online history, the archive is huge and new photos and videos are added daily.

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Score 90.0 /100
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J C, 2005-12-20

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Intro promises

"Welcome to the ATK Galleria, the top rated place online for original & tasteful pictures of beautiful young 18-23 year old amateurs and babes!"

2,000 Beautiful Young Models
1,500,000 Stunning Photographs
7,000 New Images Added Weekly
Over 6,000 Amateur Videos
Hardcore & Softcore Content

"Honesty, Quality, Reliability and Trust. These are the principles we embraced when we created this site back in 1997, and they've continued to be the driving forces behind it's success ever since. Both on the free preview site and in the members area, visitors to The ATK Galleria know they can trust it's name and that we deliver what we promise. You will never find a blind link or misleading advertising anywhere on this site. What you will find is high resolution photographs of amazingly beautiful women..."

First impression

I've reviewed a couple of ATK sites before, and it's always intimdating facing the sheer volume of pornography put in front of your face. But once you calm down and get a handle on it all (pun intended), you find yourself in the midst of a pretty good site.
It looks like the abundance of material is here again, but will the enjoyment remain?


Via credit card
$29.99 for 30 days, recurring every 30 days
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$64.99 for 90 days, recurring every 90 days

Sign ups also available by online check, per minute, on your phone bill, or by mail.

Our opinion

Jumping right in, the main menu has a lot of different sections to choose from. It may be tough to figure out just where to start. But once you realize that half of these are really just links to advertisers and partner sites, it's not as hard. Below all of this you'll find more links to other ATK sites (which require separate payment) and other sponsored links. Enough about that already. Let's get into the good stuff.

First up, the latest updates section. This page gives you a hint of what you can find within the long halls of the website. It catalogs the past three weeks' worth of content, letting you know which sections received the additions and where to find them -- including links. They update six days a week with five picture days and one movie day. The huge new additions are listed by category, hard/softcore and the gallery number it's located in. It's all very straightforward and simple, but I wish they would include a thumbnail or two so that we would know if it's really worth visiting.

I'll get to the content in a minute, but first I want to talk a little about how to find it. Each page contains a navigation bar at the top of the page (sometimes bottom, too), including a model directory to help you find people quicker. To enhance your searching experience, they've highlighted their new changes and describe how to use them in good detail on a separate page.

Let's start with the model directory. I'm not exactly sure why this is a separate section on the site, considering the navigation bar on each page has it (including the model directory page). But anyways, it's arranged by letter, and when you click on one you'll get a listing of everyone on the site whose first name begins with that letter (in alphabetical order). Each model gets a headshot thumbnail to make your quest that much easier. Those models with "extended personal data" are marked with an asterisk.

Click on the model, and you'll find a link to her bio, if available, and a listing of every shoot done for the site, with a too small accompanying thumbnail. If the model has done any movies for the site, there will be a link to another page that will list those. I don't know why they aren't on the same page. It's pretty irritating. The bios are extremely lacking and don't go any farther than to give you the most basic stats that you can figure out by looking at the girl, besides age. The extended ones don't really offer much insight into the personalities either. There's also a link that sends you to a page with similar models. They aren't all that similar to me, so I'm not sure what and how many criteria are used to determine this. Also, you will see a ratings bar below the list of sets that allows you to rank the models on a scale from one to five. You can view the top models here as well (which means who's got the most 5 votes). The best part is you can see their current score and how many people have voted. So far the system hasn't realized its full potential, but give it time. I love the ability for feedback.

The model directory is a much needed device in a massive site such as this. However, if you really want to get things going real quick, there's the search engine. Here you select what gets you off. If you know what the old search engine was like and prefer that to this updated version, there's an option for you... but this new one is better. You can search either models or photosets. You can select the subject matter that you're looking for, plus all the models and photographers are listed, so if you have a favorite, it makes it easier. But, most likely you'll want to use it to hit your favorite traits. Among the on/off fields are bodypiercing, armpits, glasses, puffynipples, etc. Among the variable pulldown fields are age, hair color, tits, race, etc. Try to stay kind of broad, because if you go inputting stuff into every field, most likely you'll yield no results. It's still an improved device with welcomed changes.

On to the content. The picture galleries are divided up into softcore and hardcore categories. The galleries are numbered, but that really means nothing more than how recently it's been added. The only way to know what's in the archive is by clicking on it and browsing for yourself. I'd like to see it arranged so that there are themes to the numbers or a little bit more distinction within the categories. I don't know why they don't have a simple navigation system to help guide you in between these archives. The good thing is that if you don't like the subcategories you find in a general soft/hardcore update, then you can jump to another one via the little pulldown field at the bottom of the page. It's a nice touch, but I'd still rather see more well defined separation.

Once you found a set you like, you'll find it opens up in your basic thumbnail table. Unfortunately, sometimes the table will look weird if there happens to be a mixture of horizontal and vertical pictures on the same row. It's a small complaint, but a complaint nonetheless. The thumbnails here are just big enough for you to get a good understanding of the picture. You can download the whole set as a series of zip files and once again rate the series from 1 to 5. They have a link to download all the zip files for the particular set. That's kind of good, but while you're at it, why not just have one big zip file containing all of the pictures? That's what I thought the link was going to give me. As for the set itself, navigation is fantastic. There are links leading to virtually everything you'd want to link to. You can even switch between opening the pictures with plain image links (meaning no in-set navigation) or with image viewer links (so you can quickly move around amongst the images. This latter one is better, because you can also have the option of various sizes.

The original size is best and presents the large image in crisp quality. The jpegs are surprisingly sharp. The photography varies a lot. Since there are so many photographers working here there's a lot of styles. The date of the picture will also affect the quality. Some of the older sets show their age pretty noticably. They are mostly decent photographs of professional quality presented with clarity. Now, the original size may be best, but sometimes it won't always fit everything you want on the screen at the same time. So, they also offer reduced sizes of 400, 600, & 800 pixels. You can also view the plain image if the navigation is throwing off your groove.

The videos are not categorized. After you log in again (I hate that), you can browse through the wide selection. Each update has around 50-75 video clips. Each girl gets about 4 parts (each running approximately 3 minutes) to do her thing. The thumbnails give a fair representation, but just in case, the caption below it tells you what occurs (aka "solo softcore"). I also like that they tell you the model's name. That allows you to go back to the model directory or search engine and find more stuff of the great girls you find.

The quality of the videos is pretty good, but not great. Obviously the older stuff is worse and suffers from initial video quality issues that exist prior to being transferred to the computer. The newer stuff is on par with what most sites have to offer. Once again there are a lot of different styles, so it depends on who's shooting as to how good or bad it really is. However, most of it is passable and they blow up to fullscreen mode quite well.

And that is essentially the site in a nut shell. You also get links to the customer support section, all those advertisements, and access to the ATK Lounge (after you input your password again) which contains games and articles and contests and such. It's their version of an online magazine.


Well, once again, ATK Galleria does not let me down. There's such a wide selection of girls here, that it's simply mindboggling. There are some problems with organization and I'd like to see some more well defined sections and maybe better site design. But the navigation works very well, especially within the photo sets and it's not hard to find your way through the vast archives of great pornographic material. The price point is actually really good, considering most of the time you'd pay that much for 1/100th of the content. Any of the ATK sites are definitely worth a look.


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