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First Time Video Girls review

- 1st revisit

Summary: First Time Video Girls is a photography/studio site featuring amateur babes in hard-core action. Magazine quality images, as well as streaming and downloadable videos.

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Score 95.0 /100
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J., 2005-10-12

Photography / studio, Babes, Amateur, Videos, Movies, Hardcore


Intro promises

- All original photography by top professionals
- Large daily updates
- Real member feedback
- No airbrushing- all natural girls
- 640x480 .WMV videos encoded @ 1000bps

First impression

The first intro pages are well-designed with that soft kind of professional look that's popular among lots of softcore photo sites and I'm anxious to see how that translates to the harder video content on this site. They've got the "cover of a magazine" style going on with the main thumbnail for each of their sets which, I'll admit, gets a bit tiring after a while. But, after scanning a few of the main thumbs on top of the first tour page, I scan down and am blown away by the sheer volume of content that appears to be on this site. Now I'm anxious not only to see what the site has to offer, content-wise, but also how they've managed their extensive collection. If the intro is any indication, I can expect the most important aspect to be intact: consistency. Each of the previews has the same format and information so you're not clicking blindly. Very nice so far.


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One month: $29.95 (recurring)
Five months: $99.00

Our opinion

The members' area greets me with a simple header up top, including links with which to navigate the site. Right off the bat you get the magazine cover-style thumb of the latest update (including a pretty detailed description of the action in the set) and a "recent favorite." Below that is where the fun really begins. Small thumbs for each of the sets, listed reverse chronologically (with dates included), the same descriptions of the action as mentioned above, number of photos and size of video added, and (my personal favorite) a rating of the hardcoreness of the scene (from green to red with lots of shades between). This is a perfect example of how much information can be dealt out in a simple, effective and solid-looking layout. My only minor complaint about this setup is that the thumbs are pretty small and, since the model herself is only a glamor shot that is part of the magazine cover, trying to figure out if a cover girl is your type is a bit difficult.

Clicking on a thumb opens up that set's page where you get a full size view of the cover for the set. Here you can see that the text on the cover corresponds to the name of the videos and photos associated with this "issue." Each issue focuses on one girl and most have at least 2 or 3 video and 2 or 3 photo sets a piece and each issue contains between 100 and 300 photos along with 200-700MB of video. That's a lot of content- especially for a site that updates as regularly as FTV does (every 2-4 days on average). The main issue page (we'll call it the "table of contents") also contains links to the other issues in which that model is involved- a very convenient feature. You can also search through their models by name, though I personally found the chronological manner the most convenient. There are two pages of thumbs for the issues (a "recent" and an "archive") and each contain enough issues that I didn't even want to count them.

There's lots of stuff here- let's leave it at that. I am a little disappointed to see that, usually, one of the video sets is just a video of the photoshoot taking place. In my opinion, that's sometihng of a waste of a set, but if behind the scenes stuff really gets you off then you're in luck. Clicking on a video set opens up a wonderfully descriptive set of thumbs for the video set, complete with the model's own comments on doing the shoot. The videos are split up into 3 or 4 seperate clips, usually, but the layout of the page is good enough to put the thumbnails for each individual clip next to the links for the clips, essentially taking out the guesswork for which clip contains the action you want to see.

The content focuses heavily on solo female stuff, from the demure all the way to crazy fisting and whatnot. There are occasional girl/girl scenes but it's mostly about the models with toys having real orgasms here. Most photo and video sets have comments written by the girls on what it was like shooting the scene and, for once, I think these are legit and not just some dude pretending to be an 18 year old girl. The models range in age from about 18-25 or so with a fair mixture of ethnicities and looks. I wouldn't say I thought these were all literally "first time video" girls, but they're certainly all of a young enough age for that to be a possibility. The production quality of the videos ranges from amateur to semi-professional, usually gonzo-style handheld stuff that can get a little shaky at times. But, apart from the camera clicking and occasional random banter of the photographer and videographer with the girl, these look like someone at least set up a light or two.

The videos are downlaodable or streamable in two different formats: a .WMV and an .AVI DiVX. The WMVs are large (640x480) but show a pretty obvious amount of fuzziness associated with heavy compression (these vids are at a bitrate of about 770kbps- too low to support such a large resolution) and lots of lagging pixels and other digital artifacts. They're certainly viewable, but a smaller resolution would fit this bitrate much more nicely, not to mention give you the option to size it up if the larger screen size is what you're looking for. The AVIs are about half the size resolution-wise (352x256) and look, quite literally, twice as good at their original size. You get that weird kind of sparkliness and grain I usually see with DiVX encoded video, but the detail is usually quite visible even at full screen. All of this with a better time to filesize ratio (about 5MB per minute- this is definitely the format to go with on this size. The clips range in length because they all end at appropriate times. I much prefer this method to the arbitrarily chosen time because this way a clip will never end in the middle of some action you'd prefer to be continuous.

The photos are of equivacable standards (though some reach more towards the professional level) and the decent 700x1050 resolution allow a large, crisp image. The photo set's thumbnails appear all on one page and are of a decent size, so modem-users beware! The pages do load quickly, though, and the photos are a nice complement to the videos at least and, at best, hover just below or at magazine quality.

Bonus features on the site include a store where one can purchase DVDs of the FTV girls- it's hard to tell, but some of the videos on DVD may be exclusive to that format. You also get some previews for a bunch of other unrelated sites which really amount to not much more than glorified ads.


The quality of design, navigation and quality exclusive content on FTV Girls ranks very highly among the many sites I've reviewed. My only complaints with the site are minor (more variety in content and video formats, etc.) and can easily be overlooked. If you're willing to shell out the premium cash for a premium site that focuses on exclusive girls, then you need look no further. This is certainly a site to watch- at this rate it can only get better.


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