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Girls Out West review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Girls Out West is an Australian photography site, where the webmaster Annie, does most of the shooting herself. The models are all Australian amateurs. Quality is good, and the site is updated regularly with new models and shoots.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2005-11-02

Photography / studio, Amateur, Lesbian, Reality, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

“Girlsoutwest is a fun-filled action packed site with Australia's sexiest amateurs in soft and hardcore action...If you want professional photography with an amateur flair and superior video of spunky amateurs who like to show you everthing then you've found a home here.”

Some of their promises:
- Over 15,000 Original Photos
- Superior Video
- 2 NEW girls every week
- 5 or more updates per week
- Natural Girl Next Door Types
- Gorgeous big hi-resolution images
- Massive pictures sets (100 to 300 pictures each)
- Picture sets & video come ready zipped for quick download
- Personalized customer service
- Web Master & Photographer Miss Annie enjoys personal contact with the members.
- Interactive forums -- chat with Annie and talk to some of the models also.
- We make it easy to cancel your membership and to renew.

First impression

Acres and acres of 100% amateur porn. Girls Out West serves up an enticing and comprehensive preview of a wide variety of Australian girls doing many many naughty things. Lots of high-res samples indicate the kind of quality you will get here is a fair bit above average, and the member's area preview shows you a well organized and extensively categorized site.


1 month US$19.50 per calendar month
3 months US$44.50 per 90 days
6 months US$79.50 per 180 days

1 month US$24.50 for a calendar month
3 months US$59.50 for 90 days
6 months US$84.50 for 180 days
12 months US$144.50 for 12 months

Pay by cash via mail, or credit card.

Our opinion

Logging in takes you to the “Naked News” page, which gives you a description of and links to all the recent updates. There were five updates during the week this review was written, which is great to see. There are also complete archives of the news page, and you can see that frequent updates are a tradition here. At least five a week, every week!

The layout of Girls Out West is clean and un-cluttered, with a soothing purple background... a fine respite from many sites that feature bold obnoxious colors in their design. There is a simple menu bar at the top of the screen that allows you to navigate the site.

Aside from the main content, there is a great forum, an FAQ and links page, testimonials from real members, as well as some personal info about webmaster Annie. The forum actually sees a fair bit of use, and is well moderated and maintained. Annie does a good job of keeping in contact with her members; questions and comments are replied to in a timely matter, and many of the suggestions and requests are implemented on the site.

The content in Girls Out West is divided into three main galleries: Models, Videos, and Categories. The Models gallery comes up with a page of thumbs that has a bit of info about each girl (or girls), and indicates the amount and type of content for each. There is a handy sorting function at the top of the page where you can sort by age, debut date, last update, sign, name, or size. This is a great feature. If you want to check out all the Capricorns first, you can! If you have a thing for 26 year olds, you can find them with a couple of mouse clicks. You also have the option of a good old fashioned keyword search.

Clicking on a model will take you to a page with more information about the shoot, and thumbnail links to each photo set and video (if applicable.) You may view the photos as pages of thumbnails, or download a handy .zip file by clicking on a link. Each picture set indicates the number of pictures in the set, and the size of the .zip download. Videos are presented in the same way, with a thumbnail link to the download, and an indication of the running time and size of the file.

The Video Gallery is a good section to have, as only about 50% of the girls featured on the site do videos - this way, you don't have to search the whole site if you're only interested in the movies. The page is setup in a chart format, organized alphabetically by model. There are links to each video, followed by a brief description, and info about the size and length of the vid. They are all of a high-quality 480x384 MPG format, with no low-band option. Which is fine by me, I don't know why anyone would bother with lower quality movies just to download them a bit faster. The Video Gallery is the most popular section of the site, and there will be even more focus on this section in the future.

The Categories Gallery is my favorite section of Girls Out West. This is where you can get real specific about what you're looking for. There are 11 categories, such as “breasts”, “pubic hair”, “types of chicks”, and “body size”. Within each category are subcategories that really narrow things down. For instance, in the pubic hair category there are four subcategories called “hairy bush”, “neatly trimmed”, “fully shaved”, and “hairy armpits”. This kind of indexing totally streamlines the navigation of Girls Out West, and just goes to show the amount of care and effort put into the design and maintenance of the site.

The content of Girsl Out West focuses on solo and lesbian action, with only a couple of straight up m/f sex scenes. So, if you're looking for hardcore action you won't find much of it here. What you will find is lots of masturbation, toys, veggies, orgasms, peeing, and girl/girl sex. The photography is absolutely beautiful, and the shoots are creative, fun, and as diverse as the selection of girls on the site. The best thing about Girls Out West is how genuine and honest the girls are in their shoots. To quote Annie: “The chicks on Girls Out West remain in control of their image. They decide what adventures to have, what to wear, and how explicit they get. Their body language, facial expressions, mirror their personality so you see 'real' honest girls in these images.” This really comes through in the pictures and video you see. There's nothing better than seeing a girl really getting into sex and having fun doing it. Or watching her have an orgasm and knowing that she actually had one. This stuff is REAL.


Girls Out West conveys a positive and lighthearted atmosphere, but keeps things professional at the same time. The archives are vast, the updates are frequent, and the content looks great. Everything is well organized and easily searchable. Being a fan of amateur porn and professional photography, I'm quite excited to find another site that focuses on “natural girl next door types” without the amateur camera work.

And the price is great!


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Screenshots from Girls Out West

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Total average: 88.6/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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