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SimonScans review

- 1st revisit

Summary: On Simonscans you will find very high quality photography of mainly British amateur girls. The girls always look glamorous and are often shot wearing sexy lingerie or outside on exotic locations. There is often several video clips with each girl as well.

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Score 95.0 /100
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J., 2004-04-02

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Videos, Babes, Movies


Intro promises

- "High quality photography"
- "Great looking girls being about as rude as they can on their own"
- Over 100 images per set
- 5 original updates per week
- Over 120,000 original and exclusive photos

First impression

It's about time someone tried the classy approach.

There are no high energy, MTV-inspired collages of "cum-soaked sluts" or anything. These guys are based in the UK and it's funny to think of a right proper English gentleman describing, in perfect taste, "Wide open pussy and ass." That alone puts these guys on the top, though it may damage their "nice guy" cred they work on in the opening page. A very nice little tour describes just about every feature I could want and even has a preview of their little zoom window thingy. These guys look like they have their shit together. Oh, I'm sorry, let me rephrase: It would appear that these right merry gents have put their business in proper order. Cheeri-o, mates!


Credit Card (CCBill)

One month: $29.90 (recurring)
Three Months: $69.90 (recurring)
Six Months: $99.90 (non-recurring)

UK Debit Card:
Two months: £39.95 (non-recurring)
Six months: £69.95 (non-recurring)

[Prices updated 2004-09-21]

Our opinion

Okay, right off the bat I'm gonna call them on something. It's not 120,000 images. It's 160,000. Yes. That's a lot of porn. And holy hell is it good.

First off, the navigation system is menu-based, with drop down menus at the top of the screen at all times.

Literally every main page is available from this menu. Great, efficient system. The opening page has the latest updates with some samples on it. The thumbnails are nice and big and very inviting.

The only problem with a site this large is simply where to start! You can find pictures in the updates section, in the models section and in, my personal all-time favorite, the search page. The search mechanism is pretty great- a very simple system and, while not all sets have been completely categorized (I found some anomolies), I've never seen a better one. The model index is very specific (you can look at just the professionals, just the amateurs, etc.) and utterly amazing when you choose a model you like. You get her stats and specific info on each of her sets (how many images, etc.) along with the links to all of her sets (thumbnailed, of course).

Every set is downloadable in a .zip format (I had a trouble downloading single images as anything other than .bmp - an IE SP1 related matter) but be careful- these pictures are of relatively high quality (most are around 750X1140 resolution) and a large set (say, 250 images... they average around 100 each usually) could run up to 40MB at 150k-250k per image! These guys don't mess around when it professional- shot in varied locations and not in some shitty hotel room with incandescent lights. It looks like they take their time to set up a shoot and the effort shows. Very nice looking stuff.

The girls, while not varied ethnically (they're all pretty much English girls), do vary in size and shape a bit. A lot of smaller girls and, from what I see, almost all natural. This is very refreshing- I'm sick of the LA look, personally. And you won't see any huge fake tits and blonde wigs here. All fresh faces and they look eager and as if they enjoy what they're doing. I can't say enough good things about the selection here.
As for content, it's probably 85% solo girls (varying from soft to hard) and the rest is girl/girl. If you're looking for cumshots and titfucking, you're in the wrong place. But there's a lot of pretty hardcore stuff a girl can do alone or with another girl and they do it all here!

The navigation for the images is outstanding. Apart from the numerous ways to find and access the sets, clicking on one opens a whole new world of navigation possibilities- a world unlike any I've seen before. Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but this is really impressive. Click on a set and you can choose how many thumbnails you want on a page. Click on an image and you get a little sidepanel that allows you to go back and forth one picture. Plus you get this interesting little zoom applet that, while a little confusing, really lets you see what you want to see. An absolutely unbelievable system here.

Apart from the images, there's also a smaller video section. Most of the videos are at least available in WMV and MPG format, with some also being available in AVI. It appears that most of the videos are only available as one-shots, making the filesize enormous no matter what you pick (up to 70MB for the longer vids). The WMV come in at a very good framerate and at about a 352x288 resolution with extremely good bitrate (600 kb/s). Blow this sucker up to full screen and see if it doesn't do something for you. The MPEGs are of a similar resolution, but don't hold up as well in full screen.

Either one is well worth the download since these aren't bogus behind the scenes videos (though, for the first time, I actually found some photo sets I wouldn't mind seeing some BTS footage from), these are full out video shoots. The same professional aspects of the images are found here. One camera, but he really gets in there and doesn't do a whole lot of messing around.

There are over 50 vids here and, while the quantity doesn't nearly reflect that of the images, the quality sure does.

On top of the videos and pictures, there is what appears to be a very helpful support section and a relatively active messageboard where some members have even posted their own images! Simon himself even keeps a little Blog to talk about the site updates and stuff- he seems very responsive.


I honestly can't say enough good things about Simon Scans. Enough pictures to keep you happy for a VERY long time, with new updates five days a week? Yes, please! And this is coming from a guy who's normally a video fan. Simon Scans has me turned around. The attention to quality and continued excellent in every area make this easy the best site I've had the pleasure of reviewing. Amazing job, Simon.


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