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Hegre Art review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Photography doesn't get much better than this. Petter Hegre is world famous for his beautiful shoots and models. Extremely high quality content and daily updates. Recommended!

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Score 95.0 /100
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J C, 2006-02-11

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

"Rated #1 Nude Site in the World! Now 66,427 images - 162 films - 163 models

"Hegre-Art is the personal works of award winning photographer Petter Hegre. Hegre-Art is the highest ranked fine art nude photography site in the world. Created to bring superior quality nude photography to the internet, Hegre-Art showcases films and photos of the most beautiful naked girls found anywhere on-line.

Previous Avedon assistant and voted Photographer of the Year at the Erotic Oscars in London, Petter Hegre is acknowledged as a new force and major influence on contemporary nude photography. Petter Hegre has published 5 books of nudes and exhibited internationally."

"As an exclusive member of Hegre-Art you will have access to the highest quality collection of nude photos and films on the internet. Each session is captured by award winning photographer Petter Hegre. Welcome to one of the most sought-after sites on the net! During the last 4 years we have published 66.427 exclusive images and 162 films. Below is just a sampling of over one thousand galleries; and with a new series added everyday you simply cannot go wrong! This is just the beginning of a great adventure."

First impression

Normally websites tend to hype themselves up to a level that makes it impossible for you to believe everything they're claiming. For once, I believe all that's thrown at me. It's easy to see the artistic nature of these shots from the small tour thumbnails. It also seems like there's just a large wealth of material to go through -- not just in the sheer volume of models and picture sets, but in the various sections and extras available. I couldn't imagine this not being good.


By credit card or online check

$29.95 - 1 Month Membership - recurring
$59.95 - 3 Month Membership - recurring
$89.95 - 6 Month Membership - recurring
$150 - 1 Year Membership ($12.5 pr month) - no rebilling

Our opinion

Entering the members section is pretty intimidating. The opening page shows the updates and it tells you what has recently been added and what will be placed on the site in the future. It works as a great jumping point to get to exactly what you need and accurately reflects the depth and breadth of the site. What I like most, though, is the ability to download the new gallery's zip files right from this main page.

Jumping right into the galleries section, you'll find that the most recent stuff is featured on the page, as per usual. On the left, you have access to the entire archives. On the right, you'll see links to other sections (which you can also find on the standardized link bars on the top). The site updates every day and displays the updates in a table format five columns wide. I would like to see bigger thumbnails as it's sometimes tough to see how attractive the girls are without clicking on the image to see a larger version of the "magazine cover." Each update gives you the date posted, a title, which includes the model's name (thankfully), the number of images and the zip file size options. Usually the gallery will offer at least a S/M/L (small, medium, large), but occassionally the Large will be missing or possibly there will be an Extra Large option. The older galleries will have fewer or no options for zip files. Once again I like the option of downloading the zips without having to go through a bunch of pages. But if you're like me and you want a better look at what you're about to download, you'll want to click on the picture to get that large magazine cover image. If you click on a few, they'll all open up in new form fitted windows. I don't like this intermediary step, but if you have to have use that set up, I'm glad they open in separate windows. The problem then is that you have to click again to get into the gallery.

The galleries themselves once again offer the option to download the zip files. I'm a little confused as to why they decided to give them a black background when the rest of the site utilizes white. I also don't know why the link "Back to Cover" exists, when it will really lead you nowhere. You can only navigate between pages by selecting the page number, there is no standard next or previous link. At the bottom of the page, you can rate the gallery from 1 to 10 and/or leave a comment in the box provided. That's all well and good. I love when sites allow for easy access feedback.

But the galleries falter in that when you click on one of the images, it opens it in a new window. Once we've gotten this far, I'd rather just let it take over the page. What makes it worse is that the individual pictures have navigation options, so there's no reason why it shouldn't open in that same window. The pictures give you the same resizing options you get from the main gallery pages. You can easily toggle between the smaller and larger views and it'll stay that way until you change it back. They also let you rate each individual picture. That may be going slightly overboard. AND if you're a huge fan, you can buy a signed print of a particular image by clicking the link to add it to your cart. 8x11 go for $89 and 13x19 are $129 each.

