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Hegre Art review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Petter Hegre is world famous for his beautiful artistic nude shoots and hot models. Photography simply doesn't get much better than this. Extremely high quality content and daily updates. Recommended!

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Score 95.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-09-16

Photography / studio, Babes, 18-23, Softcore, Amateur, Videos, Movies

artistic nudes, erotica, high definition, high resolution pictures

Intro promises

- Zip downloadable photo sets
- Images up to 6000 pixels
- Quick download speeds
- Multiple video formats: QuickTime, Windows Media, DivX, HDV, PSP, and iPod
- Almost 1,900 sets and almost 113,000 images
- Updated daily with photo galleries
- Updated weekly with a video

First impression

For a site that's been rated the "#1 Nude Art Site in the World" and its impressive tour pages, I'm looking forward to reviewing the Hegre-Art site. The women showcased are certainly very beautiful, and the photos are very erotic and artistic in nature. I do hope the members' area lives up to all the hype on the tour.


$39.95/30 days, recurring
$99.95/180 days, recurring
$150/1 year, non-recurring

Credit cards through CCBill, PaycomEU, Epoch, or Netcash
German Direct Debit available

Our opinion

There are around 113,000 images and almost 300 videos within Hegre Art. With such a huge offering, you'd think navigation might be a bit tricky, but it's not. You'll find the menu links up top: Updates, Galleries, Films, Snapshots, Models, Travels, Chat, News, Photo Forum, E-Cards, Magazine, Poll, Mr. Right, and DVD.

The content within Hegre Art emphasizes the nude female body as art, not porn. There are plenty of beautiful women from around the world within this site, and Hegre shows an incredible gift for finding and photographing such women. He seems to have the uncanny ability to bring out the feminine mystery. While he never solves the riddle of that feminine mystery (and thank goodness for us females), he turns a spotlight on what it is to be an erotic female. He truly has a gift, and I'm glad he shares it with the world.

"Galleries" are displayed with thumbnails to the most recent three months in the center. Along the side is a menu of the archives, categorized by month and year, going all the way back to January, 2002. I notice that there's a photo gallery update every day. The amount of photos in each gallery varies, but I'd say the average is around 50 per set. All images are zip downloadable in various sizes: 1200 pixels (10Mb), 2000 pixels (26Mb), 3000 pixels (57Mb), 4000 pixels (98 Mb), and 6000 pixels (211 Mb). (Excuse me while I say "WOW!") Please note that some of the older photo sets don't come in all those size options. I also see that a lot of the older sets have the 600 pixel size as their lowest option. The quality of the pictures is very good, with definite improvements of quality over the years. I'm not saying that the older photo galleries have poor quality - not at all. They're still good quality, but as technology advances, you'll get much better quality in the newer pictures, as is evidenced in the most recent galleries here.

"Films" takes you to a page where the "Film of the Week" is featured. There's a scintillating description of the video as well as some screenshots of what to expect. Scroll down, and you'll see thumbnails to other videos within that group. By "group," I mean what is referred to as a "Film Index." You'll see along the side links to these groups, such as Film 253-270, 241-252, 229-240, and so on, numbered all the way to the first video uploaded. Videos are offered in Windows (17 Mb), Apple (21 Mb), DivX (22 Mb), and iPod (16 Mb).

Videos open to various sizes, according to their upload date. The videos I viewed in Windows Media opened to a whopping 1280x720 (3.98 Mbps) sized screen. The quality is very good and very erotic. Of the videos I watched, the only sound was background music. The older videos opened to smaller sizes; the ones I watched were in a 400x300 (634 Kbps) sized screen and still had good quality. The videos are generally a few minutes in length.

"Snapshots" are photo galleries of images from behind the scenes. There are about 20 of them, with each set having various amounts of pictures - from around 10 to over 150. These snapshots are informal pictures that record what goes on during a photo shoot. There's a lot of hard work, but some lighthearted moments as well. The images aren't as crystal clear as the regular galleries because they're taken with a lower quality camera; however, they're quite enjoyable. If you're like me, you'll like seeing models in a more informal setting. The pictures open to varying pixel sizes, such as 600, 1200, 2000, and/or 3000. The sets are also zip downloadable.

"Models" is an index featuring the models displayed alphabetically by first name. What will first grab your attention, though, is the model of the week. Below that begins the alphabetical listing of the almost 170 models within, with how much content she has, a mini bio, and links to her erotica. If you're not sure who you're looking for, you can also do a model search, by selecting country and hair color.

"Travels" showcases beautiful models from around the world. It is different from the other content in that it's almost like a photo diary of Hegre's, showing random photos (800 pixels) and and very informal videos (in .mov and .wmv) of his latest discovery. "Chat" is where some of the models, and even Hegre himself, participate in a live chat with members. There are 8 archived chats of this sort, with the last one being November 23rd. (No year is noted). It's a neat feature, and I hope they can get it going again in the near future.

"Photo Forum" is a section where you can upload pictures and videos that you've taken of nude women. If you don't have such photos or video, you can still enjoy the member submitted erotica.


I give high praises to Hegre Art. This is truly an amazing and erotic members' area. Not only is the artistic nude content of high quality, but so is the delivery of it. The updates are regular and navigation is super easy. Additionally, there's plenty to keep you busy here, with archives going back several years. Because of Hegre's talent for highlighting the beauty of females, you'll probably want to look at every single scrap of content within this site because he has the ability to turn any woman into a goddess. Enjoy the female divine within Hegre Art!


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Screenshots from Hegre Art

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