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iPinkVisual Pass review

Summary: iPinkVisualPass presents some of the content from Pink Visual's productions in mobile format for handheld devices. It contains 400+ good quality 30 minute hardcore movies in different niches, sizes and formats optimized for iPhone etc. Accessible from both PC and phone. A great site for handheld porn as long as you stick to the Wifi version.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Uli, 2009-03-27

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Intro promises

"iPinkVisualPass: A new website with free, hot videos from our most popular DVDs. We're bringing these videos to your iPhone, Ipod Touch, PSP, Android or other mobile device so that you can take them anywhere - your office, the bathroom, or the supply closet. Wherever you go, your porn goes with you. 100's of videos, and weekly updates that are so hot, people will be asking 'Is that an iPod in your pocket or are you happy to see me?'"

Oh boy, I love those preview-pages that don't gush the visitor with endless sermons but try to convince him with an insight to their content. iPinkVisual is an example for this: Entering the site you'll see a list of themes leading to different sites presenting different niches of hardcore like Gang Bang, Milf, Anal Sex, Squirt, DP and the like - 16 sites in total. Click one and you'll find the specific episodes. Open them and you'll see a trailer. That's it.

First impression

Huh?! Did we enter the correct site right here? The members home page looks exactly like the preview page (ok, that is seen before to offer members area previews). But even when moving on, there are no changes until you reach the single episodes where the preview presents the trailer. Here's the real stuff as well - streaming and ready for download - as mp4-file format (quicktime-compatible) the way you will need it e.g. for an iPhone.


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$22.95 for 1 month recurring
$45.95 for 3 months, non-recurring

Payment processor is Localbilling

Our opinion

iPinkVisualpass features professional, high-quality porn-movies. Of course nobody is crazy enough to create a site with its own unique content only to be used on iPhone etc. with a somewhat limited customer base when producing such material is very expensive. The answer to this is quite simple: iPinkVisualpass takes its starting point in its big mother-site - you guessed it - Pink This is where the movies origin and you can easily see the original website name from the titles of the different chapters, e.g. "orgy sex" will open a site named "".

I expected it and that's the way it is: The actors are professionals, only the - more or less - wellknown names in porn like Rebecca Linares, Brenda James, Taylor Mae and so on. Expect a lot of hotties to be around. The niche concept of all the Pink Visual-sites guarantees that there's a lot of diversity even among the actors.

Professional actors should lead to professional action, so expect hardcore in whatever form hardcore exists: stripping, kissing, fucking, anal, threesomes and so one, just the full range of straight hardcore. I found only one exception to that - the CFNM Max site is a fetish like site, where only the guys are undressed.

The type of content is easy to describe: Movies (or did you want to watch lots of 480x270 pixel pictures on your iPhone?) - nothing else, but lots of them. I counted a grand total of more than 400 movies (not the movie chunks) to be present. They are MP4 (H.264-Decoded) files with a resolution of either 480x270 like mentioned above or 720x400 to fit the mobile devices. File sizes are 200-300 MB, play times mostly ~30 minutes for the whole movie. The movies are available either as one big file or divided into several (often six) parts. The picture quality is top notch, crisp and clear - simply professional work. All movies can also be played on your regular desktop computer using Quicktime. I also checked them on a Nokia N95 but in that case found that all the movies had to be scaled further down and the picture was too small to become appealing.

The good things about video quality can only be said about the Wifi (high quality) version of the videos. If you select the 3G/Edge version, you will get a jumpy pixelated movie which frankly isn't very exciting to watch.

The site features only a few specials - some iPhone erotic wallpapers and some ring tones. With both I doubt they are usable at public spots. The design is simple but suits an iPhone well. You will see it looking at the preview, the only difference is that inside the members area instead of the trailer you can either stream or download the movie. All the content is downloadable.


iPinkVisualPass offers a lot of real good high quality hardcore movies for your iPhone or other mobile device. It's professionally done, but with a resolution suitable for mobile devices. Everybody has to decide himself whether this is a good device to watch porn on - using this content in public might cause some problems... The monthly price is not really cheap, but much cheaper than buying say 400 DVDs (ok, I suppose you cannot really compare normal DVDs to handheld porn). And you have to stick to the high quality version of the videos to get a useful result.

The movies are usuable on a computer, but I would not recommend using your regular computer to see them since you will find much better video quality elsewhere for that purpose. In that case go for the main Pink Visual site (NOT included with membership) - you'll find the same content in higher resolution and lots of pics too!

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