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Catalina Cruz review

Summary: Catalina Cruz is a very hot brunette pornstar with some well developed boobs and a gorgeous body. On her site you will find an extensive archive of both pictures and videos in good quality.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-05-23

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Intro promises

This intro page rates in the top 5 of the many I’ve seen before. It’s laid out with a professional look, and she is a beautiful specimen of a sperm grabber for sure! Catalina Cruz doesn’t have one ounce of anything but pure loveliness to her. She supplies a playing trailer that gives you extremely hot, hard-core movement of multiple females, strap on fucking, and, what she’s known for... her oral sex antics. You’ll get a long list of her recent updates and also a welcome that tells you how she’s had this site for 5+ years now, so she has a lot of material to share with you. It’s focused on glamour, (which is perfect word to describe her), girl/girl, fellatio, fantasy girls and live cams. Images come in high and low resolution and there are 6-8 new full length movies added throughout each month.

First impression

Catalina Cruz' website excited me when I first opened the intro page. You can tell they were meticulous in the layout because everything is done with such perfection and beauty. They aren’t shy about the information they offer, you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find what you’re looking for. I am so hoping the membership area is going to be as nice as the intro because so far I’m seeing stars on this one!


30 day $29.99 (recurring)
90 day $59.99 (recurring)

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Our opinion

Just as I suspected, membership opens up with the same ease to please that the tour pages held. You’ll find everything you want or need from this site either down the left side or across the top. But before you go searching, stop to admire the supplied hot images that Catalina Cruz is showing you for advertisement. I don’t want to waste too much time writing about how I’m mesmerized already by this beautiful woman, there is a lot of content on here to cover.

If you want to know more about Catalina, or maybe you are just so excited over what you’ve found that you want to share it with someone else that will understand, then post a thought on her fantasy message board, with over 1,200 posts you get a little bit of everything, including dirty stories and jokes. You can read her naughty diary or go into her bio information, I don’t think there’s anything about this girl that will disappoint you, so, just jump right in.

Since I always try to go into the photos area first on my write-ups, I find that you can choose what will excite you the most because they are categorized into headings such as, solo photos, girl/girl photos, boy/girl photos, candid photos and her published work. She does the same layout by the way for her videos, so you don’t have to browse to find what will arouse. There are 200+ galleries here, but I’ve opted to start with the girl/girl photos, everyone enjoys the description of two hot and horny females doing exactly the right thing to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After browsing through the nicely laid out thumbs and headings the one that really caught my eye was one called, “Stacked and Strapped.” But you do have a nice variety here of multiple girl playtime in these choices. The thumbs open up with great uniformity and very exciting content. These girls play so well together, there will be no packing up their Barbie dolls and going home, because instead of playing dress-up, they are playing undress. You’ve got thigh high stockings and a pretty purple strap-on dildo, mix that with two ladies with moist mounds and they are going to utilize it all to the max. You have choices to download the entire gallery in a ZIP file, and you can also see them in low resolution as well. The enlargements are nicely sized at 683x1024 pixels, so you’ve got enough of your screen filled to play connect the dots with their freckles!

I stuck with the topic of girl/girl action for the video investigation. You do have quite a few choices in this category and each choice you go into will bring up the streaming of a high quality clip in Windows Media Player. You’ll find a link if you opt for the lower resolution and you can also choose from here to download in Windows Media (low and high), and QuickTime (low and high). I chose a clip labeled, “Wet Dreams” which is exactly what you may have after watching this. Rub-a-dub-dub you’ve got two babes in a tub. And they are drying off without towels, by just using tongues. The cameraman must have had a boner about to bust through his blue jeans filming the action in this video because he is just inches away from some quick tongue flicking and nipple to clit rubbing. You will offer more than just washing their back once you see what their bringing to the table. In downloading the WMV high choice I retrieved this information from it, the size was, 36MB, the media length was, 5:54 and video size came in at 640x480. The clarity was really nice, there were a few parts where I wish the lighting had been just a bit better, but the action was so hot, that is just a small detail.

You’ll find a link on Catalina Cruz called “Fantasy Models”, and you’ll want to check this out for sure. This area holds porn star friends of Catalina, and each of them are just to die for. They give you 24 pages of perfection including 250+ models/pornstars that want to rock your world. You’ll find images and videos to keep your hands busy throughout the weekend. The “Sexy Store” that you have access to with membership holds DVD’s of Catalina and her porn-star friends, so you can stroke and shop til you drop. As for the live cam area, there is a message giving you the next live show time/date of Catalina, with a link to her streaming cam archive, and also feeds from Amateur Camz, where you’ll get 250+ girls and 30+ hours per day of live shows. All shows come with audio as well.


I know this write up was a bit longer than most of mine, but this site just called for it. Catalina Cruz blew me away! Everything about her site rang true with real perfection. From the intro page to the extras that are offered on this site, nothing was a disappointment. There is just a special sort of beauty that radiates from a woman that truly loves what she does, and that was apparent here. There were no claims made on intro that didn’t ring true, and granted, the monthly membership is just a smidge on the higher end, but not outrageous and definitely worth it for all of the material you’re getting here, especially with the 250+ pornstars playmates that Catalina has included. With 6-8 full length vids added throughout the month, you won’t get burned out on any repetitive content.


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