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Superglam review

Summary: Superglam is home of some of the hottest European glamour models. Here you can find very high quality photo sets with the girls playing with toys and occasionally each other.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2004-05-01

Photography / studio, Babes, Lesbian, Softcore, Pornstar


Intro promises

"100% Original Content!" "Every week we are adding new, never seen videos online for our members."
"Backstage." "Bloopers." "The Thongs." for sale. "Castings." "Interviews." "Live Chats." "New DVDs for sale every week." "Lesbian Action." "This glamourous and sexy site is going to make you breathless!"

First impression

Looks like a pretty nice softcore site with a lot of stuff to explore. With all the different sections, you can see all the ins and outs and ins and outs of every girl. Let's load up.


This is a bit complicated.

Using CCBill:
US $29.95 for 1 month with $24.95 each recurring month.
US $59.95 for 3 months with $49.95 each recurring 3 months.
US $89.95 for 6 months one time subscription.

Using IBill:
US $29.95 for 1 month with $24.95 each recurring month.
US $59.95 for 3 months one time subscription.
US $89.95 for 6 months one time subscription.

Using Verotel:
US $29.95 for 1 month with $24.95 each recurring month.
US $59.95 for 3 months with $49.95 each recurring 3 months.

Our opinion

With so much to sift through, what should I talk about first? Well, how about the models. Currently, there are twenty models. Some are a little more tan than others. Some have brown hair, some have blonde hair. Some are a little bustier than others. Overall, though, they're virtually all the same. The makeup and personality that comes through in the picture sets are all the same. This isn't the worst thing in the world, because these girls are professionals and know how to seduce an audience (mostly while smiling). However, none of them really stand out as being a standout. As far as looks go, they aren't too bad. There's about 5 knockouts with mostly mediums.

The picture sets are comprehensive. It's almost as if a flip book could be made out of them. Each "serie" has up to ten pages of twenty pictures. The navigation between pages is pretty smooth, but it would be nice if there was some indicator as to which page you're looking at. Either bold the page number in the links or unlink it. Something. After you click on a picture, it opens up in the same window and the back button has to be used to get out of it and in to the previous page. There's also no option to navigate the pictures one at a time from this setup, either.

The pictures show up at a very large size. It takes up more than two screens (scrolling down). There is no way to see the full image all at once unless you save it and manually shrink it (or if your browser gives you the option to fit to window -- which mine does not). The quality of the jpegs is fantastic. You can see a lot of detail in the skin and hair and everywhere it counts. The lighting is great and professional looking. All the colors are true and the images have nice contrast.

Each model has an index page where up to 5 sets and the videos are linked. Also, the host of the site, Kim, gives her broken English description of the featured girl and what she likes about them.

All of these girls are European. This becomes a factor when watching the videos. First, there's the interviews. Kim is also European, but Superglam focuses on an English speaking audience and so they speak to each other in accented voices and every once in a while, the model won't know what a word means. It's a real crap shoot. Some of them are kind of interesting, because they develop that personality thing that I said was lacking earlier. It's surprising that a couple of them seem to be pretty uncomfortable when they are made to talk in front of a camera. They make their living there, but when speaking is involved, they get tense and nervous.

Maybe that's partly due to having to deal with a secondary language. The quality of these videos is not that great. There's no real reason for them to be compressed at a high rate, though. The thing that bothered me most was that there's no editing involved. The whole thing takes place as a static shot of the interviewee who's in a profile because she's looking at Kim. Get another camera or two and cut between them. It'll look smoother and time will go by quicker. Also, find a better way to do audio. I had to boost my speakers to hear what was said.

The sexual videos are better. They look nicer and have utilize that professional lighting that's used for the still photos. Once again, though, the sound is a problem. Sometimes, if not always, the moaning of the girls is either off sync or overdubbed. My guess is that it's the latter. It depends on the girl, though. I had a problem with the videos just cutting off suddenly. Without using a fade to black, it made it seem like the video was incomplete. Other than that, they're pretty effective.

Lastly, the backstage videos. These are the best in my opinion. If you really want to get up close and personal with the girl, this is where you want to be. Since the girls don't speak english, the soundtrack is just a solid piece of music (which is loud -- in case you're going from interview to backstage -- be warned). The editing of these videos work well. They provide a variety of full body shots as well as plenty of closeups on all the key areas and actions. It's cut so that you always have a clear sense of the action that's taking place during the photo shoot. In fact, since the girls pause so frequently for the pictures, the videos are very much like a picture set put to music, except with more variety in angles and framing. They don't really provide an insight to the process, but they do boast the best video quality on the site.

All of the videos are available only as one large file. They'll take close to half an hour on a high speed connection, so choose wisely.

The host, Kim, as well as a couple of other girls do live webcam chats at certain times. I haven't attended any, because the times are posted under "Berlin Time" and I don't know how to translate that to my time zone. They also don't archive what has been done in the past in anyway.

If you really like any of these girls, you can cruise over to the Superglam DVD store. Here you'll find DVDs of each girl available for 19.95...that's EUROs. I have no idea what the exchange rate is on that, but if memory serves correctly, that's probably close to US$ 25.00. Thongs are available for select models. These are signed. Only one for each girl, so act quickly.

There are a couple of sections only linked through the member main page. The first of these is the outtake/blooper section. Supposedly, you can see the girls in "unlucky situations and poses." If you click on them, though, it's just extra pictures from various sets. There's nothing funny or unusual or even bad about them. They're just left overs that got cut for one reason or another.

Also, there's the casting section. Here you find a few pictures of girls that didn't make it. Click and you'll see why. They aren't fugly or anything, but it's easy to tell that they are not comfortable, nor do they fit into the rigid personality requirements that the site has. There's nothing on here about how the current girls got hired.

Lastly, I want to mention something I found quite nice. For every 6 month membership that's purchased, ten percent goes to charity. Every month, it's a different one. It's good to see this type of involvement. People don't usually think about helping people and porn at the same time, but I think more companies should adopt this technique and let people know about it.


Superglam is rather dense. Each girl provides plenty to look at. Unfortunately, the girls are virtually identical. The navigation is slightly awkward in that certain general sections are only visible or available on specific places. It's a professional place with professional girls and that definitely comes across.
There's a lot to look at, but little variety in content. Even so, there's enough to keep you busy for a while.


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