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Flashy Babes review

Summary: Flashy Babes contains 24,000+ softcore images of cute and natural babes showing just how great they look without their clothes. The photos look great and are nicely sized. 450+ videos are also available in equally good quality. A good softcore babe site

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-07-11

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

Who doesnít love a girl that will lift her top and show off those perky mounds at the drop of a hat? Well, you are in for plenty of revealing action on Flashy Babes. The tour area opens up to quite a busy little place, but nothing thatís intimidating or making you think youíll never find your way around. They have a rating system that, using chili peppers, covers them from being sweet to being spicy and the links that are shown just in the intro seem to be easy enough. They show off the girls with pride, which is always a nice touch, they respect the good job they do for them. They do let you know that within membership area youíll find 52 babes, 24,000+ photographs and 457 videos as of the time of this review. A professional eye has captured a look that really presents itself with a passion youíll appreciate.

First impression

Pretty girls can be a dime a dozen at times, but the way theyíve laid the ladies out here, itís well over that amount. Bright eyes, warm smiles and a mischievous way of showing off their goods says this is going to be a fun site to dig deeply into. Tour shows nothing but hot bodies and a lot of outdoor shots, so, Iím not expecting to find a lot of shyness here.


30 days $24.99 (recurring)
90 days $58.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check, 900#


Our opinion

Once I opened membership it was like a blast from the past, since the tour page was identical I felt right at home immediately. The links across the top holds the dirty direction of where you want to go first, or you can opt for the most popular babes they show through the center, or the latest update. Iíve decided to venture into the top advertised areas and then go from there, I just want to check out their lovely layout. Oh my, not only are you going to find beauty here that will blow your balls, but there is also beauty in the layout that is going to make you have happy pants for sure. This is one of those sites where you could just hug the webmaster for making it a joy all the way around.

Crystal is a former Flashy Babe of the month and so far her scale is leaning more towards the sweet side than the spicy end, but maybe we can change those numbers a bit. She is tall, lean and definitely built for sharing her nudity, anything this pretty shouldnít be held hidden under layers of cotton or silk, no, she needs the freshness of the air and the dirtiness of your thoughts to really bring her to life. When clicking on her picture weíre taken to all of the material she endows this site with, and of course her most recent picture set is where weíll begin. Amazingly there are only 41 pictures within the series, but most of hers hold approximately 200, some as high as 300. So you can see they donít skimp on the numbers here, especially when the numbers are the measurements of these lovelies... perfection does live on this website. Pictures look beautiful and rich in their 1195x800 size. The single thing I miss though, is an option to download each gallery in a zip file.

The thumbs are laid out with beauty, reminding me of a sheet of negatives that the photographer would take a watchful eye to, in choosing the cream of the crop, but, in this case, they are all cream filled! The lighting is fantastic in all of the shots I went through, not just Crystal's, but all of them. Many of which depended on the natural lighting, which is always the best I think, it gives that sunny glow on all of the right skin parts, and believe me, Crystal definitely has skin parts that will make you stand up and take notice.

Her nipples look nearly translucent at times, just the paleness that makes you want to lick and chew on that pretty area until sheís so damp you have to turn your attention elsewhere. I can see why this set is voted more on the sweet side, you get the flashing of her perky mounds, but not much else, so sheís playing a little coy for you today. Others however are down to the bare nothing at all, or maybe some sexy nylons, etc. and showing you what they can do with just the right toy. Of course Crystal does have other sets available, so donít feel that everything she does is left to sweetness, Iím sure the spicy side of her will come out for sure in other areas.

The theme of the site seems to be softcore babes showing off their natural beauty in grand settings often in the great outdoors. I must emphasize that the action is purely softcore, in fact many sets don't feature complete nudity. So fans of the more explicit posing may want to look elsewhere.

Just as I said, her sauciness radiates in other areas, and since we started with her for the picture write up, I wanted to stay with her for the video viewing, so we could really get to know this girl better. She has numerous choices and none of them would stay at the sweet end of the meter for very long, no, this is like jalapeño happiness here, so be ready for your eyes to water from the heat. In choosing the video to check out, I decided to go with the one labeled, ďNude with guitar,Ē mostly because the advertising shot already shows her with a hand inside her panties, so sheís strumming more than that six-string! They have just thought of everything in the video section of this site, but Iím not surprised, itís all been high quality. You are given some screen shots and then your choice to stream or download the play. The streaming is high speed, while the download you can choose between the smaller version of 18MB, or the big version of 144MB. Download to your computer is also an option they bring to the mix for you.

Oh the perfection they bring these videos to you in is definitely going to make you smile before you shoot. The streaming gives you 9+ minutes of watching how well Crystal can play the guitar... and she never uses her hands! Streaming at 1048Kbps there was virtually no buffering time involved, play started immediately and no worries when it comes to choppiness, starting or stopping during play, it was just a nice, smooth, sexy intimate increment of time. The video size for streaming was 720x528, while the download gives 720x480. The choice is always yours on how to play your videos, but for these, youíll definitely want to download them, you wouldnít want to lose them. Each girl on this site has their own personal lusty side and itís showing up perfectly through the material offered on this site. Itís seduction with a capital S!


With the large amount of content already added to Flashy Babes as of the date of this review, and with weekly updates being done, itís going to continue growing and you wonít want to miss any of the loveliness offered here. The action is purely softcore, so this is not the place to go for explicit action. Navigation was a beautiful breeze and all promises through the tour were more than true. Their standards are high, you can tell and that makes for a membership fee worth spending if you are into cute and natural babes, in this reviewerís opinion.


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