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Summary: holds hard-core, pornstar material. Highlights include exclusive vids/images, live chat and cams, daily updates, downloadable videos and private shows. Picture screenshot
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J., 2005-08-18

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Intro promises

- "The Hottest and Naughtiest photos and videos of Chrissy Moran on the net"
- Exclusive videos/pictures
- Live chat and cams
- Daily updates
- Downloadable videos
- Private shows

First impression

This looks like a "personal" site for a cute, large-breasted girl named Crissy Moran. I use the word "personal" in quotes because in reality it appears to be an outlet for exclusives more than a site that Crissy herself handles. The splash page is nothing fancy or all that impressive- just a collage of some of her pics with a tour that has a few more pages of similar content. Nothing out of the ordinary in the design here and the content looks to be mostly solo stuff.


30 days: $24.95

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Our opinion

Hopping into the members' area I'm greeted by a simple header and some links to the site's content (Photos, Videos, Live Cams, Video Feeds, Updates, etc.) that are followed, surprisingly, by thumbnailed links to other sites in this network (there are 15 total). I would have expected the thumbs of the latest updates to appear at the top of the page or, given the nature of the site, a personal message from Crissy. I am even more surprised to find that the update listing that actually does appear is a list of updates on the network and not on this site in particular. In fact, there is no indication on either the latest updates (for which there are 4 thumbs at any given time) or the future updates (for which there is an inordinate 8 thumbs) of what site in the network these updates are even from! This puzzles me so I go straight to the Updates link on Crissy's toolbar to see if there's more direction or at least more detailed information on that page and am disappointed to find that there is neither. This means that, if you're just interested in seeing the latest updates of Crissy (remember, this is the site for which they're trying to convince you to sign up), you're pretty much out of luck.

Not to be deterred from seeing more of the girl I was promised, I decide to check out her own photo section first and I am treated to something a little more like I was hoping to see. Here you get a listing of photosets (I'm assuming in chronological order of some sort) each with a decently-sized thumbnail and short description. There are 20 listings on each page for a total of just under 50 sets of Crissy here. The content ranges from glamour-style posed sets, solo hardcore, behind the scenes and girl/girl stuff. Choosing a set's thumbnail opens up that set's thumbnail gallery where you get 25 decently-sized thumbs per page. Clicking on one of these thumbs opens up the full size image; all of this within the same window- no automatic spidering. The images range in quality on both the production and output levels. The professional-style ones (the glamours, most of which are just below magazine quality) have between an 800x600 resolution and a 1024x768 size. Most of the photo sets fit in this category with only a couple being of slightly less professional prodcution quality but around the same resolution. Again as expected, the content is primarily posed with a few girl/girl sets of the "tongue hovering just above the pussy" (and some with a bit of penetration) variety which I have always found exceedingly boring. But if that's your style (think "Club" magazine), you'll find some of it here.

Luckily, Crissy's videos are a little more uninhibited. In this section you'll find around 20 mostly hardcore scenes of Crissy with herself, some toys and other girls (and a very small selection of boy/girl stuff). The video section itself is laid out well enough. You get 10 scenes listed on each page with 4 small thumbnails and one large thumbnail accompanying a short description of the action that occurs in the vid. From here you can choose to view either the Quicktime or Windows Media version of each scene. This is pretty much the only place on the site where the navigation gets a bit messy. Clicking on your choice of video opens the video either in your web browser or in your chosen player (depending on your personal settings). The site kind of shoots itself in the foot here, though, because all the videos are downloadable but you can't get to the "download" button until after the movie has already started loading in your viewer. They could save time (and earn brownie points with efficiency nuts like myself) by putting a download link right under the viewing links so you don't have to start the video loading before you download the whole thing. It's a small issue, and luckily the only major one here thus far.

The video production quality on these clips is varied, but averages out somewhere just above amateur. There are unmotivated cuts and fades, poor audio on occasion and some just plain poor decision-making. For instance, why show the guy pulling out and saying "I'm gonna cum!" then cut to a different shot where he's fucking the girl again, obviously trying to get himself off because it didn't work the first time? Cut before he pulls out and then it's just an angle change. Do it like this and it's amateur. The WMV vids have a decent bitrate of around 830 and a similarly decent resolution at 400x300. The Quicktime version is identical in most respects. These videos suffer from pretty standard compression weaknesses (pixelated, choppy feel when there's a lot of movement, etc.) but I think the real fault lie in the source material. Many times did I see the telltale signs of a low quality video transfer, including some color loss and flux on the extreme tops and bottoms of the image. If the video was shot digitally, it should stay digital- and these signs tell me that someone doped them down to analog video at some point... only to be redigitized (now already at a lower quality) and compressed. It shouldn't take a genius to figure something like that out and I'm pretty disappointed if that is indeed the case here.

As far as bonus material goes, there's not much to say outside of the other sites on the network, which all carry a similar navigation, theme and quality. While most are girls' "personal" sites, there are a couple of fetish ones in the lineup as well (bisexual, squirting, and pegging to name a few). The Video Feeds section is a collection of pretty common third party streams (mostly CandidCam) and the Live Cams section is a disappointing little collection of standard third party "FREE!!!!" feeds that beg you for money to have private shows. The Video Store is, as expected, just an online outlet for adult movies and stuff and the DVD Movies section is just another (extremely small) video store... in all, these are not all that unique or strong.


While I would like to commend Crissy's site for being a good outlet for her exclusive (albeit subpar quality) content, I find it hard to get past the idea that this is actually a network of sites posing as several individual sites as a means of advertisement. There is little attention paid to the details of Crissy's site- it appears that all the resources go into the network as a whole. There's nothing wrong with that system- Brainpass, for one, does it beautifully. But there's simply not enough going on with specifically that makes me believe this network has a devotion to its exclusive content. The difference with other successful networks is that they bill themselves as a network, not as a single personal site with some extras as this one does. If this was indeed a personal site, it would hopefully include a little more personality. In short, I walked away from with no idea of who Crissy Moran is or why I should care about her site. The content is decent but the engagement ends there.


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