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In The Crack review

- 1st revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: In The Crack - that is exactly where the cameras on this site are placed. You really get to know these girls better than most by watching the very high quality videos and pictures. Only hassle is that you must buy tokens to see the videos.

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Score 90.0 /100
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J C, 2003-04-24

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Intro promises

"See girls peeing, using a speculum, peeing through a speculum, and even having squirting female orgasms. Female masterbation videos are our specialty. We show you lots of wide open vagina views using a speculum and spreading with fingers - the human speculum. We bring you some amazing close up views as you watch female masterbation acts right in front of your face. Stick your face in the crack and watch girls peeing at microscopic distance. Examine girl's vaginas through a speculum and watch them use novelty objects for sextoys. Let us take you on a fabulous journey in the crack."

First impression

The name of the site indicates that these girls would be shoving things in between their cheeks (and I'm not talking mouth, here). I was somewhat surprised to learn the site contains very little anal play. Either way, neither is something I am particulary keen on.

The site looks extremely professional with high-quality original content. I just hope there's something in here that I can enjoy.


One month: $18.95, recurring

Downloadable videos are not included in membership fees and require tokens.
200 tokens: $9.95 US
500 tokens: $23.95 US
1,000 tokens: $45.95 US
2,000 tokens: $89.95 US
5,000 tokens: $199.95 US Available only through mail order.
10,000 tokens: $349.95 US Available only through mail order.
VHS Cassettes $29.95 US through paypal or ibill.

Our opinion

The first thing that caught my eye was the picture quality. They pledge a minimum of 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels high. CVP seems to be a company that is true to their word. The pictures present crisp, crystal clear images of the female form. Every curvature and crevase is presented in full glory. They all look nice. The exposure is set correctly. The focus is there. Depth of field exists. All of these elements equate to fantastic looking digital images that surpass anything most people could take at home themselves.

They have a video captures section for the shoots they conducted without taking stills. The quality of these are obviously lower, because of the generation loss associated with capturing an image off a screen. CVP is the first to admit that these pictures would no longer be on the site were they not still in demand.

A great aspect of this site is the humor and honesty involved. "Unfortunately Maliah has some rather gnarly stretch marks that are front and center at times in this scene but all in all it's a great clip." Funny and true. They go through and maticulously describe every aspect of the videos they sell. The descriptions are thorough, accurate and enjoyable to read. Whoever writes them does not work off a template. Each part is given full attention to detail.

As for the videos themselves. They are of equally high standards. The videos take the same care to perfection as the still photos. The movies are what they should be: comparable quality and content as the pictures, only with motion and sound. All the videos are available to purchase as VHS cassettes. Not all of the videos on the site are up in downloadable clips. The ones that are, divide the full piece into scenes. Each scene can be downloaded in one of three resolutions. The smallest (160 X 120) is much higher than you get from any of the 10 second clips you'll find on free sites. The largest (640 X 480) may be too large for some computers to handle. This is how dedicated to quality this site is.

In order to view the site, one must order tokens. I'm not a fan of this system, but it helps prevent piracy and excessive use of the content. A .zip file is downloaded, then after the movie is extracted, you pay your tokens to watch the movie on your screen. In a perfect world, you should be able to pay for only the amount of tokens you need. Instead you must buy them in lump sums and some will go unused for that reason. On the other hand, for those uninterested in picture content, you can avoid the membership fee and just purchase tokens. This way you don't have to spend any more money than you need to.


Site of the month logo

We get very up close and very personal with the lips and everything in between. If you wanted to, you could probably count the individual skin cells.

The girls are pretty attractive, but I wish there were more of them. All in all, there are 25 videos available and only 18 girls. So, there still isn't a wide range of varying types out there yet. The videos are long enough, however, that if you find a girl or two that you like, there should be no problem keeping yourself occupied for a while.

Original material is important to this site and they present it all with a certain high level of quality and seemingly improving standards.

The content isn't exactly my thing, but for those that enjoy vegetable insertion and girls peeing on cameras, you will love it. You may not find a better site for it. My suggestion though is to only get a membership for a month and then keep checking back to see when it would be worth it again.

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