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Explicite Art review

Summary: Explicite Art is a pornstar site with a photography/studio feel featuring a massive amount of images and a fair amount of videos with updates done twice a week.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Christian J, 2002-08-08

Photography / studio, Amateur, Babes, Pornstar, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

More than 4500 photos and 40+ movies of debutants
More than 3300 photos and 25+ hardcore movies
More than 1300 photos from the films “Cyberix” and “French Beauty”, in two formats
All the John B.Root films In full length, streaming.
1800/1200 and 600/400 pixels photos.
Updated twice a week minimum.

First impression

I was hooked right away by the tasteful and elegant interface and the sweet, natural looking teasing babes. It’s very easy to navigate here, but it took me a while to find out that pictures are actually listed under each section together with films.


Credit card:
3 Days trial $8,99
1 Month Recurring $29,95
1 Month Non-recurring $39,95

1 Month $39.99
3 Months $90.00

Payment methods:
Credit card via CCBill
Bill bank account

Our opinion

This is the official site of John B. Root so why not let John introduce himself:
"Hello and welcome on Explicite! My name is John B. Root. I'm a French porn director and photographer. I'm quite well known here because my films are broadcasted by French TV, though very few people know me abroad."

And that is really a shame since he has made some quite interesting things. These things are what this site is all about.

There are basically five main sections.

John B. Root: All about John B. Root such as a biography, news, behind the scenes and other fan stuff.

Les Films: The John B.Root films. All of his TV productions - uncensored! Not seen anywhere else.

Dèbutantes: Girls appearing naked for the first time ever. You get to follow the moments - on video.

Hardcore: The section containing pictures and videos of models having sex. Some are professional models, some are girls who came back after their debut session (see above). All material is of course exclusive. Includes lots of anal action.

Attic: More photos and videos - as said by John B Root himself "Some are too short, some are too old, some show girls that are not... let's say.. classical beauties".

The site is French but you can switch to American on the intro-page. They speak French in the movies. I couldn’t understand most of it but it doesn’t matter, in fact I think it makes it all a bit more exiting.

Explicit, yes indeed. Like the site's name, the girls and the films are explicit. God bless those French girls. He certainly did. You will find mostly young white French girls. Most of them look like porn stars or models, but with a kind of a natural country-girl feel to them, with that blonde hair and cute braids. Nowhere else have I seen such good quality in blazing hot girls, it's simply an outstanding crew of girls in those films.

Most of the films are shot in tasteful surroundings and with a professional's touch. Not much armateur kinky stuff here.
There are great scenes with several girls spoiling one man and some lesbian scenes. The picture quality is very good. Sharp photos, sometimes in two formats.

The movies are all streaming, and the speed is surprisingly good. A nice feature is the full screen option when you right click the movie, and it doesn’t get blurry at all.

I came upon some live videos. It’s not live in the sense that it’s interactive. It's just uncut shooting of porn movies. Interesting in itself to be behind the camera, but it soon became tiresome when I began to skip forward to the action. Fortunately not all the films are like that.

I can't really put my finger on anything here that is bad. The only thing that should be is that the price is a bit high, but since this is a fansite, I guess that isn't the main factor.


This site is for all who already know John B. Root or would like to. The layout is extremely nice and the quality and speed is very good. All material is exclusive and many of the movies are even available in an uncensored version not even shown on TV.
Explicite is also interesting for those who just especially like French-talking young steaming hot white girls with braids and charm...

The price can be discussed. If this was just "any ordinary" pornsite I would think it was too high, because there are a lot of other good cheaper sites to consider. But this is really something different and out of the ordinary. A true experience!
Nothing comes fore free these days, especially not quality like this.

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