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Dannis Harddrive review

Summary: Danni's Harddrive is a pornstar collection. With over 9,000 images and hours of original video to go along with access to over 35 live video feeds and 8 live video chat programs.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-05-16

Pornstar, Boobs


Intro promises

- The world's largest Danni archive. Over 9000 images of Danni Ashe and hours of original video.
- Access to over 35 live video feeds and 8 live video chat programs.
- Over 300 beautiful models in the galleries.
Plus lots of additional features.

First impression

Who haven't heard of legendary Danni Ashe? She is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the, by far, most downloaded woman in the history of all time...

Thus I had high expectations prior to visiting Danni Ashe's website called "Danni's Harddrive".

The first impression one gets of Danni's Harddrive is actually that the site is a bit confusing. There is hardly an inch of unoccupied space, and the site is literally STUFFED with info and material. Clearly, the priority of Danni's Harddrive is that the content is ranged above the site's design, and thus the site strikes you as aiming for entertainment status rather than elegance.


$19.95 per month

Payment by:
- Credit card
- Check
- 2000 Charge
- Phone
- Fax

Our opinion

Some fun facts may illustrate the overwhelming popularity of Danni's Harddrive: If each downloaded image were printed on standard letter size paper and laid end-to-end they'd stretch 173,611 miles - or seven times around the world!
Danni has been recognized as a clever businesswoman, and she has even been characterised as "A sexy mix of Horatio Alger, Gypsy Rose Lee and Bill Gates". Interesting combination...

Nevertheless, it is the contents of Danni's Harddrive which is at stake here, so let's get down to business, and see what this site is all about...

Navigation-wise, Danni's Harddrive suffers a bit from the overwhelming amount of material that the site has to offer. It is a bit confusing to navigate the site until one gets acquainted with the structure of the site, which most be considered a must in order to get the most of the site... but, don't worry, in spite of the navigation being the by far weakest feature of Danni's Harddrive, it's not a hopeless task at all. Perhaps the fact, that the site resembles more of a forum with an infinite number of newsgroups and archives, rather than a traditional sex site. Sex-stories, e-zines, videos, jokes, auctions, personal profiles, live chats... and I literally could go on forever (but I won't).

It would be an impossible task to comment on each and every section, as there is by far too much material and too many options to choose from. However, it would be fair to make some general statements.

The model quality is great indeed and the infinite numbers of pictures and video-feeds are of good quality as well. One might argue that some of the pics are a bit blurred, but I generally find the quality to be above average. The fact that Danni is a pioneer on the field of virtual sex on the web, (since 1995), indicates the extents of the archives the members get access to.

When you enter Danni's Harddrive you should expect to be entertained BIG time and you probably won't be disappointed, unless you expect straightforward hardcore PORN. Fact of the matter is that Danni's Harddrive offers practically EVERYTHING except hardcore...

The structure of the site resembles that of an online newspaper... But, BELIEVE me, it is everything but dull politics and economics that characterises these news. Do you want to keep a finger on the pulse as to what is going down within the adult industry, and at the same time enjoy pictures and video of both established hot models and potential newcomers, Danni's Harddrive is definitely the place to go.

All sections function adequately and the site surely honours the introductory promises.


The fact that, on a daily basis uses more bandwidth than all of Central America proves the quality and popularity of the site.
Nevertheless, one must be aware, that by far most of the material one finds on Danni's Harddrive is regular softcore, which rarely exceeds some lesbian action or video-feds with models masturbating. Thus, if you join and expect to find lots and lots of explicit hardcore porn, you might end up getting a bit frustrated...

On the other hand, if you are willing to settle for access to a legendary sex-site with a primary focus on well-documented softcore material (most models have their own biography), you will withot doubt be pleased by what Danni's Harddrive has to offer. Especially, one must consider the impressive amount of material that this site has to offer... and besides this, the site offers numerous additional services that definitely should keep you busy for quite some time.

A GREAT quality softcore site at a very FAIR prize!

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Total average: 89.5/100 Our score: 80.0/100

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