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Girls Out West review

Summary: Girls Out West is an Australian photography site, where the webmaster Annie, does most of the shooting herself. The models are all Australian amateurs. Quality is good, and the site is updated regularly with new models and shoots.

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Score 70.0 /100
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J., 2004-05-19

Photography / studio, Amateur, Lesbian, Reality, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Down under amateurs
- Full-length homegrown movies
- Over 5,000 high res photos and movie files
- Original, exclusive content

First impression

A relatively understated (but very clean and professional) opening page looks to me like the site will be pretty easy to navigate, at least. Some nice looking girls up front is always a plus, especially the naked ones. The filmstrip sidebars are a little overdone, but I doubt that will affect your enjoyment.


Credit Card

One month: $19.50 (recurring)
Three months: $44.50 (recurring)
Six months: $79.50 (recurring)

One month: $24.50 (non-recurring)
Three months: $59.50 (non-recurring)
Six months: $84.50 (non-recurring)
Twelve months: $144.50 (non-recurring)

Our opinion

The members area opens with a welcoming message from webmistress Annie X on top and that day's updates right beneath. The nice part about the day's updates is a little description of the shoots underneath- I like a little background. Beneath the current update, you'll find a LOT of recent updates, all with the descriptions. This is extremely handy, but I can very easily imagine getting frustrated at the load time if I had a slow connection. Luckily I don't, so I'll just move on!

The first thing I notice about the updates is that they're usually 2 or 3 times a week, for a total of 6-8 new sets per week on average. This matches perfectly with the "2 new girls a week" they advertised Another interesting note is that the site has only been up and running for about a month and a half at the time of this review. They've got a pretty extensive collection for someone so new.

Luckily, they've got a very simple navigation bar on top of the main page that will take you anywhere from the latest update page (aka: the main page), to the model gallery or the video gallery. One of my pet peeves, though, is seeing a "Join" link up there when I'm already logged in. It doesn't mean much for content, but it's a sign of sloppy coding.

Clicking on a model in the update page brings you to the model's info page, which has links to all of her sets on the site. I prefer this setup to having the link go straight to the picture set- it gives you more information and more content right then and there.

Clicking on a set from there (by name only for photo sets- a thumbnail would have been nice) opens up the set page (in the same window, which will make for lots of "back" pressing) with 16 thumbs per page. The sets are large, usually have 70+ images per set and .zip downloads are made available, which is very nice. Picture size ranges from 50k-130k or thereabouts and are at about a 650x1000 resolution. The resolution is good, but not perfect. I'd only tenatively call it "high res." The image quality is pretty standard fare for amateur stuff- a professional digital camera, most likely, with a lot of the sets being a bedroom with better-than-average (usually natural) lighting. The sets won't blow you away, but they're not going glare at you either- sometimes understated is the best way to go. Content-wise, the site focuses almost entirely on solo stuff and the majority of that is non-hardcore. Lots of wide open poses and whatnot, and a fair share of insertion, but not as much as you might be hoping for. An occasional girl-girl scene or hardcore scene with the cameraman are a nice bit of spice to the mix, but I'd like to see a little more of it, personally.

There are, at this point, only a handful of videos on the site. Luckily, the videos focus on more hardcore solo stuff (just watching a girl walk around naked isn't worth the download time, if you ask me) and some hardcore stuff with the cameraman again. The videos clock in at the 2-5 minute range with a filesize in the 20MB region, which doesn't seem like it would make for the best quality, even in MPG format, but I was pleasantly surprised by the crispness of the video, even at full screen (natural resolution is about 500x375). Watch out for the darker vids, though, as the grain really comes out in the blacks. The audio isn't exactly professional, but the video quality shuts me up about that, for the most part.

Essentially, that's about all Girls Out West has to offer at the moment. 5,000 pictures go by faster than you might think and the video section is just getting underway, really. Some nice bonus material would be great- a supplementary subscription to Holio or some such third party provider would really help the value here until the roster gets a little more filled out- right now, all the models fall into either the "waif" or "curvy Western European" category. I've got love for both of those, of course, but I wouldn't mind seeing a few more options.


The bottom line for me is that this site is not quite ready for $20 a month. Especially since they've got the long-outdated "pay more for non-recurring" thing going on. As it stands, you could download this entire site in a few hours. However, I think Girls Out West has a lot of potential and a VERY strong start.

Give this site some time, and it'll be up there with the best niche amateur sites. And I especially applaud webmistress Annie for sticking to true amateurs and not the same, tired old b-listers you see all over the net these days. I've got a feeling this site is going places.


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