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Deep In Cream review

Summary: Deep In Cream is a site featuring creampie movie scenes. As a stand-alone site or if you are out for this particular niche only, it isn't a very good deal, but it is part of the BrainPass network and therefore provides sites in lots of niches.

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Score 75.0 /100
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CB, 2006-06-17

Pornstar, Fetish, Hardcore, Mega-sites, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Unlimited access to all content in the network
- DVD quality movies & high-res pictures
- All content is downloadable
- Exclusive content updated daily
- Exclusive live & interactive shows

First impression

Ah, another Brainpass site. The preview is very flashy. It screams: Hey! Like rough hardcore pornstar sex? Like cum-covered pussies? Then Join This Site!!!

Can't argue with that.

The preview vid is of a much higher quality than a lot of the members-only vids I check out on other sites, so I'm definitely interested to see what's going on inside.


Our opinion

Wow, they've been doing some work since I last visited a Brainpass site! Logging in takes you not to the site you signed up for, but to a central hub for the whole Brainpass network, which now seems to be called the Pornstar Network. Normally this would be cause for annoyance, but everything is laid out so nicely I can't complain. In fact, I'm in awe. From here you can easily access any site on the entire network, search the network for specific content, and use a variety of member features such as private messaging, a bookmarks list, and a message board. Incredible organization! Incredible amounts of exclusive content! It seems too good to be true!

But on to the site in question...

Deep in Cream is organized very simply, with one main category: Videos! There are also links to a Store, some “Friends” (advertising), and Support.

At the time of this review, there were 22 exclusive videos available on the site. Each movie is broken up into several clips, and is available in a number of formats:

High Speed
480x360 / 700 kbps WMV
480x360 / 650 kbps MPG

Low Speed
240x160 / 350 kbps MPG
240x180 / 128 kbps WMV
240x180 / 56 kbps WMV

File sizes vary accordingly, with clips from the highest quality option clocking in between 20 - 30MB. PornStar Network has some serious servers going on... these files download real fast! And, they look great! The 700 kbps WMV versions look absolutely fantastic.

In addition to the videos, you can check out some photos (read: screen captures) from the movies as well. These are presented as pages of thumbs, and can be downloaded as a convenient ZIP file, or viewed as a slide show in your browser. Generally speaking, I feel that screen caps are not worth the time it takes to click a thumbnail link. They tend to be small, grainy, blurry, and crappy overall. However, I have to eat my hat this time. These are some of the better screen caps I've seen. They are very crisp and clear, and size up at 720x480. Not the biggest pics, but nice to look at. Well done!

The content is exactly what I expected from the preview: Rough pornstar sex with a lot of cummy pussies at the end of each scene. There are several threesomes, and quite a variety of
one-on-one fucking. The creampies featured here tend to be of the internal variety, with a couple of anal ones thrown in for good measure. It would be nice to have a bit more assortment - I mean come on, there are a lot of ways to get cum on a pussy, and the internal route is just one of them.

It's also unclear as to when updates happen here... no mention of the word “update” whatsoever.


Although 22 videos is not a lot of content to base an entire site on, the fact that you get access to the entire Pornstar Network considerably sweetens the deal, and makes membership well worth the price. I have therefore base my ratings on mainly Deep In Cream but also by sending a friendly thought to the Pornstar Network in general.

It would be nice if they were more clear as to what you're getting into when you join. If you were looking for something really specific (such as cream pies), the fact that you get access to a bunch of other stuff might not outweigh the lack of specific content, despite the high quality of everything else you get.

The only other caveat I'll put forth is for those looking for the “girl next door”. You won't find her here! Although there is an incredibly wide variety of women and niches to choose from on the network, it seems that most of the content here is more on the pornstar side of the aesthetic fence.

I'm very impressed with how Brainpass / Pornstar Network has evolved. If only more folks in the industry would follow suit...

Screenshots from Deep In Cream

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Total average: 78.3/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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