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Girls Out West review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Girls Out West is an Australian amateur and anti-mainstream site, where everyday girls are shown in solo, girl/girl and occasionally boy/girl action. All the girls are cute and have personality, which Annie, the webmaster tries to let shine through.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2007-05-10

Photography / studio, Amateur, Lesbian, Reality, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Unrestrained Girl/Girl action every week
- Girl/Boy sex with real couples in love
- Aussie spunks getting off with toys, fingers & random objects
- Erotic & explicitly raw 100Mb vids
- Real Orgasms. No fake shit here.
- Massive pic sets (150-300 pics each) with 2 perspectives
- New "Handsfree" Slide Slow Feature with 5 speeds
- Funny Behind the Scenes footage & candid OutTakes movies
- Indepth bios & raunchy interviews takes you into the models world
- Offbeat Sex Stories, Confessional Bloggs, & personal snapshots
- Special Assignments - Orgies, Group Masturbation, Fisting, Squirting
- All in all, a smorgasbord of fresh juicy pussy action

First impression

This is my second review of Girls Out West, and I'm excited to see what's been going on since then! When I first visited this Australia-based site about a year and a half ago, I was very impressed with everything. Even at that time, Girls Out West had an enormous catalogue of goodies, and it seems they haven't slowed down one bit. I think it's safe to assume that I'm going to be equally pleased this time around... if not more so!


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Our opinion

The very essence of anti-mainstream pornography, Girls Out West is still about "everyday girls doing everyday things in everyday locations in an everyday way" (To quote webmaster Annie). It's an honest depiction of girls having some real good, down-to-earth fun. The naughty kind of fun. I love the attitude here! These days, I'm seeing more and more sites that are ditching the porn-star pretense and just telling it like it is. I, for one, am glad to see this sort of thing gain popularity.

Girls Out West still focuses primarily on solo & girl/girl action. Don't for a minute think that this puts a limit on the variety - the fun will happen in every which way you can imagine. I recently had a conversation with some of my female co-workers who were wondering what is considered a "normal" amount of sexual activity. My response was "There is no such thing!" If there's one thing I've learned, it's that everyone is different. Sometimes REALLY different! Because there is such a focus on the "personal touch" at Girls Out West, what you see from one day to another is always unique, and depends on who is involved. The models choose when, where, and how they want to do things, so it makes for quite a variety of situations.

The design of the site has been updated and added to, with a couple of new items in the menu bar for easy access. You can easily browse to a model directory that lists all the girls on the site, or head straight to the videos which are all collected together for quick reference. There are new sections for girl/girl and girl/boy adventures, which is nice because there are not a ton of g/b shoots on the site. This makes it easier to quickly find the co-ed stuff, and makes me think that perhaps the girl/boy section will be expanded in the future.

The Forums are still going strong here at Girls Out West, and this is one of the things that you don't often see in your everyday porn travels. You can talk to the girls that appear on the website, chat with other members and the Girls Out West staff, ask technical questions, and give feedback and opinions about the site. While some folks won't really care about this stuff, I find the whole experience is more engaging when you can have some contact with the members, models, and curators of an adult site. It creates a community of sorts, and adds a touch of reality to everything. It gives you proof that yes, these are actually real people. Plus, sometimes forum users post their own pictures! Fun times indeed. Interestingly enough, you don't even have to be a member of the site to access and participate in the forums.

My favorite one of all is still the Categories section. Here the content on Girls Out West is organized into no less than 47 different groups based on almost anything you can think of - body type, hair colour, amount of hair, age, clothes, type of insertion, breasts - you name it, and it's here. There's even a Freckles category! Awesome! You can quickly find pretty much whatever you're looking for... and even things you didn't know you were looking for.

As to the technical details... all videos are in MPEG format, with only one quality option. Some may lament the lack of smaller, more easily download-able files. Personally I'd rather wait it out for the good stuff so that I can actually see what's going on in the video. Grainy, pixelated vids? No thanks. Besides, here at Girls Out West the file sizes are generally around the 100MB mark, which makes for relatively manageable downloading. Most of the videos have a bit rate around 1000 kbps, and a resolution of approximately 480x384. They look pretty darn good for the most part!

The photos are awesome, very crisp and clear with lots of detailed closeups. They are quite large, with an average size of about 1200x800. You can download them as a ZIP file, view pages of thumbs, or check out a slide show. I like that many of the shoots take place outdoors, with lots of natural light. There's nothing quite so delightful as a beautiful naked girl in the sun! Except for perhaps having sex with a beautiful naked girl in the sun.


Girls Out West is still going strong, and they have made some nice improvements to the design of the site. It is immense, offering an incredible array of high-quality content that is well organized, easy to search, and meticulously categorized, for a price that rivals pretty much any other site out there. The attitude presented is refreshing and honest, and there is a sense of realism that you don't often get with other sites.

The only place where there is room for improvement, in my opinion, is the quality of the video. Let me clarify here: It's not bad by any stretch, and is certainly of a higher quality than you will find many places elsewhere. However, if Girls Out West stepped things up couple of notches with the vids, they would truly be in a league of their own, untouchables in a sea of largely mediocre porn. As it stands, I think that's the only thing holding them back from taking over the world.

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to review Girls Out West a third time! Keep up the good work, you crazy sexy Aussies!


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