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Jenna Haze review

- 1st revisit

Summary: This is the new official site of pornstar Jenna Haze. The content on Jenna's site is a little sparse, and the quality doesn't blow you away. You get access to a handful other pornstar sites. Content doesn't seem unique to this site.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-03-27

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Intro promises

Her lips are parted, they shine with a cherry colored gloss, her eyebrows are perfectly plucked and sheís offering her body to you. This is the official site for porn-star Jenna Haze, and she is lovely. There is a glow, a natural and beautiful radiance to this woman and you can tell her site has been designed and built around that. Theyíve kept the tour area simple, delicate and with almost a mysterious type of aura to it, which is fitting. Youíre pledged to receive thousands of movies, images, daily updates, unlimited downloads and 40+ bonus sites.

First impression

I like looking at the stars of an official site and trying to deduce what they might be about, and in this case, I came up with seduction, sultriness and sensuality. She is oozing with all of the afore mentioned. I like the way she hasnít had the breast implants done, everything looks natural and lovely, and I hope she keeps it that way. This seems like itís going to be not only a large site but a quality packed one and Iím looking forward to it.


30 day $29.95 (recurring)
90 day $59.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check

PayCom, CCBill

Our opinion

With Jenna framing the page to the main membership area, what could be more lovely? The good taste seems to have radiated through from tour and you are going to fall in love with this young woman. It shows immediately that there is a live sex show that is provided, so youíll want to keep checking back here to see when the next time is scheduled, because I can only imagine what watching her in real time would be like. If you would enjoy delving into her personal thoughts, she does supply a blog for your enjoyment. The rest of the first page is where youíll find the most recent updates, nothing but clear, clean-cut layout that shows as much pizzazz as she does.

A nice synopsis of sexual explanation covers each of the photo-sets, which, unfortunately I only found 7 of them in total, with an average number of 75 pics per folder. The most recent set surprised me, Jenna carried such an empowering look to her through the tour and main area that when I opened the thumbs to her set and found her restrained, blindfolded and spread-eagled, I wasnít expecting that, but she looks good. Of course the cuffs are released because there are two well endowed men that have other plans for her, which includes leaving her studded collar on, but also using her as a bridge between the two of them, her mouth as one anchor, filled with his hardness, and her bent over pouty pussy lips accessed behind to channel the connection between them.

Again, Iím surprised her images arenít overflowing on the screen, I would have expected that, but instead we get 600x800 pixels, of very nice quality. The chain apparatus they have her confined to is a different look, and yet the sleekness to it fits her persona. Her wildness takes over in the end as sheís covered by a double barreled shot of cum. This set and the others come with a link for downloading as a ZIP file, and I wouldnít blame you for wanting to keep them on your hard drive.

Jenna has a streak to her that I would have never thought possible, but that just shows you when thereís sex involved and a camera included, it can bring out the oh so naughtiness in us all. There are quite a few video sets that contain BDSM type of play, lesbian action, dress up and more, so you will have different niches tossed in. Her most recent film added speaks of her confessing her sins, and then sinning some more. They offer screen caps with each video, along with the particles of episodes. They give you the choice of viewing either MPEG or WMV, in a low or high quality for those pieces, streaming or download, or you can also opt for a full length rendition, which is downloadable only. I wanted to mention there is the possibility for iPod and PSP play too.

The MPEG full didnít take quite as long to download, but to me the quality was lacking a bit of something. I know the surrounding backdrop for the shoot called for it to be a bit on the darker side, but at the same time, there just wasnít the crisp clarity that I was hoping for. It carried a video size of 480x360. The WMV did take a bit longer for download, but the quality was so much nicer. Bitrate was 2.03 mbps and the video size increased to a nice 720x480. As for the pieces offered for each of the 21 video choices, the ranges varied from a 732Kbps and video size of 480x360 for WMV to 352x240 for the MPEG.

As I mentioned before, there are bonus sites accompanying Jenna Haze, and since there ware over 40 of them, I will give just a partial list, to give you an idea of what youíre getting. Some are; Ass Fixation, Cum In The Face, Sybian Solos, Backdoor Banging, Barely 8Teen, Cum Loving Whores and Far East Porn.


Iím a little disappointed with the evasiveness of the tour area to Jenna Haze. They talk about thousands of this and that, but then when entering the membership area, those numbers are inclusive for the bonus material offered as well, not just what this site holds, so yes, I was downfallen on that part. I know a lot of sites do this act, but I had sort of put this porn on a pedestal and I expected too much from them.

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