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Tight Clothes review

Summary: Tight Clothes is a photography/studio site with fetish content. There are 20,000+ hi-quality exclusive pics and hours of hi-quality videos from 57 Scandanavian models.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Jeppe, 2002-01-09

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Fetish, Babes


Intro promises

41 Tight Clothing Amateur Models
Tight - Shaved - Cameltoe - Wet - Fetish
9,000 High Quality Original Exclusive pics
+ 1 hour Online video
2 to 5 new photosets per week
1 GB Erotic Entertainment

First impression

This is not the place to go for state of the art web programming, but the photos seem to be almost exceptional. There is a large amount of free pictures and a complete thumbnail index to make sure you know what kind of content you can expect inside.


1 month: $19.95 - renews to $14.95
3 months: $39.95 (One time billing)

Credit card and Online Check accepted.

Our opinion

Tight Clothes is not like many other low quality pornsites: Some fancy design and a few of the best pictures trying to fool you into signing up. In fact it's just the opposite.
The design of Tight Clothes is very simple and far from fancy, but it works. The content on the other hand is world class!

The webmaster who signs himself "your host Arne" writes that the purpose of Tight Clothes is not to make money, but only to finance the next photo session.
From the FAQ page it also appears that the reason Tight Clothes exists is that Arne (the webmaster, remember) in vain has been trying to find his favorite kind of pictures some place on the Internet. So he simply had to start shooting the pictures himself, and why not make a website out of it so others can enjoy the results as well.

So far 41 models have posed in front of the camera, all wearing some kind of skin tight clothes like wet jeans, bathing suits, latex, pantyhose or even just paint!
The models are all looking hot and sexy. Some of the series actually look like something that could have been taken right out of a fashion magazine.

A total of 9,000 pictures of the models are available and more are added each week. The pictures are high quality and as you can see in the backstage area shot at many various locations - indoor as well as outdoor.
The girls are all very thoroughly shaved, making the camel toes as obvious as possible.

Navigation is quite simple when it comes to finding your way to the pictures; On the members frontpage you get a quick update of which series have been added to the archive the past month.
From the menu on the top you can go directly to the model index where each girl is presented with name and a picture.
A click on one of the pictures takes you to a short description of the model with name, age and personal comments, together with an overview of which series the model has featured in. There is a small preview on 5 pictures of each serie helping you to locate an exact shoot.

A disadvatage is that the picture series are not available as zip files so if you wish to download the complete set you have to right-click and save quite a few times.

Additionally 1 hour of movies is also available. The movies are in RealMedia format and can be downloaded to your own computer. All movies are of course featuring one or more of the 41 models and consist mainly of clips from the photo shootings.


If completely smooth shaven amateurs taking of their tight outfits is something you like, Tight Clothes is a must see! For everybody else who just likes to watch actual amateurs pose in front of the camera - take a look at our backstage area and tell me this isn't something you like - I dare you!
Sure you can find other sites with more pictures to the same price, but definitely not the same kind - these are very unique making the price fair.


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