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Candid Pornstar review

Summary: Candid Pornstars is a unique voyeur site that lets viewers sit in with famous pornstars as they get ready to go on tape or hang out on the porn set. The girls are completely naked while putting on makeup and making sure their tits look great. Movies have great quality playback, but are not HD as labeled. New updates are coming about once a week.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-03-23

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Intro promises

- Real Voyeur Behind The Scenes Videos
- Backstage Stories From Each Episode
- Full Network Access
- Downloadable And Streaming Candid Porn
- Weekly Exclusive Updates

First impression

Candid Pornstar promises us a "complete backstage pass to the dressing rooms of porn studios where popular pornstars get ready for hardcore sex". The site looks pretty simple in its design, but the samples do indeed look like great candid pornstar moments. If you've ever wanted to be able to sit in the bathroom with a naked pornstar as she puts makeup on her face and tits, stretches her body out and gets ready to fuck on tape then this is your chance.


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Our opinion

Candid Pornstars is surely one of the most unique porn sites that I've visited in the past few weeks. It allows what I'm sure so many of us have fantasized over--being present at the porn shoots that our favorite starlets get fucked at, and being able to hang out with the girls (while they are naked) and the crew. I was pretty excited by the concept, but in the end I felt that Candid Pornstars could have squeezed even more juice out of this original idea. That isn't to say they haven't produced a worthwhile product, though. Fans of pornstars and voyeurs will find a lot to like about

The website is about as simple as it could be without being just a list of links and thumbnails. For now this is a good thing, since the library isn't so huge that you can look through thumbnails for all of its exclusive videos in the matter of a few minutes. Navigation is simple but straightforward, and getting into the content shouldn't take more than a few seconds.

The content is pretty much what the label on the box promises: voyeur movies of well-known pornstars getting ready for shoots. Some are a bit more exciting than others. Most are shot inside the bathroom/changing room at studios. The pornstars stay naked for most of it, sometimes you'll watch them undress or they will already be naked. There is no conversation. It's like the camera is on the shelf behind them and they don't know better. We watch them put on makeup in the mirror, check their big boobies and get ready. Some babes stretch out, others will be getting ready with other girls, chatting it up about something or other. A few videos were filmed outside of the changing room. Some of these weren't so hot. You could go a minute or so with no one on screen before they wander back in. One basically just filmed a naked pornstar writing in a notebook for ten minutes while Tory Lane and some guys shared small talk off screen. There was no hardcore or lesbian sex in any of the scenes, just babes getting ready to fuck on film.

Movies come in a few formats for download. There is an "HD" Windows Media file advertised but this is not true HD since it has a resolution of 720x480. The bit rate is a strong 3.92 m/bits so the video quality is very good, though. The "HI" quality Windows Media download has almost the exact same specs, just a slightly lower bit rate. There is low quality Windows Media download as well as an iPod MP4 file that has a 480x320 resolution and a 736 k/bits bit rate. You can also stream the videos in a Flash video player online. All the videos aren't super crisp regardless of the file settings since they are not filmed with great lighting or camera settings. It's more like someone left the camera running in the corner by accident and these are the videos that came of it.

There are galleries for each of these videos, but they are just video stills (screen caps). They are blurry and low quality but serve as a preview for the video. Most sets have around 50 images or so. You can download any gallery in a convenient zip file.

There was a tab labeled "stories" but the "stories" are just short descriptions of each episode online, not really fiction and so not really interesting, at least for me. The link for "Showcase" is also a bit misleading. This doesn't feature the hottest scenes from Candid Pornstars but sample videos and links to other websites that are NOT included with a membership.

Finally, you'll find a small drop down menu below the main link menu. This lets you choose scenes, models or jump to one of the handful of free bonus sites you have access to as a member. These sites are: Asian Emotion, Crygasm, Hall Of Fame Porn and Latina Emotion.


What is most interesting and attractive about Candid Pornstar is that it lets those of us really into pornstars get to see them in another light. Watching these hot girls completely naked and getting ready to go on tape is definitely hot. It would be nice to see a bit of the hardcore action that follows these candid previews, but I guess the bonus sites can soothe your need for hardcore if you're in the mood after warming up with these videos. The site is simple, but definitely one that pornstar lovers will want to take a look at.


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