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Hegre Archives review

Summary: Hegre Archives is a soft-core megasite holding amateur content with a photography/studio feel. There are 41,000+ hi-resolution images, and 80+ videos.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Uli, 2004-05-17

Photography / studio, Amateur, Mega-Sites, Softcore


Intro promises

Wow - what a preview! Nearly 100 pics, many of them in three different resolutions - from 400 x 600 pixels up to the extreme resolution of 1400 x 2000 pixel! I don't believe it! To say it in plain words: According to my experience a site that can afford SUCH a free preview with SUCH a picture quality must be absolute top - only good sites have good previews! And the site promises a total content of more than 41,000 pictures and over 80 films! After having seen such a preview, I normally am extremely curious about the content of the member parts of the site.

First impression

Well, the preview doesn't promise too much. This is a giant site with top picture quality. The site contains all the updates from 2002 to 2004 just from its beginning to today in the quality as promised. Beneath that there are reports of Petter Hegre's activity as a photographer in different countries, films showing the photo shootings, admission to an E-Zine, a big collection of I think users' or amateur photos - indeed, this is a mega-site!


$ 29,95/monthly recurring
$ 59,95/3-monthly recurring
$ 99,95/year non recurring

credit-card processor is CC-Bill.

Our opinion

Oh sorry, I didn't introduce the creator of all of this: Petter Hegre. He's a professional and quite well known Norwegian photographer of erothography. He has published several books and won several prices.

Well, there are other big sites with good looking nude ladies on the net. But what imho makes Petter's site unique is the selection of models and the consequent style of all of his shots. His ideal of female beauty are young, slender ladies with pretty, impressive faces, most of them either northern or eastern European types. Just have a look at his wife, favorite model and sometimes co-photographer Luba and you will get the idea. Secondly his shots all do look very natural - no highly styled picture shots of the Suze Randall type or pics with extreme use of softening effects like e.g. in Penthouse. And thirdly nearly his complete site is SOFTCORE with mild, sensual pics. With a very few exceptions do not expect any hardcore pics or even action.

If you gave the preview the recommended try, you will have noticed the amazing quality of all of the content. I simply can underline, that all of Petter's content has this quality - no blurry, spoiled pics - simply anything is top as you only get it from professional work. Especially the top resolution of 1400 x 2000 (get it right - ALL pics from the last two years are available in that resolution) seems smashing to me. If you are not interested in every single pubic hair of the girls, this resolution is not needed for monitor view but only for print. I'm a little bit astonished that something like this is provided on a public internet site because it would enable you to create your own prints - something photographers living from their work normally don't like.

The lots of data on the site already was mentioned. I neither counted the models nor the pictures (sorry, I don't have time until the end of year to do so ;-) ), but the total number of pics the site claims, seems true to me. And that's not all: since the site is updated every day (!) with new pictures or a movie the total number of stuff is growing continuously.

I also liked the other content beneath the pics: e.g. the movies. There are more than 80 of them. Most time they are taped simultaneously to the photo shootings, i.e. they show the master himself working on the pics. Quality is good and length acceptable, but since this is a photographer's site they are not meant to be the main content.

There are lots of travel reports Petter uses to describe his shootings in other contries (damn, this photographer is going to see the world), his experiences with the models and other people in the countries and so on. Normally these are not vacation stories, but work reports.

And the bonus content of the site also was already mentioned: the galleries of amateur photographs containing more than 1700 pics. I sometimes had the impression that Petter shows them to outline his own class, because they are nice, but not many of them are as good as Petter's pics.

I don't want to give further comments on the other content like the E-zines and so one. Simply expect it to be on the same quality level as what was introduced so far.

The navigation is ok and doesn't give you any trouble, but especially with the older shots it's not completely consequent.

There's a last thing I have to mention: Since this is a very big site it's imho not possible to download the whole thing within a short time, although all content is downloadable. Like many other sites Petter bans the use of download tools like spiders. But in difference to those sites which are doing this for reducing data transfer fees, Petter provides Zip-archives of all the newer content (2003 and 2004). I think that's a very good attitude which deserves to get praised!


Well, you already might have guessed it: Since both mass and quality of the content is outstanding I give a big recommendation for this site. With the monthly price of $ 29,95 it's not just a cheap site, but the content definitely is worth the price. There's one last hint I have to give: If you are interested in the site, have a close look at the preview. If you like what you see, you've found a paradise - join it, you won't regret. But if you are expecting more different types of models, more hardcore or kinky action, this is not your site.

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