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Jenna Haze review

Summary: Jenna Haze is a hard-core, pornstar site. There are thousands of images and video streams, wallpapers and screensavers of Jenna.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Mads, 2004-01-08

Pornstar, Hardcore, Videos, Movies, Mega-Sites


Intro promises

- Thousands of images and video streams
- Download Jenna Haze wallpapers and screen savers
- Bonus: Access to Adult Star Mall; the websites of 40 other pornstars

First impression

The first thing that came to mind was that this site seems to be a pro site due to the design, scripts and flash features… small butterflies flying around and all. However at the same time I’m distracted by this girl at the intro page… I cannot help appreciating her naughty teen-look.


One month – $29.95 (recurring)
3 months - $74.95 (then recurring at monthly fee)

Payment by credit card or online check

Our opinion

The girl in question is of course Jenna Haze, whose site I am about to evaluate here. Many things can probably be said about this young and attractive porn starlet and I’m certainly not ashamed that she managed to distract me to begin with… indeed she continues to ‘distract’ me in the members’ section as well ;-)

‘Jenna Haze’ is a very logically structured site which is quite easy to navigate. The interface is simple and user friendly despite of various flash effects. However it has a subtle and quite discrete feel to it and the calm colours as well as the nicely organized content makes the overall experience of visiting the site very pleasant.

Well, now that we’ve established that the technical framework of the site is a topscorer, let’s move on to the content. First and foremost this site is about Jenna Haze and luckily so, because she is indeed an insatiable hottie. The content is divided into two major sections of interest; the photo and the video section. Both sections exclusively involve Jenna and she surely lives op to her reputation as an upcoming pornstar. She’ll virtually do anything in front of the camera as long as it doesn’t exceed into too bizarre stuff… but hardcore it is!

On the technical side it was somewhat of an anticlimax to find out that everything is copyrighted down to the bone, which means that one cannot download any pictures or movies (apart from wallpapers an screensavers, but they do not really count now do they?!). Furthermore the resolution and sharpness of the pics were not that impressive considering the upcoming star status of Jenna. My estimate is that a general picture here has a 350*500 pixel resolution and that is rarely considered top quality these days.

Turning to the movie section the clips are presented by thumbnails of the action which is very nice to keep track of the events. As indicated above the clips can be viewed by streaming only, but at least there’s the possibility of choosing between modem and cable connection transfers which is nice in spite of the fact that I found the cable connection quality a bit unstable… the buffering was a bit slow at times (I work a 1Mbit line). Anyway, what simply seems below reasonable standards is that the movies cannot be watched full- screen. Instead one must settle for a standard low resolution using Real One player by default and it is a shame considering the great performances on the screen.

However, 'Jenna Haze' has other assets as well, such as the personal approach of Jenna in the diary section which provides some interesting insight into her life as such albeit it doesn’t get THAT personal (which is fair!)…and of course there’s always the Adult Star Mall as a bonus for those who are REALLY hungry.


Jenna Haze is a site with a very nice interface and some fancy visual details here and there, and last but not least it Stars Jenna in some absorbing hardcore action and that is certainly always a major plus. Jenna looks good and she seems to care for the content of her site as well…

Consequently, it is a huge disappointment to experience that the primary discourse of the site is to protect rather than to serve, in the sense that the fear of violated copyrights makes the option of downloading Jenna to your personal computer a no go. On the other hand one can view the stuff online as see the clips by streaming and some would probably say that's fine too, but I’m simply having a hard time believing that a full-screen option with a decent resolution for the videos isn’t a possibility?

Given these circumstances it is evident that the site unfortunately doesn’t make it all the way to the very top in spite of a nice technical potential and not least in spite of a promising star in spe…

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