The photo sessions vary quite a bit from one to the next. Some will be shot in beautifully detailed locales with plenty of scenery to fill out the scene. Some will be against a completely black or grayscale background to give the model center stage. Some will look completely pristine and digitally flawless. Some will have a a muggy, grainy quality or a poorly lighted amateur digital camera look. It all depends on the day. I like the variety, but not so much the differences in picture quality of the original image. Luckily, the good far outweigh the bad. The varying sizes are great. Each step nearly doubles the number of pixels used to present the picture. The larger sizes offer the best and most detailed quality and show off the photographer's skills, but you may not be able to fit everything on your screen that you want to see at one time.

The films section offers the most varied selection of formats I've ever seen. For the more recent updates, you can choose between wmv, mov, avi, QT.h264 mov or m4v (I don't have an ipod so I can't comment on that). The older updates will mostly offer wmv and mov options only. Like the gallery section, it shows the most recent updates first with a list on the left. This time, they also include a drop down list of all the video titles. So, if you have a favorite model, you just might be able to find her name pretty easily in this list. The most recent video (and those you select on your own) offer up a couple description paragraphs and some very small unhelpful sample screenshots. Once again you can rate the film from 1 to 10 and leave comments. Luckily, clicking on a video doesn't open up in a new window this time.

The video quality is pretty standard across the board. You'll notice very slight if any variances, since all the file sizes are one or two MBs off from each other It's really just a matter of which format you prefer. The quality you get is pretty good, but not nearly as great as the photo sets. The videos are actually surprisingly short, as well. I'd like to see a little more attention paid to this aspect of the site, even though Petter isn't a professional videographer. Still, in a photography based site, it's nice to see that the moving picture aspect isn't completely neglected. It might even be nice to hear some interviews with girls (which would require subtitles), but the naked dancing and such is pretty good on its own.

Next up is the models section. Here you can see just how many of these girls tickle your fancy. There are a lot to choose from and it would be impossible to pick just one. Currently, there are 11 pages of girls to sort through, but if you don't want to search that much, you can narrow it down through the pull down menus on the left hand side. There you can select a model by name, country or hair color. I'd like to see a couple more stat based options or the ability to narrow it down by multiple variables at once. Clicking on a model will bring up her main page giving you links to all her galleries and a very well written description of the girl encapsulating her spirit and her attributes. It's a good way to find just what you're looking for.

Onto the less typical aspects of the site. The travel reports are extremely in depth and provide great insight into what the life of a popular, intelligent photographer is like. They provide behind the scenes pictures letting you into various aspects of the entire process, from casting to the end of the shoot. The Photo Forum is one of the more intriguing and original aspects available. Here, people post pictures of their nude girlfriends and wives and random girls they find worth posting. This gives a nice contradiction to the professional work of Petter Hegre. Here you can see what true amateur photography looks like and appreciate them both. The site also features a wide selection of e-cards to puruse. Unlike other sites I've seen, these work well and draw inspiration from the photographs for their captions. Well done.

You can also download wallpaper images and small movies for your cellphone. This is a great feature that I haven't seen before on a website. I can only imagine it might become more common now. I couldn't get the preliminary pop-up window to pop-up, but it could have been a temporary problem. If it works, there's a large selection of pictures, 20 second and 90 second movies to download. I don't know if costs anything extra (besides what your phone provider might charge), but I don't believe it does. Not too bad at all.

There's also a seperate section informing you more about the prints you can purchase. Also, the site includes a page for all of Hegre's books available for sale. Each book provides a description, specifications and sample pictures to help you decide if you want to drop the extra money on the coffee table books or not. You'll also find a promotional page for a new magazine called The New Nude. Once again, extra money must be spent to get the full treatment, but it doesn't hurt to browse, right?

The last section contain links to other similar photographers' sites. But the link before that is where you can see how your votes affect things. They'll list the top 20 galleries, models and films on the site. They are updated every hour and completely reset once a week. It's good to see they put so much care into user feedback. This could be a great jumping point to finding some great girls, photosets and movies.


Professional photographers tend to have some of the best sites around. That's because they put extra emphasis on making sure their work is represented in the best quality possible. They also tend to give their audience more. The sites get loaded up with extras and added value and are ripe with frequent updates filled with beautiful women. Hegre-art takes that all to a slightly higher level by doing everything the other guys do, but doing it a little bit better. It may not be a perfect site, but any lover of erotic photography should kick themselves if they pass this one up.


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